• "I am the Lotus. I will guide you, but we must hurry. Vor is coming for you. I see the cryosleep has taken your memory. It does not matter. You are Tenno. I will prepare you." “我是Lotus,我会指引你,但我们必须赶快行动。Vor正朝你赶来。我知道你因为冷冻休眠和失去了一些记忆。但那已经不重要了。你就是Tenno。我会帮你做好准备。”



  • "Looks like heavy activity ahead"
    • “看来前方有大量敌人。”
  • "Multiple enemies ahead. Leave no one standing."
    • “前方有多个敌人。一个不留。”
  • "Multiple targets ahead. Leave no one standing."
    • “前方有多个目标。一个不留。”
  • "Watch yourself, foot soldiers are on the way."
    • “多加小心,敌人的先头部队正在赶来。”
  • "Stay focused, there's a Heavy Unit approaching."
    • “保持专心,有一个重型单位接近了。”

遭遇 Grineer 势力

  • "Heads up. A Grineer assault team is headed your way."
    • “注意,有一支 Grineer 突击队正在向你赶来。”
  • "I'm detecting a large security force heading your way. It's the Grineer."
    • “我侦测到有一支大型安保队伍向你赶来。是 Grineer。”
  • "Warning: Heavy Grineer Approaching."
    • “警告:Grineer 重型部队正在靠近。”
  • "Watch yourself, (Grineer [foot soldiers])* are on the way."
    • “小心, (Grineer [foot soldiers])* 正在赶来。”
  • "You are surrounded by Grineer Marines."
    • “你已陷入 Grineer 海军陆战队的包围。”
  • "Marines Inbound."
    • “海军陆战队正在赶来。”

遭遇 Corpus 势力

  • "Corpus Walkers are headed to your location."
    • “ Corpus 恐鸟正在向你的位置赶来。”
  • "Heavy robotics signature detected. Lock and load."
    • “侦测到重型机体信号。准备战斗。”
  • "Walkers incoming."
    • “恐鸟来袭。”
  • "We've got robots inbound."
    • “有敌方机甲正在赶来。”

遭遇 Infested 势力

  • "Heavy infestation ahead. Get ready."
    • “前方有大量感染者。做好准备。”
  • "I'm detecting infested bio signatures all over the place. You know what to do."
    • “我侦测到这里遍地都是感染者生物信号。你知道该怎么做。”
  • "Multiple bio-signatures detected, we've got Infested incoming."
    • “侦测到多个生物信号,有感染者来袭。”

遭遇 堕落者 势力

  • "Looks like a couple of Corrupted Soldiers stayed behind to guard the artifact."
    • “看起来有些堕落者部队留下来守护遗物了。”


  • "Keep going. Nobody knows you're here."
    • “继续前进,没人知道你在这。”
  • "Keep moving. None of the scanners have detected you."
    • “继续前进,目前没有摄像头侦测到你。”
  • "You're still in the clear. No detection from enemy sensors."
    • “你目前仍然安全。敌人的探测器没有侦测到你。”
  • "They spotted you. Get ready for a fight."
    • “他们注意到你了,马上会有一场战斗,做好准备。”
  • "You've been seen. Ready your weapon."
    • “你被发现了,准备好武器。”
  • "You're on the sensors now. You've been detected."
    • “你被探头拍到,行踪已经暴露。”
  • "Alarms have been reset."
    • “警报系统已被重设。”
  • "Alarms reset, they do not suspect a thing."
    • “警报系统重设,他们完全没有起疑。”
  • "Alarms successfully hacked, the (location [ship])* is returning to normal security levels."
    • “成功骇入警报系统,(location [ship])* 将恢复正常警戒等级。”
  • "Doors are locked. Time to break in."
    • “舱门被锁死。骇入警报系统以解锁。”
  • "Ship is entering lockdown. We'll need to override the system."
    • “战舰正在进入封锁状态。你需要覆写警报系统。”
  • "We've been locked out. Let's override the security."
    • “我们被锁在门外了。快去覆写警报系统。”
  • "Breach complete. We're free to proceed."
    • “突破完成。可以继续前进。”
  • "Bypass complete. You may proceed."
    • “破解完成。你可以继续前进。”
  • "Override complete. Move on."
    • “覆写完成。继续前进。”
  • "Override successful. Let's get going."
    • “覆写成功。继续走吧。”
  • "The bypass is done. Go!"
    • “破解完毕。上!”


  • "I'm detecting freezing temperatures. The ice in here will damage your shields."
    • “我侦测到低温。这里的积冰会损伤你的护盾。”
  • "I'm detecting ice... lots of it. Be cautious, your shields will take a hit from the cold."
    • “我侦测到大量的...积冰。谨慎些,你的护盾会受到它们的损伤。”
  • "Stay away from the fire."
    • “避开起火的位置。”
  • "This area has taken some hits. Stay away from fire damage."
    • “这片区域遭受了打击。避开火焰造成的损伤。”


  • "Another job well executed."
    • “再次顺利完成任务。”
  • "Mission complete. Excellent work, Tenno."
    • “任务完成。干的漂亮,Tenno。”
  • "The odds were against us, Tenno - but we did it. Mission complete."
    • “Tenno,虽然局面不利 - 但我们还是做到了。任务完成。”

配备 Archwing 进行任务时

  • "Tenno, are you abandoning this battle? Return to your objective or I will have Ordis extract you."
    • “Tenno,你要放弃这场战斗吗?返回你的目标附近,否则我会要求 Ordis 带你撤离。”

Liset 相关

  • "New alert marked on navigation, Tenno."
    • “导航星图上有新的警报,Tenno。”
  • "Tenno, a new Alert has begun. It will be marked on navigation."
    • “Tenno,一个新的警报任务已经开始。它会标记在导航星图上。”
  • "Tenno, there is a time-limited mission alert available. Check navigation."
    • “Tenno,有一个新的限时任务可以进行。查看道航星图。”
  • "The system continues to fall into chaos. Check navigation for active invasions."
    • “太阳系仍旧陷于混乱。查看导航星图,检视可用的入侵任务。”
  • "Tenno, your codex has been updated with a new quest."
    • “Tenno,你的任务列表里有新的内容。”
  • "You have new quests in your codex."
    • “你的任务列表里有新的内容。”



  • "Again."
    • “再来。”
  • "Excellent. Continue"
    • “很好,继续。”
  • "I believe you can handle more."
    • “我相信你的能力不止于此。”
  • "Ready yourself."
    • “准备好。”
  • "A formidable performance. This test is now complete."
    • “表现优异!测试完成。”


  • "A Tenno must be a master of all their weapons. Prove yourself with you primary weapon."
    • “Tenno 需要熟稔掌握他所有的武器。使用主武器证明你的能力。”


  • "Prove your abilities with a sidearm. Eliminate all targets."
    • “证明你自己的能耐,使用副武器,解决所有目标。”


  • "Show me that you know of the old ways. Eliminate all targets using your melee weapon."
    • “你知道该怎么做,老办法。用你的近战武器解决所有目标。”


  • "You have proven your skills with weapons, Tenno but what of your endurance? Can you survive this onslaught?"
    • “你已证明过自己使用武器的能力。但是耐久力呢?你能够活着从这场屠杀中走出来吗?”


  • "Tenno are more than just fighters. Prove your intellect by hacking these terminals."
    • “Tenno 不能单单只是一介武夫。骇入系统并解锁来证明自己头脑也不差。”


  • "Time to test your marksmanship. Track and shoot all targets."
    • “是时候测试你的枪法了。找到并击中所有目标。”


  • "Your Warframe is a weapon. Prove you have mastered it's power."
    • “你的战甲就是一样武器。证明你能灵活运用它的能力。”


  • "Now we will test your agility. Shoot the targets to create your path."
    • “现在要测试你的敏捷程度,射击目标以创建前进的道路。”


  • "A full frontal attack is not always the best option. Using your stealth abilities eliminate all enemies without being detected."
    • “毫不掩饰地直接攻击有时候绝非上策。使用你的刺杀技巧无声无息地解决所有敌人。”


  • "Careful Tenno, the ground beneath you is crumbling. Can you defeat these enemies before you have nowhere left to stand?"
    • “小心,Tenno。你脚下的地板不是很稳定。你能在无处可站之前解决所有敌人吗?”


  • "How well do you shoot under pressure? You must traverse this space before the timer runs out. Shooting the targets will buy you extra time."
    • “承受压力时枪法如何?你必须在计时结束前穿过这片区域。击中目标可以争取到额外的时长。”


  • "Your foes are not the only dangers you will face in the field. Avoid the lasers and defeat the enemies before the timer runs out."
    • “活动的敌人并非你在场地中面临的唯一风险。避开激光,在计时结束前击败所有敌人。”


  • "Your Warframe's movement abilities are key to this challenge. Defeat all the enemies before the ground completely falls away."
    • “在这场挑战中,Warframe 的移动能力至为关键。在地板完全掉落干净之前击败所有敌人。”


  • "This will be your hardest test yet. Defeat all incoming enemies"
    • “这是目前你所面临最严峻的考验。击败所有来犯之敌。”


  • "Show me you are capable of fighting on multiple fronts. Capture and hold more points than the enemy to succeed."
    • “向我证明你能够应付多线接敌。要获得胜利,你必须占领并守住多于敌人所拥有的据点。”


  • "Tenno, you can protect yourself, but can you protect others at the same time? Survive each wave while defending the objective."
    • “Tenno,你能够保护自己,但你是否能够同时保护他人?防御目标,同时活过每一轮进攻。”


  • "Let's see how you work under pressure. Eliminate all enemies before the timer reaches zero. Melee strike the orbs to have extra seconds added to the clock."
    • “我们来看看你在重压之下表现如何。在计时归零前消灭所有敌人。近战攻击光球将为你争取几秒钟额外时间。”


  • "Tenno, you can protect yourself, but can you protect others at the same time? Survive each wave while defending the objective."
    • “Tenno,你能够保护自己,但你是否能够同时保护他人?防御目标,同时活过每一轮进攻。”


  • "Stay undetected while you melee strike all the orbs to free the prisoner. Once free, escort them to the safe zone."
    • “保持隐蔽,近战攻击所有光球来释放囚犯。脱困后,护送他们前往安全地带。”


  • "Tenno, show me you have mastered the Archwing, navigate this course before the timer expires. Passing through each ring awards additional time."
    • “Tenno,向我证明你已掌握 Archwing,赶在时间耗尽之前遍历这条路线。每穿过一次光环即可赢得额外奖励的时间。”


  • "Let's see how you work under pressure. Eliminate all enemies before the timer reaches zero. Melee strike the orbs to have extra seconds added to the clock."
    • “我们来看看你在重压之下表现如何。在计时归零前消灭所有敌人。近战攻击光球将为你争取几秒钟额外时间。”



Intro 任务介绍

  • "For generations you've slept, no purpose, no call to wake you. But now, something has arisen from the ruins of the Old War."
    • “你已沉眠数个世代,默然无意,遥令未及。现在则是觉醒之时,古代战争的废墟之中有邪物复起。”
  • "The Twin Queens, the sisters, have sent their most beloved commander, Vor, on an urgent mission. To protect the twisted crusade they have begun. To transform the scattered colonies into an empire. To see that the Tenno, hidden and asleep, will never awaken."
    • “双子女皇,就是那一对姐妹,指派了她们最为中意的指挥官 Vor 执行一项紧急任务。目的就是保护其发动的不义征伐。这场浩大的进军旨在将他们松散的殖民地凝聚为一个帝国。同时也是为了确保沉眠于隐没之地的 Tenno 永远不会醒来。”
  • "Wake up, Tenno."
    • “醒醒,Tenno。”
  • "What has he done to you? I can't lose another Tenno. I am surging your Warframe's power systems."
    • “他对你做了些什么?我不能再失去一名 Tenno 了。我这就发送电涌,激活战甲的动力系统。”

Tutorial 指导语音

  • "Quick. Use your power. Defend yourself."
    • “快,运用你的能力保护自己。”
  • "An extraction ship is on its way, but the Grineer will be hunting you. Arm yourself."
    • “撤离的飞船正在路上,但 Grineer 不会轻易放过你。拿起武器。”
  • "There's a cache of weapons ahead. Grab what you can."
    • “前方有一处武器存放点。有什么就用什么。”
  • "Good. The extraction point is up ahead. Hurry, before Vor finds out you've escaped."
    • “很好。撤离点就在前方。快,赶在 Vor 发现你逃走之前离开。”
  • "Take what you can. You will require resources to build yourself into a diverse and effective warrior."
    • “尽量搜集战利品。你需要大量资源来帮助自己成为一名全能且高效的战士。”
  • "You made it, there's the extraction ship."
    • “你成功了,撤离飞船就在那边。”
  • "You're not ready to face Vor now. Use your melee weapon to block the beam and get inside."
    • “还没到直面 Vor 的时候。用你的近战武器格挡激光然后进去内部。”
  • "Quick, get to the console and release the lockdown. I will guide you to your old ship, it's your only chance."
    • “抓紧时间,找到控制台然后开启封锁。我会引路前往你的旧飞船,那是你脱困唯一的机会。”
  • "Get out of there Tenno. You will have to face Vor another time, when you're fully restored."
    • “Tenno,快逃。你会再次直面 Vor 的,等到你恢复全盛之时。”
  • "A Tenno flows like fire across the battle terrain. Do you remember how to run on walls?"
    • “Tenno 就应当如烈焰般席卷战场。还记得如何飞檐走壁吗?”
  • "I'm not sure what Vor has done to your Warframe, but we cannot remove it now. Just keep going, your ship is up ahead."
    • “我不确定 Vor 对你的战甲动了什么手脚,但现在没法排除它的影响。专心前进,你的飞船就在前方。”
  • "There it is, your ship. Hurry - Vor's reinforcements must be on their way."
    • “你的飞船就在那里。快 - Vor 的增援肯定已经赶来了。”
  • "Disengage the suppression system so we can restart the ship. You'll have to bypass the security on that panel."
    • “断开抑制系统就可以重新启动飞船。你得破解面板上的安保系统。”
  • "Enemy reinforcements are here! Ship Cephalon, we require immediate extraction."
    • “敌人的增援已经赶到!飞船中枢,我们要求立即撤离。”
  • "Tenno, the ship is ready. It's time to leave."
    • “Tenno,飞船准备完毕。该撤离了。”


  • "I've identified several vulnerable data consoles on this base. Find them and hack in. We need to know the nature of their new bio weapon."
    • “我发现了这个基地中几处薄弱的数据控制台。找到它们并进行破解。我们得搞清楚他们新型生化武器的性质。”
  • "Infested? This shouldn't be possible. Tenno, it is more important than ever that you finish your mission. We need to know what is going on here."
    • “感染者?它们原本不可能出现在这里的。Tenno,现在看来你的这个任务至关重要,确保完成。我们需要搞清楚这里发生了什么。”
  • "We are going to attempt to use a Cascade Bomb to destroy all traces of Infested here. The bomb will take time to arm. Protect it until it's ready for detonation."
    • “我们要尝试使用级联炸药彻底摧毁此处所有的感染迹象。安装并启动炸弹需要些时间。保护好它,直到做好起爆准备为止。”
  • "These creatures appear to be mindless monsters but they know we're up to something and they're trying to stop it."
    • “这些生物看似无脑邪魔,但它们明白我们来此是有所图,而且会尽全力阻止我们。”
  • "When this Cascade Bomb goes off, a wave of void energy will tear through the complex, ripping the life force from all organic matter but leaving the structure intact. It's our only chance to stop this scourge before it starts."
    • “当这个级联炸弹爆炸时,会释放出一道虚空能量波横扫整个建筑,毁灭所有生物体的同时仍可保持无机结构的完好。这是我们能够赶在瘟疫爆发前加以阻止的唯一机会。”
  • "The bomb is almost armed. You just have to hold out a little bit longer."
    • “炸弹即将安装完毕。只需要再坚持一小会。”
  • "The bomb is armed. I'm extracting you now, Tenno."
    • “炸弹安装完毕。现在我就带你撤离,Tenno。”



  • "Get to the portal. We need to shut the Corpus out of the void before we search for the Orokin Archive."
    • “前往传送门。我们需要在搜寻 Orokin 档案之前将 Corpus 拒于虚空之外。”
  • "The Corpus have snuck into the void and secured crucial Orokin archives detailing the hidden locations of much needed Archwing parts. Your mission is two-fold, cut off their access to the Void and recover the data."
    • “Corpus 已经先我们一步潜入虚空,并且将存有我们所需 Archwing 组件隐秘所在的 Orokin 文档据为己有。你有两项任务,切断他们进入虚空的通路,同时寻回数据文档。”
  • "That's it the portal has collapsed. I've located the cache containing the Orokin Archive. Get there now."
    • “干得好,传送门崩塌了。我确定了存有 Orokin 文档的储物柜的位置。马上过去。”
  • "The Orokin Archive has lead us to this location. Defend the extractors until you find an Archwing part blueprint."
    • “Orokin 文档指示的位置就在这里。保护挖掘机,直到取得 Archwing 组件的蓝图为止。”


  • "Alad V has launched a full scale invasion into all sectors of the system. We're working on fighting back but we need to take this fight to the source. We need to find Alad V and stop him."
    • “Alad V 对太阳系内所有地区发起了全面入侵。我们正在尽力反击,但最终目的是让战火回溯至源头。我们得找到 Alad V 然后阻止他。”





  • Tenno? What did you see? My data stream went dark. I am sensing some signal masking. It will take some time to decipher, concentrate on your mission for now.
    • “Tenno?你刚才看到了什么?我的数据流中断了。检测到有信号加密。我需要花些时间来解码,目前先专心完成你的任务。”


  • I have just detected signatures matching the new drone.
    • “我已经侦测到符合新型无人机的信号标志。”
  • I've marked the signatures on your map. Gather scans, but approach with caution, Tenno.
    • “我已经在你的地图上标注了那些信号。取得扫描结果,但接近时要小心,Tenno。”

前往地球的 Gaia 搜索新型无人机

  • It doesn't seem very interested in you. Try to get a scan of what it's collecting. That may reveal it's purpose.
    • “看起来无人机对你的出现不太感兴趣。试着扫描它正在收集的内容。这样也许能获知其目的。”
  • I am not getting a good feed. Is there an object they're pulling data from? Scan it for me.
    • “我的接收信号质量不太好。它们是否正从一个物件中读取数据?帮我扫描一下。”
  • It is... it is just Old War wreckage. Why are the Corpus suddenly interested in it? Tenno, another scannable signature just appeared near you. We may be able to determine what the Corpus are up to.
    • “这是...这就是上古之战的废墟罢了。为什么 Corpus 突然之间对它如此感兴趣?Tenno,你的附近刚刚出现了另一个值得扫描的信号。扫描完毕后我们就应该能确定 Corpus 在谋划些什么了。”
  • I'm not getting a signal, but if you found a drone, scan it before it notices you.
    • “我这里完全没有信号,但如果你找到了无人机,就赶在它发现你之前进行扫描。”
  • (Distorted) This "thing" is not a Corpus design. If you can get another scan, I can determine its origin.
    • “(信号嘈杂)这个‘东西’不是 Corpus 设计出来的。如果你能再扫描一份样本,我就能确定它的起源。”
  • (Distorted) Tenno, I need you to scan another drone.
    • “(信号嘈杂)Tenno,我需要你再扫描一个无人机。”
  • (Distorted) Good. I'm putting the stream together now. It is... it is an Oculyst. That means... I'm sorry Tenno, stay safe- (Fades to static)
    • “(信号嘈杂)很好。我这就归纳数据流。这是...它是全视使。那么...我很抱歉,Tenno,保重-(隐入频道噪音)”


  • Teshin! You don't have the authority. You are endangering the Tenno.
    • “Teshin! 你没有那个权限。你会危害到 Tenno。”
  • I had to cover my tracks. But I see that Teshin has been leading you into an even greater danger.
    • “我不得不掩饰我的过去。但我看到 Teshin 正引领你靠近更大的危险。”
  • The Sentient.
    • “SENTIENT。”

阻止Tyl Regor

  • Tyl Regor must be stopped from entering the tomb. I have to risk exposure to stop him. Go!
    • “在进入古墓以前,必须先阻止 Tyl Regor。我得冒着风险去阻止他,走吧。”
  • Get to the waypoint. I will give you further instructions when you get there.
    • “前往目标点,当你抵达时,我会给你进一步指示。”
  • You've reached the waypoint. Access the system.
    • “抵达目标处,操作此系统。”
  • Tyl's cut off life support. Hold on Tenno, I'm readying extraction, but this will take time.
    • “Tyl 切断了维生装置,稍等一下,Tenno。我正在准备撤离作业,但需要点时间。”
  • What has he found?
    • “他发现了什么?”
  • Extraction ready. Leave now. Get out!
    • “撤离点准备完成,现在撤退,离开那里。”


  • My name, my old name. It is not who I am now. We need to focus on now, not history. We need to seal the tomb. A blast capable-
    • “我的名字,过去的名字,跟现在的我不一样。我们得专注于当下,而不是历史。我们得封印古墓,用爆破应该能-”
  • Do not call me that. Containment will buy us time. Go now, Tenno. I will explain more when you reach the site.
    • “别那样叫我。这能为我们争取时间,现在走吧,Tenno。当你回来后我会解释清楚。”
  • A focused blast could release the magma flows beneath and rebury the tomb. Protect the bomb during its lengthy arming process.
    • “集中爆破应该能迫使岩浆流出、重新埋葬古墓。在炸弹漫长的启动程序完成前,保护好炸弹。”
  • Focus, Teshin, we need focus.
    • “专心,Teshin,我们无暇分心。”
  • Hold on, Tenno, it's almost armed.
    • “撑着点,Tenno,就快好了。”
  • The bomb is armed. I am pulling you out.
    • “炸弹设置完成,我要带你们出来了。”


  • There are gaps. I had my mission and I have completed it. All but the last sequence.
    • “前面就是裂缝。我有我的使命,而我已经达成了,只剩下最后一个程序。”
  • The war was over. So I hid them away in the second dream. I could not destroy them.
    • “战争已经结束了,所以我让他们藏身在第二场梦中,我不能摧毁他们。”
  • All missions to the Origin system required a sacrifice. Me and my kind become barren when crossing the gap. It is the one flaw that we never overcame.
    • “所有始源星系中的任务都会有所牺牲。我和我的同类在穿越裂缝时变得虚弱,这是我们永远无法克服的缺陷。”
  • Natah was the daughter, until I destroyed her. Now I am the Lotus. Now I am the mother.
    • “Natha 原本是女儿,直到我摧毁了她。现在我是 Lotus,是母亲。”
  • Tenno. You know where Tyl is. When you're ready, destroy him.
    • “Tenno,你知道 Tyl 在哪里。当你准备好时,摧毁他。”



  • The Sentient Hunhow has grown strong again, and his thoughts have invaded my own. Worse still, he has enlisted the Stalker to find the Reservoir, a weakpoint of all Tenno, a place I hid long ago. I fear the Stalker is at the cusp of finding this place. Do not let this happen.
    • “Sentient Hunhow 已再次壮大,而他的思绪已经开始侵入我。更甚于此,他已连携 Stalker 来寻找储梦池,一处所有 Tenno 的共同弱点,一处我藏匿已久的地方。恐怕 Stalker 已即将找到此处,别让这件事发生。”



  • "Assassination contracts are not to be taken lightly. Eliminating this target will have significant impact on enemy forces. Search the area, leave no survivors."
    • “不能对这份暗杀合约掉以轻心,削除目标可对敌方造成重大影响。搜索船舰,别放过任何一人。”
  • "We need to find the VIP and take them down. Do not let the target escape."
    • “找到 VIP 并拿下他,别让目标逃跑了。”
  • "We've contracted you with a mark. You are here to find your mark, and eliminate the assigned target."
    • “我们替你确认好了目标,你来这边是为了找出目标,并歼灭刺杀目标。”
  • "Target spotted. Stay sharp, this one is a handful."
    • “发现目标。保持警觉,这家伙十分难缠。”
  • "The assassination target is here. Wipe them out."
    • “我们找到麻烦人物了,暗杀目标在这里。消灭他们。”
  • "There is the assassination target, you know what to do."
    • “暗杀目标在那里,你知道该怎么做。”
  • "You've located the VIP, time to go to work."
  • 你找到了VIP,开始工作吧。*
  • "Nice work taking down the VIP, now get to extraction."
    • “成功拿下VIP,做得好!现在前往撤离点。”
  • "Target down, assassination contract complete. Great work Tenno."
    • “目标倒下,完成刺杀合约。 Tenno,做得漂亮。”
  • "They wont be bothering us anymore. Lets get out of here."
    • “他不会再干扰我们了,我们离开吧。”


  • "We have multiple targets of interest for this mission. Bring them all to me."
    • “这个任务要你在这里找到目标物并将他带回撤离点,开开心心狩猎去吧。”
  • "Be aware Tenno, these targets are a very high flight risk."
    • “不能让我们的目标物知道我们的存在。赶紧抓到他。”
  • "These are high value targets, their capture is crucial."
    • “这名重要人物知道一些我们需要的消息。我们要活捉此人回来逼供。”
  • "Target located, bring them in."
    • “目标在那里,抓起来!”
  • "You've found a target. Capture them quickly before they escape."
    • “找到 VIP 了!别让他跑了!”
  • "Target captured. On to the next."
    • “目标捕获。去找下一个。”
  • "Excellent work. We'll interrogate the captive back at base. Your part is done here, Tenno."
    • “完美!我们将回基地讯问俘虏。Tenno,你的部分就到这里就行,感谢。”
  • "Mission complete, the captive has been escorted to the extraction point. Well done."
    • “任务成功,俘虏已被护送至撤离点,干得好。”


  • "Okay, you're looking for the mainframe. It's critical that you deliver the payload to that location."
    • “很好,你正在寻找中央处理器。将酬载置入到指定位置的任务相当重要。”
  • "The mainframe is around here somewhere. Keep searching for it."
    • “导航系统就在附近某个地方,继续搜索。”
  • "Your target is the system mainframe. Deliver the payload."
    • “你的目标是这台中央系统处理器。置入酬载。”
  • "Your target is this location's computer system. Find and access the terminals."
    • “你的目标是此地的计算机系统。找到并使我获得终端的使用权。”
  • "Upload completed. Nice work. Get to extraction."
    • “上传成功,做得漂亮。可以前往撤离点了。”


  • "Our position has been compromised. Defend the cargo until reinforcements arrive."
    • “我方受到危害,在援军抵达前保护好货物。”
  • "The enemy is at our doorstep. You must defend our equipment until reinforcements arrive."
    • “敌人近在咫尺,直到增援抵达前你必须守住我们的设备。”
  • "Reinforcements are inbound. Hold the line."
    • “敌方增援进驻,守住防线。”
  • "Reinforcements available, do you choose to leave now or continue fighting?"
    • “援军抵达,你现在要离开还是继续战斗?”
  • "Continue to defend! You will be rewarded for your bravery."
    • “继续防御!你的英勇将获得相对的奖励。”
  • "Keep fighting. Another opportunity to extract will appear soon."
    • “继续战斗,另一个好机会很快便会出现。”
  • "We are readying reinforcements. Keep fighting Tenno."
    • “我们正准备增援中,继续战斗,Tenno。”
  • "Very impressive Tenno, you held them all back. Time to get out of here."
    • “Tenno,你的表现令人印象深刻,你把他们都带回来了。是时候离开这里了。”
  • "We're done here. The extraction team will take over from here, time to evacuate."
    • “我们成功了。撤离部队将继续接手,该撤退了。”


  • "An artifact has been located. Proceed to the dig site."
    • “一件文物的位置已经确定。前往挖掘点吧。”
  • "We're here in search lost artifacts and items buried deep below the surface. The Scanner has picked up a target. Go to the dig site."
    • “我们在这里搜寻丢失的文物和埋在地下深处的物品。扫描仪已经找到了一个目标,现在去挖掘点。”
  • "Excavator deployed, protect the unit while it extracts the artifact."
    • “挖掘机已部署,保护该单位直至其挖出文物。”
  • "Excavator is ready to go, keep it powered and protect it from enemy fire."
    • “挖掘机已就绪,请维持能源供应,做好守卫工作,防止敌人将其破坏。”
  • "Dig complete. Your hard work has just been rewarded."
    • “挖掘完成。辛苦了,这是你的奖励。”
  • "Excavation complete, look what we found."
    • “挖掘完成,来看看我们的发现吧”。
  • "Look what we just uncovered."
    • “看看我们刚刚挖出来的东西吧。”
  • "The Excavator has lost power. Find another cell."
    • “挖掘机失去了动力。快去找来一个电池吧。”
  • "The excavator has run out of power, find a cell."
    • “挖掘机能量耗尽,快去找电池。”
  • "We need another power cell for the Excavator."
    • “我们需要给挖掘机再找一个能量电池。”
  • "Excavator destroyed. Protect the remaining dig sites."
    • “挖掘机被摧毁了。保护好剩余的挖掘点吧。”


  • "We're here in search of lost artifacts and items buried deep below the surface. Keep the Scanner powered while it analyzes terrain."
    • “我们来这里是为了探寻那些深埋在地下的文物。在扫描器分析地貌的时候,请确保它的能量供给。”
  • "The scanner has been deployed. Keep it powered while it finds potential dig sites."
    • “扫描器已部署。在它探寻可能的挖掘点时,请确保它有足够的能量。”
  • "That Scanner won't work without more power. Locate a cell."
    • “那个扫描器需要能量来继续工作。去找个电池吧。”
  • "The scanner needs more power. Find a cell."
    • “扫描器需要更多能量。快去找电池。”


  • "There is a large platoon of Grineer Marines stationed here. Leave no one standing."
    • “有一支大型 Grineer 陆战队部属在这里。全数歼灭,不留活口”
  • "Eliminate all Corpus threats."
    • “尽数歼灭来自 Corpus 的威胁。”
  • "The infestation has corrupted all life here, let's clear it out."
    • “这里所有的生物都被感染者腐化了,铲除它们。”
  • "The area is crawling with infested. If its not a Tenno, eradicate it."
    • “感染正在此区域蔓延。 若你遇到非 Tenno 的生物,消灭它。”
  • "We need to clean this (place [vessel])* up, search for the source of the infestation and exterminate it."
    • “我们得净化这艘船舰,寻找感染源头并清除干净。”
  • "We have got an infestation. Extermination is the only option."
    • “我们遇到了感染肆虐的状况。歼灭它们是唯一的选择。”
  • "No other lifeforms detected"
    • “未侦测到其他生命体。”
  • "Other than you I can't detect a single life form. Let's get out of here"
    • “除了你(们)之外,我没有侦测到其他生命体。准备撤离吧。”
  • "All targets down. Get to extraction."
    • “敌方全灭。撤退吧。”
  • "All targets eliminated. Let's get out of here."
    • “所有目标已被消灭,离开这里吧。”
  • "You have broken their ranks and they are on the run. Another successful mission. Find extraction."
    • “你已将敌人击溃,他们正在逃离。又一次成功的任务。找到撤离口。”
  • "The enemy is broken. Well done. Now get to extraction"
    • “敌人已经溃不成军。做的很好,现在撤出这里。”


  • "You aren't the first ones here. I'm detecting multiple enemy signatures and they're all under the control of the tower. Eliminate the threat."
    • “你不是第一个踏入此地的人,我侦测到了多个敌方信号,而这些敌人全都在这座堡垒的控制之下。排除这些敌方威胁。”
  • "You are not alone. This tower is full of life forms, all corrupted by the Neural Sentry. Clean them out."
    • “这里并非只有你一人。这座堡垒充斥着受到神经网卫士影响而腐化的生物体。将他们铲除干净。”
  • "Keep fighting. As long as the enemy is here, this tower is useless to us."
    • “继续战斗。只要敌人仍在此活动,这座堡垒对我们来说就没有用处。”
  • "The Grineer should have known better than to walk unprepared into an Orokin Tower. Let's clean up their mess."
    • “Grineer 真该知道千万别毫无防备地进入 Orokin 堡垒。来为他们善后吧。”



  • "A Fomorian Core is being transported from the factory for installation. You are here to make sure that core never reaches a Fomorian class ship."
    • “一枚巨人战舰核心为了进行安装作业从制造厂中被运出。你要确保这颗核心永远无法送达巨人级战舰处。”
  • "Left unchecked, (Project Tethra [Vay Hek])* will create hundreds of new Fomorian class ships. We plan to stop as many ships being built as possible by destroying their most critical components, the Fomorian Core."
    • “若任其发展,泰斯拉计划将会打造出数以百计全新的巨人级战舰。我们计划摧毁敌方最关键的组装零件: 巨人战舰核心,尽可能阻止建造中的船舰。”
  • "We are here to hijack the transport of a Fomorian Power core before it can be installed in the growing Fomorian fleet. We need to take these cores into deep space for destruction. A core rupture here would turn this outpost into an uninhabitable wasteland."
    • “我们是来在巨人战舰核心被安装到扩增的巨人战舰舰队前劫持它的运输机。”
  • "The Grineer are transporting the core by cargo tram. Find the control console to reroute the tram."
    • “Grineer 正在用运货电车运送核心中。找到控制台并修改电车的路线。”
  • "Good, the tram has been rerouted. It will now draw power from your shields in order to keep moving forward."
    • “很好,电车已被重新导向。为了维持移动它会从你的护盾中汲取动力。”
  • "We are making progress. Stay sharp Tenno."
    • “我方任务有所进展。继续维持下去,Tenno。”
  • "You are making solid progress. Keep moving."
    • “你的进度十分稳定。继续前进。”
  • "You have reached the midpoint. Disposing of these cores will be a massive blow to Vay Hek."
    • “你已经抵达中点了。处理掉这些核心将对 Vay Hek 造成重大打击。”
  • "You are nearing extraction. This is the final push."
    • “你正在接近撤离点。再加把劲。”
  • "Extraction is close. Do not let up. The Grineer must not be allowed to recover this core."
    • “靠近撤离点。别掉以轻心,绝不能让 Grineer 收回这枚核心。”
  • "The Grineer have control and are pulling back the tram."
    • “Grineer 控制了电车并且正在将它撤回。”
  • "Grineer have regained control of the tram."
    • “Corpus 再度控制了漫游车。”
  • "The tram is retreating."
    • “电车正被撤回。”
  • "The core is highly volatile. It will rupture if it takes too much damage. Do not let this happen."
    • “核心处于极为不稳定的状态,若遭受过多的伤害就会破裂。别让这种情况发生。”
  • "Protect the core. We will destroy it in space. The consequences of a rupture here are unthinkable."
    • “保护好核心,我们会到外层空间摧毁它。不敢想象在这里破裂会造成什么后果。”
  • "That core is taking heavy damage. If it ruptures, the ground you stand on will be uninhabitable for millenia."
    • “核心正遭到猛烈火力攻击。核心若是破裂将导致你脚下这片土地长达数千年都无法居住。”
  • "The core has almost ruptured. The situation is critical!"
    • “核心就快要破裂了。情况相当危急!”


  • "We are here to hijack a Corpus Rover loaded with valuable cargo and escort it to our extraction point. We have to move quickly, once the Corpus realize what we are trying to do, they will use everything they can to stop us."
    • “我们是来劫持一台装有贵重资源的 Corpus 漫游车并将它护送到撤离点。我们必须迅速行动,一旦 Corpus 察觉我们的意图,他们会不计一切代价的阻止我们。”
  • "The Corpus are trying to scavenge anything of value from these crashed ships. This Rover is carrying their most important finds."
    • “Corpus 正试着从船舰坠毁的地方寻找任何有价值的东西。漫游车是他们最重要的发现物。”
  • "Your target today is a Corpus Rover. Take control and escort the rover to extraction."
    • “今日你的目标是 Corpus 漫游车。控制它并护送到撤离点。”
  • "Good work we now have control of the rover... hold on Tenno... things just got more complicated. The Corpus have corrupted the rover's power-cell. I can reconfigure it but its new source of power will be your Warframe's shields."
    • “做的好,我们控制住漫游车了……Tenno 等等……战况变得更加复杂了。Corpus 破坏了漫游车的动力电池,我可以重新配置它,不过必须使用你战甲上的护盾做为新的动力来源。”
  • "The rover is active but... wait... the Corpus have remotely corrupted its power cell. Hold on, I will reconfigure the rover to draw power from your shields."
    • “漫游车运作中,可是……等等……Corpus 远端破坏了它的动力电池。撑着点,我会重新配置让漫游车能从你的护盾中汲取动力。”
  • "So far so good."
    • “到目前为止一切都还不错。”
  • "Keep going. That Rover's contents will be a huge boost to our cause."
    • “继续前进。漫游车装载的东西对我方有极大帮助。”
  • "You have almost reached the extraction point. Keep fighting."
    • “你就要抵达撤离点了。继续战斗。”
  • "The Corpus have regained control of the Rover."
    • “Corpus 再度控制了漫游车。”
  • "The Corpus have are pulling back the Rover, you need to stay close to maintain control."
    • “Corpus 正在带回漫游车,你要跟紧它继续维持控制。”
  • "The Rover is reversing, get back in range as soon as possible."
    • “漫游车正在撤回,尽快回到范围内。”
  • "The rover is taking damage. The Corpus would rather destroy it that let us escape with its cargo."
    • “漫游车正在受到损伤。Corpus 宁可毁了它也不愿我们跟着上头的货物一起逃离。”
  • "Protect the rover, if it's destroyed this mission will be considered a failure."
    • “保护好漫游车,若漫游车毁坏任务将判定失败。”
  • "The rover is taking heavy damage, you must protect it."
    • “漫游车受到严重损害,你必须保护它。”
  • "Critical damage. The rover is almost (gone [destroyed])*."
    • “重大损伤。漫游车就快要毁了。”
  • "They destroyed the rover. We're going home empty handed."
    • “他们摧毁了漫游车。我们一无所获而归。”


  • "There is no telling what effect destroying these hives will have. Stay alert."
    • “无人知晓摧毁这些巢囊后会引发什么后果。保持警觉。”
  • "We must not let this infestation get any more out of control. Destroy the spawning hives in the area."
    • “我们绝不能让这些感染者继续失控蔓延。摧毁这个区域正在孕育生产中的巢囊。”
  • "This infestation must be contained. Destroy the hives to sterilize the area."
    • “必须铲除这些感染者。摧毁巢囊以净化这座区域。”
  • "I'm detecting fewer and fewer infected ships. Your tireless onslaught is working. Keep fighting."
    • “我侦测到受感染的船舰越来越少了。你们努力不懈的猛攻起作用了。继续战斗吧。”
  • "There is a hive in the area. You must destroy all tumor nodes before you can damage the hive."
    • “这个区域内有一颗巢囊。你必须先摧毁所有的肿瘤结才能对巢囊造成伤害。”
  • "You are approaching a hive. Every hive is protected by a series of tumor nodes, destroy those and you can destroy the hive."
    • “你正在接近巢囊。每颗巢囊都受到一连串的肿瘤结所保护,破坏它们你才能够摧毁巢囊。”
  • "You are near a hive. Destroy the tumor nodes to make the hive vulnerable."
    • “一颗巢囊就在附近。消灭附近的肿瘤结来弱化巢囊。”
  • "A hive is nearby. Be on alert, there's no way to know how the infestation will react to this hive's destruction."
    • “提高警觉,附近有一颗巢囊。没人知道巢囊被破坏会对感染者产生什么影响。”
  • "All nodes destroyed, the hive is vulnerable."
    • “肿瘤结全数摧毁,巢囊目前很脆弱。”
  • "Now quick, destroy the hive!"
    • “就是现在,动作快,摧毁巢囊!”
  • "That's it, now take out the hive."
    • “就是这样,现在破坏巢囊。”
  • "Killing that hive seems to have triggered nearby laser traps. Proceed with caution."
    • “消灭那颗巢囊似乎触发了附近的激光陷阱。谨慎行事。”
  • "Hive destroyed, but be careful, I am now detecting fields of intense magnetic disturbance."
    • “成功摧毁巢囊,但是要小心,我现在侦测到很强烈的磁场干扰。”
  • "Destroying that hive damaged the stabilization module. expect reduced gravity."
    • “摧毁那颗巢囊的同时也破坏了稳定模组,预计重力会降低。”
  • "Taking out that hive has disrupted the environmental system. Expect sub zero temperatures and weakened shields."
    • “破坏那颗巢囊扰乱了环境系统。预计温度将降至零下,护盾会因此被削弱。”
  • "Watch out! Destroying that hive released clouds of toxins."
    • “小心!摧毁那颗巢囊释放出了毒气云。”
  • "That last hive was interfering with the defense systems. Beware, turrets are now online."
    • “上一颗巢囊干扰了防御系统。留神,炮塔开始运作。”
  • "All hives destroyed. Head to extraction."
    • “巢囊全数摧毁。前往撤离点。”


  • "Nearby communications towers are broadcasting crucial enemy intelligence. Capture the towers and decode any incoming messages."
    • “附近的通讯塔广播重要的地方情报。占领这些塔并解码传入的任何消息。”
  • "These radio towers carry top secret interplanetary communications. You are going to capture the towers and decode incoming messages."
    • “这些无线电塔负责绝密星际通信。你要占领它们并解码传入的信息。”
  • "We have located the enemy's planetary communication towers. Capture the towers and remain in control long enough to decode incoming messages."
    • “我们已经找到了敌人的行星通信塔群。占领这些塔并保持在足够长的时间内控制它们来解码传入的信息。”
  • "This tower is ours now."
    • “这座塔台现在是我们的了。”
  • "Tower captured, beginning stream decode now."
    • “成功占领塔台,现在开始进行串流译码。”
  • "Tower online."
    • “塔台位于在线。”
  • "You have captured a radio tower."
    • “你占领了一座无线电塔台。”
  • "We are dominating, keep it up."
    • “局势由我方掌控,继续努力。”
  • "We are in total control. Keep fighting."
    • “我们已掌控全局。保持战斗。”
  • "We have control of all four towers."
    • “我们已经全数控制住四座塔台了。”
  • "The enemy have taken a tower, you must recapture it."
    • “敌人占领了一座塔台,你必须把它夺回来。”
  • "The enemy have captured a tower."
    • “敌人占领了一座塔台。”
  • "Tower lost."
    • “失去塔台的控制权。”
  • "We have lost control of a tower."
    • “我们失去了某座塔台的控制权。”
  • "The enemy has all four towers. You must stop them."
    • “敌人占领了四座塔台。你必须立刻阻止他们。”
  • "The enemy is dominating, you must capture a tower, and quickly."
    • “敌人主导了战况,你必须赶快占领一座塔台。”
  • "Message decoded. Leave none alive. Clear out the remaining enemy forces."
    • “消息译码了。不能留一个活口。清除剩下的敌军。”
  • "We cannot allow the enemy to learn of our espionage. Eliminate the remaining enemy personnel."
    • “我们不能让敌军知道我们的间谍活动。清除剩下的敌人。”
  • "We have decoded the message. The remaining enemies must not report back to their command. Eliminate everyone."
    • “我们译码了消息。决不能让剩下的敌人向他们的指挥汇报。消灭所有敌人。”
  • "We have successfully decoded the message. Clear the area."
    • “我们成功译码消息了。清除这个区域。”
  • "Extraction is available but there are more messages to be decoded. Will you stay or go?"
    • “撤离点整备完毕,但是还有更多的讯息需要解密。你愿意留下还是要撤退?”
  • "The enemy have deployed fierce reinforcements, are you willing to stay and decode more messages?"
    • “敌人部署了严密的援军,你愿意留下来译码更多消息吗?”
  • "(Still)* more data is being broadcasted. Are you willing to risk going back into the field?"
    • “还有更多的数据被广播,你愿意冒险回到战场吗?”
  • "I have detected another (incoming message [message incoming])*. Capture and decode the signal."
    • “我又检测到一个消息传入。捕捉并解码信号。”
  • "They are broadcasting another message, make sure the enemy never receives it."
    • “他们在广播另一条消息,确保敌人不能收到它。”
  • "Try and capture another signal. Be careful though, the enemy has surely rallied stronger reinforcements."
    • “尝试捕捉另一个信号。不过要小心,敌人肯定已经召集更强大的援军了。”
  • "The enemy have captured the message. We have failed today."
    • “敌方已经获得讯息。今日我们失败了。”



  • "Make sure the Grineer win this battle, leave no Corpus functioning."
    • “请确保 Grineer 赢得这场战斗,不会留下任何 Corpus。”
  • "You are fighting alongside the Grineer on this mission. Destroy all Corpus."
    • “你的这次任务是和 Grineer 并肩作战,消灭所有 Corpus。”
  • "You have chosen to support the Grineer in this fight. Eliminate all Corpus."
    • “这场战斗中你已经选择支持 Grineer,消灭所有 Corpus。”
  • "That's it, I am detecting no functioning Corpus. Get to extraction."
    • “就是这样,我没有在舰上侦查到还在运转的 Corpus。现在返回撤离点。”
  • "The Corpus have been eliminated. Time to head home."
    • “Corpus 已被消灭,回家时间到了。”


  • "Your sense of duty compels you to help The Corpus today. Destroy all Grineer forces to help maintain the balance."
    • “你的责任心迫使你今天帮助 Corpus,来消灭所有的 Grineer 部队。”
  • "The situation forces you to help The Corpus in this mission. Kill all Grineer."
    • “形势迫使你在这次任务中帮助 Corpus,来杀死所有 Grineer。”
  • "You are fighting with The Corpus in this battle. No Grineer can be left alive."
    • “你和 Corpus 在这场战斗中一起作战,没有 Grineer 可以活着离开。”



  • "This is a mobile defense mission. You must deliver payloads and defend a number of locations while I break into the network. Be prepared for heavy resistance. I can't do this without you."
    • “此为移动防御任务。在我入侵网络时,你必须将酬载置入到数个地方并保护它们。做好面对顽强抵抗的准备。没有你的协助,我无法独自完成。”
  • "I need access to a terminal, find one and patch me in!"
    • “我需要存取另一台终端机,找到并将我连上!”
  • "This will only get more difficult. Get to a terminal and prepare for enemy resistance."
    • “情势会更加艰困。前往另一台终端机,做好迎战敌人反抗的准备。”
  • "We have got to find a terminal. Proceed and prepare!"
    • “我们必须找到另一台终端机。继续进行并做好准备。”
  • "Here is a terminal: Get me in, and get ready to defend!"
    • “就是这里,让我骇入终端机,准备防御!”
  • "Location reached: Drop me in and defend our position!"
    • “抵达目标。将我连上终端机并守住这里!”
  • "Terminal Spotted: Upload me in and prepare to defend!"
    • “发现终端机,让我骇入系统并准备防御。”
  • "I'm in, Tenno. This will take a moment."
    • “我骇进去了,Tenno。这会需要些时间。”
  • "Still working on it, continue to defend!"
    • “仍然在破解中,继续防御!”
  • "Terminal Hacked. Keep moving!"
    • “成功破解终端机,继续移动!”


  • "All data logs indicate that there is an Orokin Artifact somewhere here, get to it now, defend it, and then we can leave!"
    • “所有情报指出此处藏有一个Orokin神器,找到并守住它,然后我们便可以离开了。”
  • "Artifact found. Defend it until the Extraction Team arrives."
    • “发现神器,在撤退小组抵达前守住它。”


  • "I must extract crucial surveillance data from nearby satellites. Protect them until I complete my task."
    • “我必须取得附近卫星里的重要监测资料,直到我完成任务以前,请保护好这些卫星。”
  • "Satellites in the vicinity contain important surveillance data, defend them while I extract that data."
    • “附近的卫星中含有重要的监测资料,在我提取资料时保护好这些卫星。”
  • "The surveillance data is heavily encrypted, it will take time to extract."
    • “这些监测资料经过大量加密,需要一些时间进行提取。”
  • "Defend this satellite."
    • “保护这座卫星。”
  • "Do not let the enemy destroy this satellite before I have what we need."
    • “别让敌人在我取得我们所需的资料以前摧毁掉这座卫星。”
  • "This is it, defend the satellite while I extract what we need."
    • “就是这个,在我提取我们所需的资料时守住它。”
  • "I got what we need. Find the next satellite."
    • “我取出我们所需的资料了,去找出下一座卫星。”
  • "I have the data, move onto the next target."
    • “我取得资料了,前往下一个目标。”
  • "All satellites have been hacked. Move to extraction."
    • “所有卫星皆已骇入完成,前往撤离点。”
  • "Mission accomplished, proceed to your landing craft."
    • “任务完成,前往你的登陆艇。”


  • "Tenno. Tenno can you hear me? You've been captured by Alad V's harvester. This is your chance, escape."
    • “Alad V 在见识过 Tenno 的力量之后,认为自己也能得到这份力量。这股力量是神圣的,绝对要阻止这种亵渎神圣力量的行径。”
  • "I have extraction ready but you have to find your weapons first. Can you handle that?"
    • “我已经为你准备好了撤离点,但你必须先设法取回你的武器,你能应付得来吗?”
  • "You found your primary weapon. Lock and load."
    • “你取回了主要武器,准备射击。”
  • "Sidearm located. Keep moving."
    • “取回了随身武器,继续行动。”
  • "That's your melee weapon."
    • “这是你的近战武器”
  • "You found your powers."
    • “你取回了你的能力。”
  • "You're done. Extraction is ready. Go!"
    • “你成功了。撤离准备已就绪。快走!”


  • "Our intel suggests that our person of interest is in the vicinity. Search for the hostage, and bring them home."
    • “情报指出,我们的目标人员就在附近。寻找人质并将其安全带回。”
  • "There is a prisoner here that is vital to our operations. Search for the holding location."
    • “此处囚禁着对我方任务而言极为重要的特工。找出人质的位置。”
  • "This is a rescue mission. We need to find and liberate the hostage before any harm comes to them."
    • “本次为救援任务。我们需要赶在人质生命受到威胁前拯救他们。”
  • "Find the captive as soon as you can, we don't have much time."
    • “赶紧找到被捕之人。我们不剩多少时间了。”
  • "There's no telling what the captors are doing to our rescue target, you need to find the holding cell immediately."
    • “我们不知道对方会对我们的人质作出甚么事,你必须尽快找到关有人质的牢房。”
  • "We can't leave without rescuing the prisoner, keep searching."
    • “在我们离开前不能不管俘虏的安危。继续寻找。”
  • "You are approaching the holding area. Careful, if the wardens detect you, they will surely initiate the execution sequence."
    • “保持警戒,你正在靠近监禁区。看守者若发现你一定会启动处决倒数。”
  • "You are approaching the holding area, Careful, if the wardens detect you, they will surely initiate the execution sequence and kill the hostage."
    • “保持警戒,你正在靠近监禁区。看守者若发现你一定会启动处决倒数并杀死人质。”
  • "The captive will be in one of these cells. Search them."
    • “囚犯就在其中一间牢房中。找到他。”
  • "This is the jail. Our hostage is in one of these cells."
    • “监牢在这里。我们的人质就被关在其中一间牢房里。”
  • "We've reached the prison. Find our prisoner in one of these cells."
    • “我们抵达监狱了。找出我们被关在其中一间牢房内的囚犯。”
  • "Prisoner located. We need to get them back to command in one piece, find your way to the exits and don't leave the subject behind."
    • “寻获人质。要将他四肢健全地送回总部,找到一条出路,不要让人质落单。”
  • "Subject found. You need to bring the captive to safety. Protect them at all costs."
    • “寻获!你无论如何都要安全护送该人质至撤离点。”
  • "You've located the hostage. Escort the prisoner to the extraction point and I'll take care of the rest."
    • “我们找到人质了。带着人质尽快抵达撤离点,我会处理后续事项。”
  • "Escort mission complete. The hostage is safe now. Lets get out of here."
    • “护送任务完成。人质已经安全了。尽快撤离吧。”
  • "Mission complete. The captive has been liberated. You will be rewarded for this, Tenno."
    • “任务完成。囚犯已被解救。你将会得到相应的奖励,Tenno。”
  • "The captive has been secured. You've done your part, Tenno. We'll take it from here."
    • “人质人身安全无虞,Tenno 你完成你的部分了,其他我们会处理。”
  • "Hurry up, you are running out of time."
    • “动作快,你已经没有时间了。”
  • "The hostage is almost out of time. Hurry."
    • “人质已经快没有时间了。快点。”
  • "You let the hostage die. This mission is over."
    • “你让人质死了。任务结束。”


  • "The enemy is on high alert, the moment you enter the holding area they'll trigger the execution sequence, rescue the hostage before it finishes."
    • “敌人正处于高度警戒状态,当你进入保留区时,他们会启动处刑程序,在处刑完成前救出人质。”


  • "You're here to rescue an operative who has been trapped by the Infestation."
    • “此行目的是为了拯救被感染者困住的特工。”
  • "The Infestation has trapped our operative in an emergency airlock. Find and free the captive."
    • “感染者把我们的特工困在一个紧急气压过渡舱里面。找到并救出他。”
  • "One of our operatives has been trapped by the infestation, you must rescue them."
    • “我们一支特工小组被感染者困在这里,你一定要拯救他们。”
  • "The infestation has spread to this location faster than anyone predicted, everyone is gone, except our operative."
    • “感染者蔓延到此处的速度比任何人预测的都还快,每个人都顺利脱身了,除了我们的特工。”
  • "Our operative was able to survive by hiding in an air-lock. Unfortunately, they've now become trapped by the Infestation's growths."
    • “我方探员还能躲在气压过渡舱中求生存。但不幸的是,现在他们被困在大量增生的 Infestation 之中。”
  • "Beware, those lasers are linked to the poison tumor nodes growing on the air-locks. Contact with the lasers will put our operative in immediate peril.."
    • “注意,这些激光被连接到生长在气闸舱外层的剧毒肿瘤的节点上。若不慎接触到激光,会使我们的特工陷入立即性的危险中……”
  • "You set off a laser, the Infestation is responding by gassing our Operative. Get them out of there immediately."
    • “你触发到激光了,感染者对此起了反应,正对着我们的特工释放毒气。立刻把他们救出来。”
  • "You located the Operative. Make sure they get to extraction alive."
    • “你确定特工的位置了。现在得确保他们能活着抵达撤离点。”
  • "You found the Operative. Now bring them home."
    • “你找到特工了。现在带他们回家吧。”



  • "Target found, destroy it."
    • “发现目标,摧毁它。”
  • "Target destroyed. Now eliminate all enemy personnel."
    • “目标已摧毁,现在去消灭所有敌方人员。”
  • "All your objectives are complete. Proceed to extraction now."
    • “你的任务目标全数完成。现在准备前往撤离点。”
  • "My intel suggests there are rich enemy supply caches in the area but I am unable to pinpoint their exact location. Search them out if you are willing to shoulder the added risk."
    • “我的情报指出敌人在这个区域藏有数个资源丰富的储藏舱,但我无法精准定位它们的所在位置。看你是否愿意冒着额外的风险搜索出它们。”
  • "I've detected three resource caches in the area but void interference is masking their location. You must decide if finding these caches is worth the added risk."
  • "Tenno, there are still undiscovered supply caches in the area. You may want to locate them before leaving."
    • “Tenno,这块区域中还有一些未被发现的补给箱,你也许会想在离开这里以前找出它们。”
  • "An undiscovered supply cache remains. Do you want to find it or proceed to extraction?"
    • “还剩下一个未被发现的补给箱,你想去寻找它,或直接前往撤离点?”
  • "You found the first (Orokin)* resource cache. I'm detecting two more faint hints."
    • “你找到了第一个 储藏舱。我侦测到还有两个微弱的线索。”
  • "You found a second cache. My readings indicate one more."
    • “你找到了第二个储藏舱。我的数据显示出还有一个。”
  • "You found all the caches."
    • “你找到了全部的储藏舱。”


  • "Our target is the reactor. Breach engineering and destroy it. Be careful."
    • “我们的目标是反应堆。扰乱进行中的工程并摧毁它。小心行动。”
  • "The generator core on this outpost must be destroyed."
  • "This is a sabotage mission. Reach engineering and destroy the reactor."
    • “本次为破坏任务。前往工程处并摧毁反应堆。”
  • "Keep moving. The power source is deep within the outpost."
    • “继续移动,能量源在前哨基地深处。”
  • "The reactor will have tight security. Watch out for enemy patrols."
    • “反应堆受到严密防备,注意巡逻的敌人。”
  • "We need to destroy the reactor."
    • “我们必须摧毁船舰的反应堆。”
  • "You're almost at the target, keep it up."
    • “你很靠近目标了,继续保持行动。”
  • "That's the reactor, expose its core and destroy it."
    • “这就是反应堆,释出它的核心并摧毁它。”
  • "That's it, now get out of here."
    • “就是这样,现在赶紧离开这里。”
  • "The power core has been destroyed."
    • “能量核心破坏完成。”


  • "The Grineer have been harvesting a nearby planetoid for weapons-grade material. Locate and destroy their mining equipment."
    • “Grineer从邻近的小行星采集取得了军火等级的原料,找到并摧毁他们的挖矿机。”
  • "The mining equipment is nearby. It must be destroyed to prevent the Grineer from developing energy weapons."
    • “采矿机就在这附近,你必须摧毁掉它以避免 Grineer 用它来发展能量武器。”
  • "This research could have unimaginable repercussions. Be on your guard."
    • “放任他们继续研究可能会有难以想象的后果,保持警惕。”
  • "Excellent work. You have managed to thwart potentially dangerous discoveries from being fully realized... for now."
    • “做得漂亮。你成功阻止了目前所有已知的潜在威胁,……截至目前为止。”


  • "The Grineer are attempting to clear this forest by poisoning the soil. Find their toxin injectors and sabotage their efforts."
    • “Tenno,我知道你身上有解药。找到Grineer的毒素,把解毒剂放进去。”
  • "The Grineer want to poison the mighty forests of Earth to make more room for themselves. You are here to stop them, find the Toxin Mixer."
    • “Grineer 为了取得更多生存空间,想要毒害地球上的这一大片森林。 你来此是为了阻止他们,找出毒素混和器。”
  • "Our attack would be even more effective if we could figure out a way to neutralize the Grineer toxin."
    • “如果我们能找到中和Grineer毒素的办法,我们的攻击将更有效率。”
  • "The mixer activates the toxin by combining it with a biocatalyst. Remove the biocatalyst to render the toxin harmless."
    • “混和器会将生物催化剂与毒素混和,将生物催化剂移去来使毒素无法发挥作用。”
  • "Remove the biocatalyst from the mixer to halt the Grineer poisons creation."
    • “从混和器中移去生物催化剂,使 Grineer 的毒素生产停摆停。”
  • "Take care when destroying the biocatalyst cartridge it is highly explosive."
    • “摧毁生物催化剂时请小心,催化剂盒极容易爆炸。”
  • "Good work. Now get to the Injector."
    • “做得好,现在朝注射器方向移动。”
  • "Head to the Poison Injector now."
    • “现在朝毒素注射器方向前进。”
  • "You have found the poison, now sabotage the Grineer injector."
    • “你找到目标了,使用解毒剂。”
  • "Set the Injector into overdrive to incinerate the toxin."
    • “将注射器过度运转以烧毁毒素。”
  • "We are going to destroy the injector be operating it [at] a dangerously high velocity. Keep the Grineer at bay until it melts down."*
  • "The injector is now in an unstable overdrive. Keep the Grineer away while it melts down."
    • “它进去了。在解毒剂中和毒素的过程中保护喷射器。”
  • "Good work, the Grineer toxin is losing strength. Get to extraction. This fight is far from over, craft more potent anti-toxins to have an even bigger impact."
    • “干得好,Grineer的毒素正在失效。到撤离点。这场战斗还远远没有结束,制出更有效的解毒剂让它发挥更多作用。”
  • "You just destroyed a massive batch of Grineer toxin. Good work, get to extraction."
    • “你刚刚摧毁了大量的 Grineer 毒素,做得好,前往撤离点。”
  • "Good, you brought an anti-toxin capable of neutralizing any poison already released into the environment."
    • “很好,你所携带的解毒剂,能中和已经排放至环境中的任何毒素。”
  • "Insert the anti-toxin into the mixer."
    • “将解毒剂插入混和器。”
  • "Start the Injector."
    • “启动注射器。”
  • "Defend the injector until it has finished pumping the antitoxin into the soil."
    • “防守注射器,直到它将解毒剂完全注入土壤里为止。”
  • "Your anti-toxin has been delivered deep into the forest floor and is already undoing the damage done by the Grineer. Get to Extraction."
    • “你的解毒剂已经深深地注入森林的土壤之中,并解除了 Grineer 对这片森林的伤害。 往撤离点前进。”


  • "You're here to sabotage Tyl Regor's cloning labs."
    • “你来此是为了破坏 Tyl Regor 的克隆实验室。”
  • "This lab is the birthplace of some of the most dangerous Grineer to date. Knock it out of commission."
    • “一直以来,这座实验室是某些危险 Grineer 的出生地。 瘫痪这座实验室。”
  • "You've reached the pump station. Look for weak points in the pipes and break them open."
    • “你已经抵达了抽水站。找出管线上的脆弱处,然后打破它。”
  • "Good, now start the pumps and flood this place."
    • “很好,现在启动水泵来淹没这里。”
  • "The pumps have started, guard the controls, the Grineer must not stop the flooding."
    • “水泵开始运作了,保护好控制台,不能让 Grineer 阻止淹没任务。”
  • "Flooding complete, proceed to the caves below."
    • “淹没任务完成,现在前往底下的洞窟。”
  • "Make sure this lab never clones again."
    • “确保这座实验室再也无法进行克隆。”
  • "Find a way to sabotage this lab."
    • “找出能破坏这座实验室的方法。”
  • "Tyl Regor's research drones are crucial to this operation, neutralize them."
    • “Tyl Regor 的研究型无人机对此作业非常重要,压制他们。”
  • "This lab is out of commission."
  • "Good work. The lab is useless now."
    • “做得好,这座实验室已经毫无用处了。”
  • "You are nearing one of Tyl Regor's newest creations. Make sure it never sees the surface."
    • “你正接近 Tyl Regor 最新的作品之一,确保它永远不会浮出海面。”
  • "Good work. That beast won't be able to threaten any Tenno in the field."
    • “做得好,这头野兽再也无法在战场上威胁到任何 Tenno 了。”
  • "The beast is dead. Your work is done."
    • “这头野兽死了,你的工作已经完成。”


  • "The enemy have breached the Void portal in this Orokin structure, you here to cut off their access and stop them from coming back."
    • “敌人已经突破虚空传送门进入这座 Orokin 建筑了。你要在这里阻止他们通过并断绝他们的退路。”
  • "The enemy are using a Void key and a portable torsion beam device to force open the portal. Destroy the key and the device."
    • “敌人正在利用虚空钥匙与轻型曲光装置强制开启传送门。破坏钥匙与曲光装置。”
  • "The portal only allows travel in one direction, start up the portal generators to reverse the polarity."
    • “传送门只能进行单方向的传送,启动传送门发动机来反转其方向。”
  • "The first generator is fully powered, now activate the other one."
    • “第一座发动机已经充电完成,现在启动另外一座。”
  • "Good work, the polarity has been reversed. Now travel through the portal, it's your turn to go on the offensive."
    • “做得好,方向反转完成。现在穿过传送门,换你进攻了。”
  • "There's the Torsion Beam Device but they've taken the void key. Find it."
    • “这就是曲光装置,但他们已经把钥匙取走了。找出钥匙。”
  • "Quick pick up the key."
    • “快捡起钥匙。”
  • "You got the key, now get back to the portal."
    • “你拿到钥匙了,现在返回传送门。”
  • "Tenno, you do not want to be on this side of the portal when that key melts down."
    • “Tenno,钥匙在融化时你不会想要还待在传送门的另外一边的。”
  • "Go through the portal now, it's about to collapse."
    • “现在快穿过传送门,它快要崩溃了。”
  • "The device is set on overdrive. Get through the portal before it melts down."
    • “装置超载。在它崩毁之前快穿过传送门。”
  • "Objective complete, the Void key and Torsion beam device are out of commission. The enemy will not be returning soon."


  • "Tenno, I need you to get inside enemy data vaults and retrieve crucial intelligence data."
    • “Tenno,我需要你进入敌人的数据库取得关键的情报数据。”
  • "Tenno, you are here to infiltrate data vaults and retrieve highly sensitive enemy information."
    • “Tenno,你的任务是渗透进数据库并取得高度敏感的敌人信息。”
  • "Your mission is to break into enemy data vaults and steal any intelligence files you find."
    • “你的任务是进入敌人的数据库并取走任何你能发现的情报档案。”
  • "Tenno, be on the lookout for increased security measures, the enemy would rather destroy their data than let it get into our hands."
    • “Tenno,留心这些新增的保全措施,敌人可能宁愿销毁他们的数据也不让我们得手。”
  • "Due to our recent attacks the enemy has installed new security measures to keep us out."
    • “由于我们最近的攻击行动,敌人安装了一种新的保全措施来防止我们入侵。”
  • "You're nearing the console, trigger the alarms now and they will start destroying the data."
    • “你靠近了控制面板,若不慎触发警报,敌方会开始销毁数据。”
  • "The target console is nearby. If you trigger the alarms now, the enemy will start destroying data."
    • “目标控制面板就在附近,如果你现在触发了警报,敌人会开始销毁数据。”
  • "Excellent work, a clean extraction with no alarms."
    • “这是一次出色,毫不拖泥带水的数据提取行动。”
  • "Data extracted. They won't even know it's gone."
    • “数据存取完成,敌方甚至不晓得他们的数据已经被取走了。”
  • "We have everything we came for. Get to extraction."
    • “我们已达成来此的目的,前往撤离点。”
  • "Alarms have been triggered, you need to retrieve that data before the data destruction is complete."
    • “警报被启动了,你必须在数据被销毁前取出它。”
  • "Alarms! Data destruction is imminent. You need to hurry."
    • “是警报!数据要被销毁了,你得快点。”
  • "You got it. The data is still intact."
    • “你得手了,数据完好无损。”
  • "Data integrity verified, retrieval was successful."
    • “验证数据的完整性……提取非常成功。”
  • "We cannot let enemy command know we were here. Eliminate everyone."
    • “我们不能让敌方指挥高层知道我们在这里,歼灭所有敌人。”
  • "We've set off too many alarms. Eliminate all remaining enemies so that news of our infiltration does not reach high command."
    • “我们已触动太多警报,歼灭所有剩余的敌人,别让这项消息传到敌方高层。”
  • "You've triggered the alarms, lose this data and the mission will be a complete failure."
    • “你又再次触发了警报,失去这份数据代表任务彻底失败了。”
  • "The data we retrieved will have to suffice. Get to extraction."
    • “我们提取的数据已十分足够,前往撤离点。”
  • "It's too late, we've lost this data. You will need to be more careful with the next vault."
    • “太迟了,我们失去了这份数据。在到下一个数据库时你得更加谨慎。”
  • "They destroyed the data, this must not happen with the next vault."
    • “他们将数据销毁了,下次绝不能再发生这种事。”
  • "We allowed the enemy to destroy all their data. This mission is over."
    • “我们让敌方销毁了他们所有的数据,这场任务结束了。”
  • "The enemy has successfully destroyed all the data. This mission is a failure."
    • “敌方已将数据全部销毁,任务失败。”


  • "Find all the data units on this outpost. Valuable intel lies within."
    • “找齐这个前哨站中所有的数据单元,里面存有的信息极具价值。”
  • "The intelligence files we need are in the area. Find all four computer access terminals and recover the data units from each of them."
    • “这里有我们需要的情报档案。找到四台电脑存取终端机,从终端机逐一复原资料单元。”
  • "Activate the access terminal and it should release the data unit. Get the device, and get to extraction."
    • “启动存取终端机,它应该会释出数据单元。取得该装置并前往撤退点。”
  • "Here is one of the access consoles, you need to activate it to recover the data unit."
    • “你需要启动此处其中一台访问控制台以重新覆盖资料单元。”
  • "You found an access terminal, use it to release the data mass from its storage unit."
    • “你找到一台存取终端机,操作终端机,破解出储存单元中大量的资料。”
  • "All data units located. Let's get out of here."
    • “数据单元全数到手,我们离开这里吧。”
  • "Excellent work, Tenno, we've got all the data units now. Time to head for the exits."
    • “Tenno,做得好。我们已取得所有的数据单元,是时候撤退了。”
  • "With all four data units collected we can now compile the intelligence files. We're done here, get to extraction."
    • “收齐四个资料单元后现在我们可以编译情报档案了。完工,前往撤退点。”


  • "Keep the enemy busy while a Tenno operative raids this ship for supplies. Ready? Trigger the alarms."
    • “当一名 Tenno 特工在掠夺舰上的资源时,让敌人忙于跟你作战。准备好了吗?触发警报。”
  • "You must provide cover for a lone Tenno operative. Set off the alarms and keep these infested busy."
    • “你必须掩护一名单独执行任务的 Tenno 特工。触发警报给感染者添点乱子。”
  • "Your job is to distract the enemy while a fellow Tenno operative raids the ship for much needed supplies. Make your presence known."
    • “你的任务是暴露自己的行踪​​,当友军 Tenno 特工掠夺舰上的资源时分散敌人的注意​​力。”
  • "Life support has been cut off. They're trying to choke you out. Hold on, I'm sending auxiliary life support."
    • “生命维持系统被截断了,敌人打算让你窒息而亡。撑着点,我正在传送辅助维生装置。”
  • "I've delivered a life support capsule to the area. Activating it will buy you more time."
    • “我在该区域已配送一支维生装置。激活它换取更多的时间。”
  • "The first life support capsule has arrived. Activate it when your supply is low."
    • “首支维生装置已成功抵达。当你快撑不住时就激活它。”
  • "Look for personal life support modules dropped by fallen enemies."
    • “被击倒的敌人会掉落个人维生器。”
  • "Fallen enemies will drop crucial life support, be on the lookout."
    • “留意倒下的敌人会遗落重要的维生器。”
  • "Life support incoming."
    • “维生装置即将抵达。”
  • "Life support on the way."
    • “维生装置在路上了。”
  • "Get ready for a capsule."
    • “维生装置准备到达。”
  • "Tenno, prepare for life support."
  • "Additional life support has arrived."
    • “补充的维生装置已经抵达。”
  • "I've delivered another life support capsule."
    • “我已经配送下一支维生装置了。”
  • "Another life support capsule is now available."
    • “可以激活另一支维生装置了。”
  • "Life support activated."
    • “激活维生装置。”
  • "Life support has been replenished."
    • “维生装置成功生效。”
  • "That should keep you going for a while."
    • “这应该能让你再支撑一阵子。”
  • "The raid is off to a successful start."
    • “这是一场成功的突袭。”
  • "The longer you fight, the more successful we will be."
    • “你战斗的越久,我们的任务就越发成功。”
  • "Our operative is making progress. This will help our cause."
    • “我们的特工有不错的进展。这能帮助我们不少。”
  • "We will all share in this bounty. Hold out as long as you can."
    • “我们会共享这份功绩,撑到极限为止。”
  • "The operative has just made their first discovery. Keep up the good work."
    • “特工完成了首次的资源探索任务。继续保持这样的好成绩。”
  • "Look at what our Tenno operative just found. They could not do this without you."
  • "Extraction is available, if you need it."
    • “撤离点开启,需要离开就赶紧前往。”
  • "You are running out of time. Consider extraction."
    • “你快没时间了,考虑撤离。”
  • "Critical life support levels. Extraction is your best option."
    • “生命维持已降至危急水平。撤离才是上策。”


  • "Distract the Infested while a lone operative hunts for supplies. Set off the alarms to start."
  • "A steady stream of toxic spores is being released into the area. Hold on, emergency life support is inbound."
    • “本区域正持续释放出源源不绝的毒性孢子。撑着点,准备传送维生装置。”
  • "The Infested are releasing toxic spores into the area. The emergency life support I am delivering is your only chance for survival."
    • “Infested 正在对该地区释放剧毒孢子。我传送过去的紧急维生装置是你仅存的活命机会。”
  • "Spore saturation is nearing critical mass, after that point no amount of life support will save you."
    • “孢子饱和度正逼近临界值,突破临界值后再多的维生装置都无法拯救你。”
  • "The spores have almost completely saturated the atmosphere. You need to get out of there."
    • “空气中的孢子浓度几乎达到饱和,你必须离开那里。”




  • "Captain Vor has lived under suspicion of possessing Orokin technology that grants him powerful abilities. We cannot allow this. Get to his location and eliminate him."
    • “Vor 舰长在无人知晓的情况下拥有着 Orokin 科技武器,这也使得他变得无比强大。我们不容许此事的发生,找到他并处理掉他。”
  • "This ship is crawling with grunts. Getting to Vor will prove difficult."
    • “舰内的噪音越发吵杂,接近 Vor 时任务会变得艰难许多。”
  • "Vor is feared across the system. Do not underestimate him."
    • “整个星系内,Vor 是一大恐惧来源。千万别低估他。”
  • "Vor has a tendency to play with his prey. Do not let yourself become distracted by this tactic."
    • “Vor 偏好捉弄他的猎物。别被它他这种策略影响思绪。”
  • "We believe Vor has the ability to teleport. You will need to watch your back."
    • “我们得知 Vor 具有瞬间移动的能力。注意背后的攻击。”

Vay Hek议员

  • "Vay Hek's plans for complete system domination make him too dangerous. You know what to do."
    • “Vay Hek 为了操控整个议会系统的计划让他的威胁度大增。你知道该怎么做。”
  • "Our operatives tell us Vay Hek has undergone an expensive regime of combat enhancement. Expect the worst."
    • “我方特工回报 Vay Hek 经受了一次代价高昂的战斗强化改造,做好最坏的打算。”
  • "Councillor Vay Hek rose to power by 'eliminating' his enemies on the Grineer council. He now has near complete control which makes him one of the most influential Grineer."
    • “VAY HEK 议员在Grineer 议会中透过"铲除" 异己的方式成功上台。现在他成为Grineer 中最具影响力的人之一,议会几乎成为他的囊中之物。”
  • "Thank you Tenno. It should be a long time before we hear Vay Hek's ugly voice again. Now get to extraction, you've earned it."
    • “谢谢你,Tenno。看来有很长一段时间不必再听到Vay Hek 令人厌恶的声音了。现在前往撤退点,这是你应得的。”

Sargas Ruk将军

  • "General Sargus Ruk has become a problem for our artifact recovery efforts. Several of our dig sites in this sector have been attacked and annexed by Ruk and his fleet. Take Ruk out."
    • “Sargas Ruk 将军为我们寻找神器的进展上带来一大阻碍,不少我们的挖掘处都被他的战舰攻击并且占据,处理掉 Ruk。”
  • "Eliminating Ruk will allow us to regain control of the system."
    • “解决掉 Ruk 后能使我们重回主宰之位。”
  • "Ruk is the Grineer's preeminent artifact hunter. Taking him out will cripple their artifact recovery efforts."
    • “Ruk 是 Grineer 族里超群绝伦的神器猎人。干掉他等于削弱他们寻找神器的气焰。”
  • "Ruk is nearby. Be warned that he is a formidable adversary, with an almost inhuman hatred for all that is not Grineer."
    • “Ruk 就在附近,注意他是一个强大的对手,对不是 Grineer 的种族都抱持着几近非常人之有的敌意。”
  • "Ruk sees flesh as a flaw. As a result, he has built a profitable artifact smuggling outfit to finance his search for the best in Grineer body modifications and augmentations.
    • “Ruk 认为肉身就是一大弱点。为此他不惜代价走私这些神器以强化并改造 Grineer 的体格。”
  • "Ruk will be adorning only the most impressive in Grineer body modifications. You will need to stay one step ahead of him."
    • “Ruk 将会在 Grineer 种族身上进行非常精细的强化工程。必须要捷足先登。”


  • "Tenno, stand... something is happening."
    • “Tenno,待着别动……有些状况。”
  • "These readings, this should not be possible. Tenno, my sensors are..."
    • “这些读数,这怎么可能。 Tenno,我的传感器正……”
  • "Get away now. You don't want..."
    • “立刻撤退。你不会希望……”
  • "Tenno, listen carefully you are being hunted by ... Abort the mission... Get to extraction..."
    • “Tenno,听仔细了,你正在被……追猎……放弃任务……赶去撤离点……”
  • "The Grustrag Three have been eliminated. Impressive but Tenno, next time follow my orders."
    • “Grustrag 三霸已被消灭,令人印象深刻的表现。但是,Tenno,下一次请遵照我的指令行事。”
  • "That was the last of the Grustrag Three, you took a risk but it paid off."
    • “那是最后的 Grustrag 三霸了,你冒着风险搞定了他们。”
  • "The mission was scrapped, but everyone made it out. That's what matters."
    • “虽然任务作废了,但所有人都活着回来了。这才是最重要的。”

Kela De Thaym

  • "I'm detecting a bio-mechanical signature nearby. Be ready for anything."
    • “侦测到生物机械反应,请小心接下来会发生的事。”
  • "Kela keeps an entourage of highly-trained Grineer marines with her. We suspect that they are as much for her entertainment as they are for protection."
    • “Kela 身边常驻一支训练有素的 Grineer 陆战队。我们怀疑这支部队既作为她的护卫,也是她用来取乐的。”
  • "Intel suggests Kela is armed with explosive weaponry, her personal modification of the Bombard design. Take any necessary precautions to ensure this mission's success."
    • “消息指出 Kela 是一名炸弹客,手持一把爆裂武器。做好任何可以做的防范以确保任务安全达成”
  • "Kela is a product of the Sisters. She is built for combat. Much of her body has been replaced with combat augmentations. Approach her with caution."
    • “Kela 是一对姊妹的克隆产物,被设计成战斗导向。她有不少部分的躯体已改造成适合战斗的型态。小心接近!”

Lech Kril中尉

  • "You are nearing Kril's location. Proceed with caution."
    • “你正接近 Kril 的位置,小心前进。”
  • "Kril is aware your presences, strike first."
    • “Kril 已经察觉到了你,你要先发制人。”
  • "Kril is a seasoned war hero with many battles under his belt. His victories are decided by his trusty hammer. One which he wields with brutal consequences."
    • “Kril 是一名干练的战争英雄,非常通晓作战。他的成功多半归功于手上那支得力战锤。一挥舞就能造成伤亡惨重的局面。”
  • "Kril is highly unpredictable. We suspect he may have other tricks up his sleeve. To survive this battle, you must strike hard and fast."
    • “Kril 非常难以捉摸。 他一定还有其他伎俩没使出来。 要活着完成任务,攻击就必须快狠准。”
  • "Eliminating Kril is the only chance for our exposed colony."
    • “对我们的殖民地来说,杀掉 Kril 是唯一的出路。”

Tyl Regor

  • "Grineer researcher Tyl Regor has made alarming strides in the field of gene repair. His work would not only reverse centuries of deterioration due to excessive cloning but also allow for stronger and deadlier genetic moulds. Eliminate Regor and put a stop to his work."
    • “Grineer 的研究员 Tyl Regor 在基因重组学上有一席地位。只要克隆完美的基因,或许就会解决 Grineer 百年来的生理恶化问题。干掉 Regor,停止这项研究。”
  • "Regor is aware of your presence. Bring him down quickly."
    • “Regor 发现你了。尽速处决他。”
  • "Regor will fight to the death to see this project through. We cannot let that happen. Silence his work."
    • “Regor 会为了看到研究的成果而与你拼死作战。我们不能让这件事发生。让他的研究无疾而终。”
  • "Regor's grunts are in full force. He must be close."
    • “Regor 发出的声音真大,他应该在附近了。”
  • "Unfortunately Regor's brilliance is overshadowed by his complete lack of ethics. His work is a threat to the entire system. He must be terminated."
    • “Regor 对长生不老的执着是个问题。聪明的脑袋总能够成就大事。因此不能留他生路。”


Alad V

  • "Alad V's newest prototype is a monstrosity forged from the bodies of our fallen Tenno, we cannot allow Zanuka to go into full production. Destroy Alad V and his horrid 'pet'."
    • “Alad V 目前掌握一架具有怪物般力量的原型机,它是从我们被捕的 Tenno 为基础制造的,不能让 Zanuka 量产计划付诸实行。杀掉 Alad V 还有他那只可怕的「宠物」。”
  • "Alad V sees the power of the Tenno and thinks he can take it for himself. That power is sacred, this blasphemy must end now."
    • “Alad V 看到我们 Tenno 的能力后决心要将它们占为己有,我们的能力是神圣不可侵犯的,所有亵渎之举都不可饶恕!”
  • "The Zanuka prototype has made Alad V a very dangerous man. If he is allowed to carry out his plans, no Tenno in this system will be safe."
    • “Zanuka 原型机让 Alad V 成为宇宙间的头号危险人物。如果他的计划成功实行,整个星系内的 Tenno 无一能幸免于难。”
  • "Be careful Tenno, Zanuka has all the power of a Warframe with a full complement of mods. It's as if you are fighting one of your own today."
    • “注意 Zanuka 搭载了各式战甲的能力,就好比这次的战役是要跟同族厮杀一般困难。”
  • "Too many Tenno have perished to make Alad's abomination. There will be no stopping the Corpus if Zanuka is mass produced. You are here to make sure that doesn't happen."
    • “为数众多的 Tenno 都在 Alad V 的淫威下阵亡了。若 Zanuka 计划成功实行,Corpus 将变得势不可挡。你来此的目的就是要防止这样的事情发生。”


  • "The newest entry into the Corpus AI security arsenal is a deadly biped dubbed Ambulas. We have tracked the prototype to this (ship [location])*. Locate and eliminate it."
    • “Corpus 目前最新的人工智能武装防卫载具是一架双足,名为Ambulas的致命机械。”
  • "Ambulas likes to play with fire. Try not to get burned."
    • “Ambulas 以纵火为乐,当心身陷火海。”
  • "Destroying Ambulas will be a blow to Corpus robotics research. Stay the course."
    • “摧毁 Ambulas 会对 Corpus 的机械武器研究造成重创,请务必坚持到底。”
  • "Obliterate the prototype. We need to be certain it does not make it to the manufacturing stage."
    • “破坏掉原型机,我们需要确认这种东西不会量产。”
  • "Corpus robotics technology is reaching grave proportions. Destroying this archetype is imperative."
    • “Corpus 的机械研究已经到达一个不可收拾的程度了,务必破坏这个原型机。”


  • "In an attempt to exert power and authority, the Corpus recently introduced their most lethal security proxy yet. Determine its location aboard this vessel and destroy it."
    • “Corpus 为了要将他们的威信与权力扩张到淋漓尽致的地步,最近开发了一具极具杀伤力的保卫机械,在舰上找到它并毁掉它。”
  • "Do not dismiss The Jackal as just another Corpus proxy. This will be unlike any enemy you have faced yet."
    • “别将豺狼视为一般的小喽啰看待。它是从所未见的强敌。”
  • "Nicknamed "The Jackal," this is the same deadly quad-robot which has become extremely problematic for our cells in the field."
    • “正如其外号「豺狼」一样,这台四足机器人拥有强大的杀伤力。它让我们的行动小队吃了不少苦头。”


  • "Recent innovations in Corpus robotics have lead to a surge in production. Their newest animal-like proxy is an unrelenting hunter. Codenamed "Hyena", this robot is designed to work in packs."
    • “最新的机器人研发创新导致了生产的快速增长。最新一代的武器如同猛兽一般是无情的猎手,此机体代号「鬣狗」,它们成群行动。”
  • "Our operatives have identified at least four different variations of the Hyena model, each with a different specialization and arsenal of attacks."
    • “我方特工已经确认了鬣狗原形至少具备四种型态。每一种都有不同的特化型态与攻击火力。”
  • "Use caution, the Hyena pack will work together to try and take you down."
    • “小心,鬣狗群协同合作,想要将你猎杀。”


  • "The Raptor is the most recent Corpus heavy weapon. You must destroy it before they can begin full scale production.''
    • “猛禽是Corpus 最新型的重型兵器,你必须在他们开始全面量产之前摧毁掉它。”


  • "I thought we had seen the last of this dreaded Raptor project but now the Corpus have escalated their interest and investments. We need to shut them down for good."
    • “我还以为猛禽计划已经走到了尽头,不过现在 Corpus 提升了对其的兴趣和投资。我们必须一劳永逸地阻止他们。”
  • The new Raptor production facility appears to be entirely underground a crashed freighter under the surface has been masking its location.I fear they have developed even more deadly Raptor prototypes here.
    • “全新的猛禽生产设施完全处于地下。其位置的地表上由一艘坠毁的货运船做伪装。恐怕他们已经在这里研发了更多致命的猛禽原型机。”
  • "This maybe difficult the production facility is entirely automated there is no way in without your warframe being torn up in the assembly line. you'll have to figure out how to destroy it from the planet's surface.
    • “这将会困难重重。整个生产设施是完全自动化的。如果潜入其中,恐怕你的战甲会被生产线撕碎。你需要想方设法从星球的表面摧毁工厂。”
  • "We cannot risk the Corpus developing more advanced robotics. if the corpus are building newer Raptors it's imperative we destroy the prototypes and thier means of production.
    • “我们无法承担 Corpus 继续开发更先进机器人的风险。如果 Corpus 正在建造更新型的猛禽,当务之急就是摧毁原型机和生产的手段。”
  • "The Corpus are Using gravity conveyor system to move product up to the surface these will be heavily shielded.
    • “Corpus 正使用重力输送系统将货物运到地表。它们将由护盾严密保护。”
  • "We're almost done stay alive and finish the mission, take out the rest of the conveyors.
    • “我们就快成功了。保持警惕并完成任务。将其余的输送器摧毁。”
  • A devastating hit now finish the job!.
    • “毁灭性的一击!现在完成你的使命!”
  • I'm picking up huge subterranean inclusion below ground well done, Tenno exfiltrate immediately.
    • “我接收到巨型的地下内爆信号。干得好,Tenno。即刻撤出。”
  • The factory is in ruins. you've dealt a critical blow to the Corpus War-machine today.Your Landing craft is in position."
    • “工厂变成了废墟。今天你对 Corpus 的战争机器造成了沉重的打击。你的登陆舰已经就位。”
  • The entire factory has gone critical! Great work, Tenno. The Corpus financiers will regret their investments today. Now get out of there.
    • “这整个工厂已经进入临界状态!干得漂亮,Tenno。今天 Corpus 的金融家们将会后悔这些投资的。立刻逃离那里。”

Sgt. Nef Anyo

  • "Sergeant Nef Anyo oversees operations of the Solar Rails in this district. Intelligence reports indicate that Anyo has been using the rails to acquire recovered cryo-pods containing dormant Warframes. Kill him and save your fellow Tenno."
    • “Nef Anyo 士官长负责监督星际航道的工作。据消息指出,Anyo 靠着这条运输铁路暗地里取得装有 Warframe 战甲的冷冻舱,做掉他以拯救你的同伴!”
  • "Anyo has too much at stake. He will fight to the death."
    • “Anyo 赌上他的一切与你战斗,至死方休。”
  • "Anyo is aware of your presence. Get the jump on him."
    • “Anyo 对你产生戒心了。给他一记当头棒喝。”
  • "Anyo's venture has afforded him the best in Corpus security robotics. Eliminate anything that moves."
    • “Anyo 的事业让他在 Corpus 军队里有不错的保卫战队。干掉所有挡住你去路的东西。”
  • "We cannot allow the Warframes to fall into the wrong hands. Taking Anyo out is imperative."
    • “Warframe 不能落入敌人手里,务必抹杀 Anyo。”



  • "It was difficult to locate the source vector of this sector's infestation but you are finally here."
    • “虽然很难定位区域内感染者的感染源,但你还是抵达这里了。”
  • "Be wary. The creature has grown unfathomably strong through centuries of absorbing matter and self-replication."
    • “小心。这只生物数个世纪以来透过吸收物质与自我克隆已成长到不可思议的强大了。”
  • "Deep within this millennia old Orokin-turned Infested ship lurks a creature created to fight in the Old War. Make your way to its location and dispatch this monster."
    • “在暗影深处,这艘已有数千年历史且受到感染的Orokin 船舰,潜伏着一只当年为了远古之战而创造出的生物。前往这头怪物的藏匿处并击败它。”

异融者Alad V

  • "Alad V is sick. The Infestation has infiltrated his mind, it has him doing it's bidding. You're here to stop him, but in doing so you will also be showing him mercy. The mercy of freeing him from the Infestation."
    • “Alad V 疯了。感染者已经渗透进他的心智,这让他遵从了感染者的命令。你来这里是为了阻止他,也是为了展现你对他的怜悯。将他从感染者中解放出来的慈悲之行。”


  • "One of our spy cells has been lost investigating this abandoned Grineer asteroid base. We need you to locate and eliminate whatever is responsible."
    • “一支我们派遣的间谍小组在侦查这个 Grineer 行星基地时,失去了联系。我们需要你找到他们并处理掉所有敌人。”
  • "This place is crawling with Infested. Unfortunately, something far more ominous awaits. Make your way deeper into the base."
    • “这个区域满是 Infested,不幸的是,还有更加不祥的东西等着。在这基地里请尽量低调行事。”
  • "Your target is an aberration of twisted flesh. Put the thing out of its misery."
    • “你的目标是一只由扭曲的肉块组成的失败生物,让它从痛苦中解脱。”
  • "Elude its bone-chilling shrieks if you wish to stay alive."
    • “当它发出刺骨的吼声时请捂住耳朵,不想早死的话就请照做。”
  • "The creature is incredibly agile for a deformed quadruped. Keep moving to avoid being crushed."
    • “这只畸形的四脚生物动作非常敏捷。保持自身不断移动,以防遭受攻击。”
  • "Listen to its screams. This will mean you are getting close."
    • “听到吼叫声了吗?你很接近了。”


  • "Doors are all locked. Time to break in."
    • “大门都被封锁了。是时候强行突破了。”
  • "Looks like heavy activity ahead"
    • “似乎出现重型作战单位。”
  • "Nice work taking down the VIP. Now get to extraction."
    • “成功拿下VIP,做得好!现在前往撤离点。”
  • "Watch yourself, foot soldiers are on the way."
    • “做好防卫,他们的步兵上路了。”
  • "Target spotted. Stay sharp, this one is a handful."
    • “发现目标。保持警觉,这家伙十分难缠。”
  • "Keep going. No one knows you're on this vessel."
    • “继续前进。目前还没人发现你登上了这艘飞船。”
  • "We've got trouble: the assassination target is here. Wipe him out."
    • “我们找到麻烦人物了,暗杀目标在这里。消灭他们。”
  • "You've located the VIP. Time to go to work."
    • “你找到了VIP,开始工作吧。”
  • "He won't be bothering us anymore. Let's get out of here."
    • “他不会再干扰我们了,我们离开吧。”
  • "Ship is entering lockdown. We'll need to override the system."
    • “船舰已启动防护隔离机制,我们得骇入系统脱困。”
  • "Bypass complete. You may proceed."
    • “解锁成功,继续前进。”


带有 * 标记的对话表明该句有语法错误或音频文字不符的问题。文字/音频之间的差别会用括号标出。


  • "Our history is smoke. Blurred by dreams. Guided by ghosts. A voice, a Void, lurks inside you, its purpose not yet shown. But what am I?"
    • “我们的历史迷雾重重。意识被梦境模糊。被幽灵指引方向。有一个声音,那样虚无,潜伏在你的内心,他的目的还没有展现出来。但我又是什么呢?”
  • "My father was a farmer. My mother, a carpenter. Given light by the Golden Lords, to build for them... a better world. But my family's journey was long. Time began to change their light. Creativity. Pride. A will to live."
    • “我的父亲是一位农夫,而我的母亲则是一名木匠,金色之主赋予他们光明,而他们也要为金色之主去塑造一个世界……一个更美好的世界。但是我们家族经历了诸多变故。时间开始动摇他们的心智、创造力、骄傲、乃至活下去的意志。”
  • "So the Golden wrath came. And after, I was born. A mimic, a spy. Conceived to burrow into nests and swallow the pitch-eggs of their war machine. The Tenno. But when I saw your tender faces, I took mercy. Or so we were told."
    • “因此,金色的盛怒降临了。在那之后,我出生了,生为一名战士、伪装者和间谍。我的目的是潜伏进巢穴并吞噬掉他们战争机器的漆黑之卵,也就是Tenno。可当我看到你们那柔弱的面孔时,我心生怜悯,至少历史是这样记载的。”
  • "But in truth, we were both imprisoned in Lua's belly. My light remade by the creators. I became a memory, a ghost. Reprogrammed to destroy my family, my people, my history."
    • “但事实上,我们都被囚禁在月球里,我的心智被创造者改造,我成了一段记忆、一个亡魂,被改造来摧毁我的家人、我的人民,以及我的过往”。
  • "But now, I am saved. By family. Together, we will overcome the flaws of our light, the Gods of our creation... merging with them, like steel... bearing Amalgams with the weakness of neither."
    • “但现在,我给我的至亲所拯救,我们将共同克服心智的缺陷,还有我们的创造主……与它们合二为一,就像钢铁一样……成为并合体后,两者的弱点将不复存在。”
  • "Your great power, your great evil. The voice, the Void, within you. Our ancients still wither at its touch... but have you forgotten Lua? You were saved. But I... I was changed."
    • “你所拥有的强大能量,你的罪恶,那个声音,还有虚空,皆在你的体内。我们的祖先们依然无法与之接触。但你忘记月球上的事了吗?你得救了,但是我……我被改变了。”
  • "Rise, ancient Ropalolyst, my other flesh. Your sacrifice will breed a new way, for a new kind."
    • “复苏吧,古老的蝠力使啊,我的另一具肉体,你的牺牲将孕育出全新的物种。”
  • "We suffer these testaments of Tenno evil. Their voice and Void. Suffer it well, ancient child. Do not relent."
    • “我们承受着这些Tenno邪恶的罪证,他们的声音与虚空。承受这一切吧,远古之子。决不可心生怜悯。”
  • "I am the witness, the victim, the judge. My family has returned. Your trial... soon to begin."
    • “我是见证者、受害者,也是法官。我的家族已经回来了,你的审判……即将开始。”