派系 Infestation b.svgInfested
出现星球 None
任务 None
资料库扫描次数 3

J3-Golem木星的最终Boss, 他在木星的Themisto节点上。在击败他完成任务之后,玩家会获得 VoltIcon272.png Volt 头部神经光元,机体或是系统的蓝图。 在更新11之后,Volt的部件蓝图不再从J3-Golem处掉落,而是改为从氏族道场Tenno实验室处购买。在被击杀之后,J3-Golem有机会掉落神经传感器.

更新10中,Lephantis曾经被计划用来取代J3-Golem,但是随后DE决定保留J3-Golem并且将Lephantis移动到了被遗弃的Orokin船只之中。因为Lephantis掉落NekrosIcon272.png Nekros部件蓝图,所以J3-Golem被保留作为Volt部件蓝图的掉落来源

随着更新11的到来, Alad V替代了J-3 Golem成为了木星的新Boss,J-3 Golem则被设计为类似于现在Phroid一样的boss,出现在各个星球Boss节点(例如:Tolstoj, Fossa, Everest)的入侵任务中。所以玩家仍旧能从J-3 Golem处得到Volt的部件蓝图。

然而,更新11.1中,Volt的部件被更改为任何星球的生存任务都有几率掉落,令J-3 Golem的位置变得未知。

Update 11.3 更新了Boss节点入侵任务,但却将Phorid 作为了各个Infested入侵节点的Boss。截止至最近的更新,J3-Golem仍旧未出现在游戏的任务中。

Devstream 40中, J3-Golem will make its return as a fully-reworked boss, home to the Infested飞船 tileset as a full-fledged Archwing boss. This was, again scratched with the 异融者Alad V taking over 阋神星.

In Devstream 51, it is said that this boss will be the final boss of the second 试炼 in 战甲, home to the Eris.

In Update 17.5, this boss is once readded into the game as an archwing boss, albeit was renamed to Jordas魔像.


The J3-Golem used 远古干扰者's Pre-Update 9 model, which resembled a deformed Corpus 船员 with multiple tumors around its body.

The J3-Golem, like many bosses, has unique taunts. Here is a list of them:

  • "Unburden yourself from this mortal coil, <player name>. Join Us."
  • "Why do you destroy us? We are your flesh."
  • "We are countless. Consume us. Be reborn."
  • "We embrace you. Why do you defile us?"


J3-Golem has no shields, but it makes itself up by having a large amount of health which can regenerate. All 毒素 damage inflicted by it ignores shields and deals damage to health directly, just like the poison from 远古剧毒者s and 剧毒爬行者s.

J3-Golem is threatening in close ranged encounter. Although, unlike the rest of the Infesteds, J3-Golem will not charge towards you and will instead use Pull attack similar to MagIcon272.png Mag's Pull130xDark.png 吸引 against mid-range targets. This will pull the player close to the Golem, and will immediately release a cloud of poison in its vicinity.

Against long range targets, the Golem will toss projectiles that explode into toxic gases (similar to 托里德's projectile), dealing poison damage on hit or if the player walks into the gases.

Against many opponents, he will use Miasma, which clouds the area around him in poisons. His short animation while using Miasma makes it more threatening as it leave only little span of time to escape.


Pull (J3-Golem)


Due to the Golem's 毒素 based attacks, extra caution is mandatory as it will damage your health directly. While its grenade spam is dangerous enough on its own, his most threatening move is Pull, which can yank you out of cover into the open and also put you in range of its poison cloud attack.

Do not worry about his Miasma as he will only activate it upon three targets. This means you can bring only one teammate to completely ban his Miasma.

Using long range weapons such as 金工火神 or 雷克斯 are advised to assault it while staying out of its Pull's activation range. Staying far away from it (40 meters or more, the grenade reaches 30 meters on flat ground) will also make its grenades miss all the time, making other Infesteds the only worry through the fight.

The Golem is best fought while standing behind short obstacles (e.g. paralon pipes) approximately up to your waist. As the Golem aims its grenades directly at your feet, they will impact the obstacle and leave you unharmed. The obstacle will also prevent you from being pulled out.

Utilizing Warframe Abilities

ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur's SlashDash130xDark.png 突斩 ability is excellent for making a quick escape after being pulled.

Alternately, use RhinoIcon272.png Rhino's IronSkin130xDark.png 钢化皮肤, as it makes you immune to his poison attacks.


  • J3-Golem was the first Infested boss, and was the only Infested boss before Update 6, which added Phorid.
  • J3-Golem is supposedly centuries old, which would probably make it one of the oldest boss in the game lore-wise.
    • Despite this, his model was that of a pre-更新9 远古干扰者; an oversized Infested Crewman, which suggests Corpus' existence centuries ago.
  • It is said that J3-Golem was first created by the Orokin themselves as a weapon in an ancient war against "The Sentients" (the name sentients leads us to believe that they were some type of machine or Alien Life from another system or perhaps the void), it is possible that J3-Golem was created by the Orokin and then infected by the Technocyte Plague as we know (as of Dark Sector lore) the origins of the plague to be cold war Russia.
    • The J3-Golem might be partially made from consumed Tenno as one of its quotes claims that "[...]We are your flesh." Alternatively, the Tenno themselves could be infected with the Technocyte virus, much like Hayden Tenno (who was confirmed to be the first Tenno in Livestream 10) or less interestingly it could just mean flesh as in human flesh.
  • J3-Golem was renamed as Ancient Infestoid if encountered in an 警报 mission.
  • As of 更新9, J3-Golem could be found in the Grineer小行星.
  • The J3-Golem can presumably be seen in the clan dojo bio research, in the first tube on the right.
  • J3-Golem has now been reworked as the Jordas魔像.


  • Upon death, J3-Golem's poison cloud could remain indefinitely, making drops difficult to get.
  • If you killed J3 while he was pulling you, you would become completely invulnerable.
  • While completing levels on Jupiter you will still sometimes come by taunts of golem, although he is replaced by Alad V. Seen on PS4 and PC.