Updates are occasional patches and add-ons or removal of information and/or features of a game.
The following updates are for Warframe Version 15.

Update 15
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Update 15.9: 15.9.0
Update 15.10: 15.10.0 - 15.10.1 - 15.10.2

更新 15.10.2

January 16th, 2015 官方论坛更新帖


  • Increased Affinity received for killing Nullifier Crewman to 150, and increased Affinity gained for killing Corrupted Nullifiers to 500.
  • Reduced enemy spawn rates in Infested Hive Missions to be more in-line with other non-endless mission types.
  • Adjusted Panthera audio when hitting flesh or metal. Firing your weapon on stone will now make the appropriate metal grinding noise!


  • Fixed instances where players became unable to move after picking up Syndicate Medallions or other interactable objects.
  • Fixed an issue where a new host would not be immediately created from the current host disbanding a squad, leading to a session timeout for all players.
  • Fixed players not being able to build Corrupted Dragon Keys in Foundry.

更新 15.10.1

January 16th, 2015 官方论坛更新帖

Panthera buffs:

  • Secondary fire Slash damage increased from 75 to 225.
  • Increased secondary fire status chance.
  • The Panthera’s secondary fire will now stagger enemies on impact.
  • Increased secondary fire rate from 150 to 200.

Warframe Changes:

  • Mirage’s Hall of Malevolence Augment has been buffed to give each of Mirage’s clones a damage increase of 5% per enemy killed, up to a total of 50% max clone damage. Previously this damage increase was based on unmodded weapon damage.
  • Mirage’s Hall of Malevolence buff will now show as a % damage increase in the UI.


  • Fixed Void Key packs not appearing alongside other Tier 2 Offerings in the list order.
  • Fixed visual effects issue on the Panthera’s firing animation.
  • Fixed the Flux Rifle’s material not using the correct energy color.
  • Fixed various audio FX inconsistencies that would occur when firing the Panthera or Miter.
  • Fixed Corrupted Lancer’s newfound ability to shoot bullets from their face. They now use rifles like an ordinary Orokin-influenced Grineer.
  • Fixed magnetic procs erasing overshields.
  • Fixed magnetic damage dealing damage through normal shields.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in Infested Alad V’s mind control ability after Alad V has been killed.
  • Fixed Trinity’s Blessing removing overshields.
  • Fixed Shield Ospreys shield ability removing overshields.
  • Fixed Syndicate weapons and Mods with Sequence removing overshields when proc occurs.
  • Fixed duplicate Bo melee weapons appearing in the Market and Codex.
  • Fixed Panthera showing a duplicate spinning effect when fired.
  • Fixed issue where alternate fire modes on the Panthera didn't visually work properly for clients.

更新 15.10.0

January 15th, 2015 官方论坛更新帖 - Tenno Reinforcements: Panthera


Tenno Reinforcement:

Panthera Available now!

Firing high-velocity blades, this weapon can also be used as a battle-saw, shredding anything unfortunate enough to get within range.


  • Ability buffs have been added to the Squad UI! Buffs will now show to the left of your squadmates health bar. Buffs cast on your teammates will show duration timers (ie Roar, Warcry, Banish, etc).
  • Ability buffs will also show self-buffs such as Roar, and Augment Mods that provide buffs such as Rhino’s Ironclad Charge will also detail information (ie armor gained from targets hit with Charge).

Overshields have been added to Warframe! Overshields are an extra layer of protection on your existing shield that must be destroyed before your Warframe’s shields can be damaged.

  • Overshields can be obtained when using Shield Restore items when you are at maximum shield capacity. Overshields cannot be regenerated, and this extra protective shield is noted by a color change (purple) in the UI.
  • Overshields have a cap at 1200.

Warframe Changes:

  • The Shield Transference Augment Mod now creates an overshield based on the amount drained via Shield Polarize. This amount contributes to overshields as normal, and will cap at 1200.
  • Limbo’s Cataclysm Ability is now toggleable.


  • Update Augment Mod cards to include stats in their description.
  • Increased AFK detection timer for reward exclusion from 1 minute to 2 minutes.
  • Reduced fire rate of Kohm in full auto, but boosted projectile damage to compensate.
  • Void Key packs are now available as Tier 2 Syndicate Offerings! These packs contain 3 random Void Keys for 25,000 Standing. Two keys in each pack will be random T1 or T2 mission keys, and every pack is also guaranteed to have a random T3 or T4 Void Key.
  • Players can now choose which Mission they would like to play when there are multiple Missions (Alerts, Syndicate, etc) on a single node.
  • Syndicate weapons or Mod procs with Entropy or Blight will now restore 25% of the Warframe’s base energy stat, instead of restoring 25% of the players max energy.


  • Fixed various localization issues related to pigment names.
  • Fixed Eos Prime’s material color changing to green when combined with blue tints as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/380409-using-blue-energy-color-tints-prime-eos-accessories-green/
  • Fixed Solar Rail Schema not applying to the Rail if the Schema is applied when out of conflict.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dojo Teleporter where two players using the Teleporter in quick succession would cause the first player to have a partially faded screen.
  • Fixed lighting issue in tutorial Missions.
  • Fixed location on Infested Alad V mission where players could potentially become stuck.
  • Fixed distorted audio on Grineer Shipyards tileset.
  • Fixed the Ember’s Fireball Frenzy Augment Mod remaining on a player when cast twice on a player before the first cast expired.
  • Fixed players not receiving quest rewards if they AFK at the time of extraction during a quest Mission.
  • Fixed Warframes occasionally turning their heads into strange directions.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Prism occasionally not be destroyed at the end of the cast.
  • Fixed an FX replication issue caused by all enemy Drone types on explosion.
  • Fixed Polychrome falling through the floor of the Dojo when placed at the same time as rotating the decoration in use.
  • Fixed issue with Eos Spur and Prime Eos Spur offsets.
  • Fixed rotation of Primed Eos Shoulder Plates on Frost Prime.
  • Fixed incorrect armor locations on Nyx Prime.
  • Fixed the reload sound of Phage never ending if the animation is interrupted with a Tenno power.
  • Fixed armor offsets on the Excalibur Proto Armor.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies already affected by Ember's Accelerant Heat debuff would not become stunned when the ability is recast. Enemies will now be stunned and Heat debuff duration will be refreshed.
  • Fixed Mag’s Greedy Pull Mod picking up items at only half the range it should be as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/346046-greedy-pull-bug/
  • Fixed Imperator Vandal not displaying proper energy display color.
  • Fixed various localization issues.
  • Fixed elemental damage Mods not increasing damage when applied to the Fluctus.

更新 15.9.0

January 8th, 2015 官方论坛更新帖 - Tenno Reinforcements: Tipedo


Tipedo Tenno Staff available now!

Prepare to unleash fury with the Tipedo. With its crescent shaped blades flying in sweeping arcs and striking at tremendous speed, this Tenno Staff demands focus from those wishing to unlock its true power.

  • Mutalist Incursion Trophies are in and have been awarded to winning the Clans. Congrats!

Syndicate Changes

  • Warframe Changes
    • Added Melee Combo Counter to Excalibur’s Slash Dash.


  • Holiday decorations, presents and the festive enemy antlers have been removed.
  • Updated outdated information in the Training section of the Codex.
  • Added Archwing tag to Centaur’s weapon description.
  • Increased the delay between Infested Crawler’s vocal groans.
  • Many Dojo trophies have received PBR upgrades!
  • Warframes will now have temporary immunity while loading into a mission in progress, to prevent spawning into a mission half-dead due to enemy attacks.
  • Toned down bloom on Mutalist Incursion badge.
  • Players will now be disqualified from end-of-mission rewards if they've been dead or AFK for over a minute. This will not affect players that are waiting at extraction. This timer only matters relative to when the mission is completed. It isn't a 'catch all' net for 100% of the mission.
    • Pool 1) Survival, Defense, Interception, etc rewards are revealed during the mission and accumulate without penalty.
    • Pool 2) Exterminate, Sabotage, Capture, and essentially anything else that isn't endless have end-of-mission reward items (Blueprints from bosses, etc).
    • Pool 2 items are all that is affected by this change at this time.


  • Fixed Warframe Mods being applied to Archwings after a host migration occurs.
  • Fixed generic Archwing Mods saying they are compatible with only the Odonata. They will now properly say ‘Archwing’.
  • Fixed squadmate Lisets not always showing the correct colors on the loading screen.
  • Fixed Strun and Strun Wraith making continuous clicking sounds when you hit an empty magazine.
  • Fixed audio and visual problems that would occur on Corpus outpost connecting rooms.
  • Fixed Halikar weapon sounds looping when the player is interrupted during a jump strike.
  • Fixed issue caused by Limbo leaving a session after casting Banish on a player, causing them to be permanently Banished as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/375748-permenately-banishedby-a-limbo/
  • Fixed enemies immune to Warframe abilities still being affected by Loki’s Irradiating Disarm Augment Mod.
  • Fixed shotgun weapons causing ‘glass’ impacts on the wrong materials.
  • Fixed ammo pickups potentially counting towards multiple players, instead of applying towards a single player.
  • Fixed XP Boosters and Dark Sector bonus modifiers affecting Syndicate Weapon bonuses (Entropy, Sequence, Blight, Purity, Truth, Justice).
  • Fixed various localization issues.
  • Fixed Corpus Power Carrier appearing twice in the Codex.
  • Fixed Smoke colors in Arsenal selecting the same color twice unintentionally.
  • Fixed the Quick Reload Mod using the incorrect image on the Mod card.
  • Fixed the Sinister Reach Mod incorrectly saying it can be used on ‘any’ weapon, not just ‘primary’ weapons as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/353996-sinister-reach-and-synoid-gammacor/
  • Fixed scale and placement of Targis Prime armor when used on Mesa and Zephyr.
  • Fixed visual issues with Targis Prime armor when used during Mesa’s Peacemaker.
  • Fixed an error causing incorrect pigments to drop in Missions.
  • Fixed erroneous pickup sounds triggered when players have obtained a pigment.
  • Fixed regular weapon upgrades being applied to Archwing weapons during a host migration.
  • Fixed Excalibur’s Radial javelin doing 2x damage when cast by Clients as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/377871-excalibur-radial-javelin-bug/
  • Fixed Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead Ability not deactivating properly.
  • Fixed the Itzal Archwing’s Blink Ability allowing players to teleport through objects they shouldn’t be able to.
  • Fixed typo in the Itzal Pack Market description.
  • Fixed general issues that would occur during Archwing Missions during host migration.
  • Fixed Kohm creating particle effects on Mirage’s clones when particle settings are not set to High in system settings.
  • Fixed white flash of light that would occur when players would be hit by Dargyn’s laser weapon in Archwing Missions.
  • Fixed minor color issues occurring on electric procs within Volt’s Overload sphere.
  • Fixed the Defense End of Mission screen always showing one wave higher than actually cleared.
  • Fixed players not being able to access their inventory if they obtain pigments while in a clan, then leave the clan.
  • Fixed pigment drops potentially despawning rare resources.
  • Fixed Clan Dojo loading issue that would cause players to sit on a perpetual loading screen.
  • Fixed issue in Dark Sector Conflicts that would cause ‘dojo detected’ to pop up on screen and become unremovable.
  • Fixed Dojo wall decorations having slightly incorrect placement.
  • Fixed Mods shown on loading screen displaying incomplete / incorrect details.
  • Fixed Dojo becoming inaccessible after using the Polychrome Unit.
  • Fixed players being unable to start a new project if they have pigment remaining in their inventory when their last Polychrome Research finished.
  • Fixed the appearance of a ‘fog effect’ that would appear when quickly aiming into a connecting room.
  • Fixed issue caused by players not being able to read their Tethra’s Doom reward inbox message.

更新 15.8.1

December 20th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Improved hardware for better connectivity and stability.


  • Fixed "Fomorian Integrity" failing to update in UI once health falls below 10% (its actual health was still tracking correctly however!).
  • Reduced server load when Operation missions appear or are completed.
  • Fixed issues with low-end PC's using incorrect timing for Eyes of Blight.

See our Leaderboard PSA here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/370415-psa-eyes-of-blight-leaderboards/

更新 15.8.0

December 19th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


新增内容 Update 15.8.0: Operation Eyes of Blight


Take down the Fomorian Vessels!

A message from the Lotus:

Vay Hek is making his move. We have just detected a Balor Fomorian traveling on an interception course with Vesper Relay. The beast moves slowly but if we allow it to get within firing range, it will surely obliterate our new Relay. We need to destroy it before that happens. Intelligence reports state that the Balor Fomorian’s power core emits a thick energy field composed of deadly omega radiation. In order to break through the field you will need to craft this Fomorian Disruptor. It will allow you to safely approach the core and when activated it will temporarily disrupt the core allowing you to inflict damage. Take note Tenno, the Disruptor is forged using recently discovered Omega Isotopes. These are a by-product of a Fomorian’s core and will only appear in and around planets with a Fomorian present. Move quickly Tenno, this is the first Balor Fomorian attack but it won’t be the last. When the others come we must be ready.

- The Lotus


  • Fomorian Vessels will intermittently appear in the Solar System as event nodes. These event nodes will be locked until you have the Fomorian Disruptor in your Consumable Inventory.
  • You will receive a Blueprint from the Lotus for the Fomorian Disruptor. It will require Nano Spores, Cryotic, and Omega Isotopes to craft.
  • Build your Disruptor in the Foundry and equip it in your Gear Menu to start the Fomorian Sabotage Mission.
  • Once in the Mission, fly to the Fomorian. Once you’re close enough to the Fomorian you must disable the exterior Shield Cores so you can enter the ship.
  • The Fomorian’s internal Shield Generators are protected by a magnetic field. Use your Fomorian Disruptor from the Gear menu to disrupt the magnetic field, and temporarily expose the Shield Generators, allowing you to destroy them.
  • With the Shield Generators destroyed you can now deal damage to the ship’s Main Reactor Power Cores.
  • After damaging the cores, escape to safety outside the Fomorian.


  • Completing a successful Sabotage run will earn you event points, and reduce the global health of the Fomorian.
  • Your Fomorian Disruptor will be consumed after completing the Fomorian Sabotage mission.
  • This Operation is on now until Monday, January 5 at 12 PM EST.


  • Completing the Fomorian Sabotage mode successfully will earn you one Battle Point.
  • You can earn a maximum of one Battle Point per Fomorian. Repeating the same Fomorian will not generate additional Battle Points. These points will count towards individual rewards.
  • Fomorian missions with a higher level of difficulty will provide extra points.
  • Leaderboards are available for players that want to compete for the best score during Fomorian Sabotage Missions. Your individual score is determined by the amount of damage dealt to the Fomorian Power Core during a single run. The highest scores can only be achieved by squads with coordinated deployment of Fomorian *Disruptors, and efficient attacks on the Power Cores.
  • Clan Scoring considers the following:

Your score will be based on the most damage dealt to the Fomorian Power Core in a given mission. Clan score is sum of personal best but divided by max clan size for that tier (ie: 10 for Ghost Clan, 1000 for Moon).


3 BATTLE POINTS: Eyes of Blight Skin Pack (Badge + Rahk Fluctus Skin) 10 BATTLE POINTS: Eyes of Blight Mod Pack (Magma Chamber + Searing Steel) 15 BATTLE POINTS: Imperator Vandal

Clan Scoring: The Top three Clans in each tier will be awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze Statues. Take down the Fomorian Ships, Tenno!

EVENT / LEADERBOARDS - Operation Eyes of Blight

Players can check out the Leaderboards for Operation Eyes of Blight here: http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/eyesOfBlight.php

Leaderboards are updated every 15 minutes for Clans, and every 5 minutes for players. Good luck, and may the best Tenno win!

New Resource Omega Isotopes: Produced by a Fomorian’s power core, these particles only appear on planets where a Fomorian is present. Omega Isotopes can only be obtained in non-Archwing missions where a Fomorian vessel is present. 变动

  • Adjusted the damage threshold on the Infested Boiler’s ability to spawn new enemies, preventing players with incredibly high dps spawning an overwhelming number of enemies.
  • Added Liset custom energy glow effect to Archwing terminal menu.



December 19th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Removed Weapon and Sentinel experience Login Rewards providing experience to a Weapon or Sentinel in the Arsenal if the player logs in with a fully ranked Weapon. We will revisit this as a feature after more testing to ensure tradable weapons are not affected!


  • Fixed players being unable to sell weapons.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning in Void Defense and Interception Missions.
  • Fixed black screen when loading into an Interception Mission.
  • Fixed error that would occur when scrolling through Inbox message list before Inbox had finished retrieving all messages.
  • Fixed Nova Prime not appearing in the Codex for all players.
  • Fixed issue that would occur when selling an item you have more than one of.
  • Fixed NPCs not correctly aiming projectile weapons.
  • Fixed the Grineer Ogma being unable to hit players.
  • Fixed player HUD disappearing when a Corrupted Key is equipped.
  • Fixed issue with host migration in Archwing Missions where players using Zephyr are no longer able to move.

更新 15.7.2

December 19th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖

New Archwing -
ITZAL ARCHWING: Designed for quick clandestine attacks, the Itzal Archwing excels at striking from the darkness of space.

  • Blink: The Itzal Archwing teleports a short distance, dropping all enemy target locks.
  • Penumbra: Activates a cloaking field that hides the Warframe and any nearby allies who remain stationary.
  • Cosmic Crush: Forms a miniature black hole that sucks in all nearby objects before rupturing in a massive shock wave.
  • Fighter Escort: Deploys drones that fight alongside the Warframe, each detonating in a destructive blast when killed.

New Archwing Weapons
FLUCTUS: An Archwing energy weapon that sends waves of deadly plasma crashing into enemies.
CENTAUR: Part sword, part shield, the Centaur excels at charging headlong into enemy fire.

Start your Research for the Itzal and Fluctus in the Clan Dojo, and purchase the blueprint for the Centaur from the Marketplace today!

  • Liset interior effects will now change color depending on player Liset energy customization.
  • Added various effects and NPC animations in Syndicate Rooms.
  • Added a new melee combo to Shattering storm and Crushing Ruin Stances.

New Resource

  • Tellurium: This rare metal is foreign to the Origin System, broken loose from asteroids that have made the long journey from other stars. Tellurium can only be obtained in Archwing Missions as a drop from any slain enemy.


  • Reduced negative penalty on Tainted Shell and Critical Deceleration’s fire rate adjustment to avoid purely negative fire rates on shotgun weapons.
  • Reduced bloom effect on a particular room within the Void that was shining too brightly.
  • How many shots it takes to destroy a Nullifier Crewman’s shield is no longer determined by the number of players in a mission.
  • Joining a Syndicate Mission mid-progress will now show how many Medallions are remaining in the Mission, updating appropriately if Medallions in the Mission have already been picked up.
  • Reduced the bloom on the Mutalist Incursion Event Badge to make the icon more visible.
  • Toned down the bright white snow on Corpus Outpost Defense Missions.
  • Large Energy Pickup added to Archwing Missions.
  • Increased the frequency of Energy Pickups dropped in Archwing Missions.
  • Weapon and Sentinel experience Login Rewards will now provide experience to a Weapon or Sentinel in the Arsenal if the player logs in with a fully ranked Weapon.
  • The Host of a Dojo will no longer be able to pause the game if their matchmaking has been set to Solo.
  • Adjustments made to Kunai and Despair holster to remove redundant visual attachments.
  • Events in the World State Window will now be sorted by time remaining on the event.
  • Players that have multiple of an item with a limit of 1 will now be given an appropriate message when attempting to craft said item in the Foundry.
  • Added confirmation message with all standing changes when turning in Medallions.
  • When creating piles of items to sell, all identical items will automatically be sorted into the same pile.
  • Removed the Anemic Agility Mod from the Grineer Ballista's drop table. This was only ever intended to drop in Orokin Derelict Vaults.
  • Adjusted visual effect from heat generators on Ice Planet tileset.
  • Toned down visual effect from the Coolant Leak Mod.
  • Updated the look of the Conclave Team Select screen.
  • Oxium Ospreys now drop more Oxium!
  • Added spin down effect to Kohm.
  • Rebalanced Missions on Europa to allow for a greater variety of Missions.
  • Hives in Hive Sabotage are now immune to Warframe abilities that cause push / pull effects.
  • Damage numbers will now appear when destroying environmental objects.

Warframe Changes:

  • Textures updated on the Pyra Prime Syandana and Vasto Prime now match Nova Prime’s metallic texture!
  • Added a 3 second delay on players losing Zephyr’s Jet Stream Mod buff once stepping out of range of Turbulence.
  • Made small tweaks to Mesa’s Peacemaker pistol draw / holster animations.

Archwing Changes

  • Buffed effect of Auxiliary Power’s Mod.
  • Smaller Archwing enemies now have a slightly larger hitbox.
  • Increased Velocitus’ damage from 1200 to 1800.


  • Fixed the Nullifier Crewman’s protective bubble not removing Trinity’s Link.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Chaos causing Hives in Hive Infestation to become invincible one Chaos expires.
  • Fixed water in Dojo fountain turning black when players stand in the water.
  • Fixed host migration issues occurring when picking up Syndicate Medallions.
  • Fixed Syndicate Medallions disappearing during a host migration.
  • Fixed Mod search bar numerical entries causing issues as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/368500-typing-in-mod-search-field-causes-game-to-be-frozen-in-mod-station/
  • Fixed Miter’s charge loop sound continuously playing after charge has been completed.
  • Fixed lack of sound related to zoning issue in Corpus tileset room as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/341425-broken-sound-in-corpus-tileset-room/
  • Fixed issue with objective marker and AI spawns in the Archwing Corpus sabotage tileset.
  • Fixed Steel Meridian Syndicate Missions not being selectable due to Star Chart being occupied by other factions.
  • Fixed Dojo paint colors not properly showing up after being implemented.
  • Fixed visual issue caused by player Inbox being forced to open on login during loading process.
  • Fixed previewing multiple paint colors in Dojo causing a lock on the player’s camera.
  • Fixed incorrect player stats appearing when viewing Warframe in Liset Arsenal.
  • Fixed visual issue with textures on Ice Planet Mobile Defense.
  • Fixed issues with animation on Archwing primary weapons.
  • Fixed grey square appearing at bottom of screen instead of text when picking up resources.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse Augment effects not working correctly when applied to other Warframes.
  • Fixed issue that caused players to be stuck holding their melee weapon in an area where weapons are disabled. (ie - Liset, Relay)
  • Fixed issue in Foundry where player cannot purchase additional inventory slots after having just purchased and filled inventory slots.
  • Fixed various localization issues.
  • Fixed numerous holes and collisions.
  • Fixed an error caused by Nekros’ Desecrate.
  • Fixed an error caused by Nova’s Molecular Prime.
  • Fixed Valkyr’s Hysteria tagging dead enemies with its visual special effect.
  • Fixed Silva and Aegis losing texture when used by Mirage during Hall of Mirrors as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/365315-silva-aegis-skin-gets-messed-up-casting-hall-of-mirrors/
  • Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control causing Brood Mother Maggots to attack enemies after Mind Control ends.
  • Fixed exploit that gave players infinite ammo provided they used the mouse scroll wheel as their weapon fire button.
  • Fixed the miniboss in Void Sabotage missions not spawning.
  • Fixed Infested Boiler’s spawned enemies improperly attacking players while under the effect of Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead.
  • Fixed players being unable to pick up a Syndicate Medallion until another player in the mission picked it up first.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Prism never going away when cast outside of a Nullifier Crewman’s bubble, just before stepping into the bubble before the throw animation is complete.
  • Fixed issue occasionally caused by Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors.
  • Fixed broken lighting effects on Syndicate Medallions.
  • Fixed issue caused by melee whip animations.
  • Fixed additional instances where Alad V’s Mind Control ability would cause issues for the player.
  • Fixed not being able to swap the polarity of a slot on Kubrows and Sentinels.
  • Fixed selecting an item in the Marketplace followed by fast-navigating to another terminal on the Liset causing the item you were previously looking at to become stuck on screen.
  • Fixed an issue where items with no color customization will display as grey, instead of default colors.
  • Fixed Zephyr’s Turbulence not being dispelled when entering a Nullifier Crewman’s shield.
  • Fixed potential issue in Survival game mode that prevented the spawning of new enemies.
  • Fixed some weapons not correctly applying damage to Antimatter Drop as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/363806-novas-antimatter-drop-is-not-working-with-projectile-weapons/
  • Fixed some weapons with puncture damage registering too many hits on Antimatter Drop.
  • Fixed Nova Prime’s Antimatter Drop not correctly applying unique visual effects to non-host players.
  • Fixed issue with weapon skins not properly applying to weapons.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning properly on Corpus ship during Grineer Invasion.
  • Fixed being unable to properly gift Void Keys.
  • Fixed Nullifier Crewman not properly deploying shield when resurrected by Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Regulator Pistols persisting on non-Mesa Warframes when switching loadouts in Arsenal.

更新 15.7.1

December 17th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Void Mission rewards are no longer included in caches upon finding all 3. Please note we are working on a way to return this feature, but exploits prevent us from leaving it active at this time.


  • Fixed personal contributions to Dojo color Research ingredients not being properly counted in the Dojo if you had not found any ingredients during our previous Update.
  • Fixed Nova’s Antimatter Drop being uncontrollable at Rank 1 as per: https://forums.warfr...er-drop-broken/

更新 15.7.0

December 17th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖 - Nova Prime

Update 15.7: Nova Prime
Nova Prime and the newest Prime Gear
A torrent of offensive destruction, Nova Prime bursts into Prime Access.
Get Nova Prime Access now and make the newest Primes yours - instantly - including Nova Prime, Soma Prime and Vasto Prime. Plus, stock up on discounted Platinum and get Exclusive Gear available only through Prime Access!

Packages include:
Harness electromagnetic energy and command control with Nova Prime, the newest addition to the ranks of elite Prime Warframes.

Add the deadly Soma and Vasto Primes to your Arsenal.

Modify your Warframe with the Pyra Prime Syandana and the Velorum Prime Sigil. Add Exclusive Nova Prime Avatars to your online presence! Speed up your in-game progress with 90-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.

Give your Platinum supply a boost at a great price.

Click here to learn more about Prime Access now!

New Enemies
More Corpus and Grineer have been corrupted by the Void!

  • Corrupted Butcher has been added to the Orokin Void Mission types.
  • Corrupted Rocket Bombard and Corrupted Nullifier have been added to T3 and T4 Void Missions

Weapon Change

  • Increased the Kohm’s weapon damage from 15 to 25.
  • Decreased the Kohm’s Ammo Consumption.

You can begin to hunt for Nova Prime parts using our drop tables for guidance: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/172911-prime-gear-drop-locations/

Corpus Nullifier shields will now decrease in size depending on incoming damage.

Players can no longer sell Large Restore Blueprints of any variety for credits.

Adjusted Conclave rating for resistance Mods. The following Mods are now 15 Conclave points when fully ranked: Lightning Rod, Flame Repellent, Insulation, Shock Absorbers, Diamond Skin, Antitoxin, and Resilient Focus. Sure Footed is now 10 Conclave points.

  • Fixed Invasion Battle Pay not being correctly awarded to players. Please note we have retroactively given all ‘missed’ payments.
  • Fixed the Redeemer playing the wrong sound when fired.
  • Fixed friendly fire damaging Sentinel’s Sanctuary shield.
  • Fixed issue caused by destroying enemy drones in Archwing.
  • Fixed Kubrows getting stuck on the Galleon Defense tileset.
  • Fixed Banshee’s Resonance Augment Mod not functioning.
  • Fixed Mag’s Shield Transference Augment Mod not properly rotating with Mag as per: https://forums.warfr...frame-rotation/
  • Fixed unique case of Mesa’s Regulator pistols still being usable after Peacemaker ends.
  • Fixed the Archwing’s vacuum attempting to pull in Mods you’ve already picked up.
  • Fixed various collision issues in the Relay Station’s Mission Control room.
  • Fixed screen never returning from blackout after using Mesa’s Peacemaker while falling into a pit.
  • Fixed players being unable to purchase the Spearmint Scythes weapon skins from the Marketplace.
  • Fixed elevator not functioning properly on Deception in Grineer Shipyard tileset.
  • Fixed Tar-Mutalist MOA’s projectile still causing Radiation damage. Also removed area damage effect from attack.
  • Fixed an infrequent lockup that would occur when using jump attacks with the Scoliac.
  • Added Orokin Ducat cost to Lex Prime Blueprint.
  • Fixed issue that would occur when a player joins a Mission just as the host is going back to a lobby.
  • Fixed issue with G3 that would cause Mission to be impossible to complete when players were spread out too far from one another.
  • Fixed Feral Kubrow dropping Oxium.
  • Fixed the Ruinous Extension Mod not being compatible with the Gammacor and Synoid Gammacor.

更新 15.6.4

December 12th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Fixed issue on tilesets with Infested enemies that would cause players to crash at spawn or mid-Mission.
  • Fixed in game transmissions playing during cinematics.
  • Fixed issue where changing loadout in a Relay Station gives Tenno back their powers. Relays are a no power zone!
  • Fixed an issue with Archwing’s pickup vacuum that would cause items you couldn’t use to be destroyed, or would keep certain items around indefinitely.
  • Fixed issue when selling the same item in multiple stacks.
  • Fixed some holes in Relays that players could escape through.


December 12th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Fixed Void Trader running away!
  • Fixed doors in the Void not opening properly.

更新 15.6.3

December 12th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Added Invite button to the Profile screen.


  • Baro Ki’Teer now has a spawn effect when entering / leaving a Relay.
  • Baro Ki’Teer, after complaining of some claustrophobia, will now stand a little higher on his own custom soap box.
  • Liset capacity for decorations has now been doubled.
  • Relay Stations will now display events, and which relay those special events may be occurring at.
  • Relay ambient music volume has been lowered slightly.
  • Updated animations for NPCs in Syndicate rooms.


  • Fixed adding and removing an item in your sell pile will cause your cursor to disappear.
  • Fixed a typo in Nekros’ Despoil Augment Mod.

更新 15.6.2

December 12th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Reduced color research time for Dojo Polychrome to 36 hours.
  • Only one color can be researched at a time in the Dojo.
  • Removed weapon trail effects in Relay.

Archwing Changes:

  • Applied Shield/Health/Stamina/Energy upgrades to Archwing that increase with each level (like Warframes), dramatically increasing the base stats of a level 30 Archwing.


  • Fixed Dojo Obstacle Course leaderboards not properly holding all player times.
  • Fixed issue caused by changing loadout when in the Relay.
  • Fixed issues caused by logging out while stuck on loading screen when entering a Relay.
  • Fixed only Nullifier Crewman and Scorching Osprey spawning after the portal is destroyed in Orokin Sabotage.
  • Fixed elements of the Dojo’s color research UI panel not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed issue that would allow players to jump out of Cephalon Suda’s Syndicate room.
  • Fixed Alerts and Syndicate Daily Missions as being a selectable choice for Mission auto-repeat.
  • Fixed Medallions not appearing in Syndicate Daily Missions.
  • Fixed UI issue that allowed for incorrectly priced Mod fusion.

更新 15.6.1

December 11th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Fixed an issue with mods of similar effect not being equippable simultaneously (channeling and Sentinel mods).
  • Fixed various crashes and issues with Relays (including forced logouts).
  • Fixed an issue with unfinished content appearing for purchase in the Market.
  • Fixed an issue with pressing “I” to inspect causing issues on Companions (Kubrows/Sentinels)
  • Fixed Spanish and Portuguese localization for the latest augment mods.

更新 15.6.0

December 11th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖 - Tenno Reinforcements: Kohm


Tenno Reinforcement:

Kohm: The Kohm is a primary plasma shotgun with a unique held-trigger function. For every shot fired in rapid succession the Kohm releases an additional bolt, growing more lethal with every pull of the trigger!

Tenno Relays are now open to all!
These past few weeks many of our Founders, Prime Access supporters, and players with Mastery Rank 10+ have had the opportunity to help us test what our Relays were capable of handling. With our preliminary testing of Tenno Relays coming to a close we invite all Tenno to take part in our next phase, keeping in mind that Relays may still experience some adjustments over the coming weeks.

Please be aware that there may still be some fine tuning that needs to be done in making Relay Stations a safe place for Tenno to congregate. Rest assured we will notify everyone immediately of any downtime Relays may require during this time.

If you discover any bugs during your exploration of these Relays please help us squash them by reporting all issues to the following thread: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/363241-relays-known-issues/

To make Tenno Relays a little easier to navigate, here’s a list of currently available features that range from brand new content to tips that will help make your stay on the Relay a little more pleasant:

  • Relay Stations are available on many planets, and are a great way to meet other Tenno looking to complete Missions in that sector.
  • Players can create or join a squad while inside the Relay, then use the Relay’s Mission Control in the Northern Wing to start a mission.
  • Players can also alter their loadout in Mission Control, should they need a different build for a more specialized mission. These changes will reflect to other nearby Tenno.
  • Each Syndicate has their own room on Tenno Relays, and are more than happy to trade their usual rewards in-person instead of through the Liset’s console.
  • Syndicate rooms each have a special representative that collects Medallions, a new Currency for earning Standing.
  • Various art and lighting updates have been made to Tenno Relays! Be sure to explore and take in the new look and explore each of the multiple floors available in the Concourse.
  • Various NPCs within Tenno Relays will be a little more lively now that they have animations.

Void Trader
Baro Ki’Teer is a man of rare and luxurious tastes, willing to trade a wide variety of his acquired goods in exchange for the unique items that Tenno often discover when traveling the Void. While he is often in demand his appearance on a Relay is rare, heralded by Ducat Kiosks in the main Concourse.

  • Players can trade in unused Prime parts for Orokin Ducats, the only currency that Baro Ki’Teer accepts.
  • Orokin Ducats can be traded to Baro Ki’Teer alongside a sum of credits for unique Mods, weapons, and cosmetic items.
  • Baro Ki’Teer’s presence on a Relay Station is random limited to only a few days.
  • Some of Baro Ki’Teer’s goods are tradable with other Tenno.

Darvo’s Market
While exploring the Relay Tenno may discover Darvo’s Market, which is sadly not open for business at this time. Even still, Darvo is never one to turn down a good opportunity to advertise! Be sure to say hello should you stumble upon his developing storefront.

New Syndicate Medallions
Medallions are now available on Syndicate Missions. Medallions act like their own currency, similar to Credits. Each Syndicate’s Medallion may have their own unique look, but regardless of their appearance all Medallions count toward the same currency pool: Standing!

When you’re ready to turn in Medallions simply head to your Tenno Relay of choice, visit your Syndicate trader and select how many you wish to turn in. Different ranks of Medallions can provide greater Standing than others; so keep an eye out for Medallions and plan ahead when you spend them, Tenno.

New Warframe Mod Augments:
We’ve been working with our Design Council to put more Augments together, as well as adding some of our own! The following Mod Augments are now available through the Syndicate Offerings:

  • Ash: Shuriken: Seeking Shuriken: Hits expose weaknesses on enemies, reducing their armor by 35%/45%/55%/70% for 2/4/6/8 seconds
  • Banshee: Sonar: Resonance: Killing an enemy by shooting the weak spot will trigger another sonar for 50%/65%/80%/100% of remaining duration.
  • Ember: Fire Blast: Fire Fright: Each tick has a 40%/60%/80%/100% chance for a panic proc.
  • Excalibur: Slash Dash: Surging Dash: Each enemy hit has a chance to increase the melee counter by 1/2/3/4.
  • Frost: Ice Wave: Ice Wave Impedance: Leaves a frozen trail that will slow down enemies that walk over it for 4/6/8/10 seconds.
  • Hydroid: Tidal Surge: Tidal Impunity: Clears procs and grants proc immunity for x seconds for yourself and allies that come in contact with it for 3/4/5/6 seconds.
  • Limbo: Rift Surge: Rift Torrent: Damage multiplier is increased by 5%/10%/15%/20% for each enemy in the rift.
  • Loki: Radial Disarm: Irradiating Disarm: Enemies will be affected by radiation for 3/6/9/12 seconds.
  • Mag: Shield Polarize: Shield Transference: Creates a small shield dome around Mag that protects for 15%/25%/35%/50% of depleted enemy shields.
  • Mirage: Eclipse: Total Eclipse: The effect applies to nearby allies within a 3/3/4/5 meter radius for 25%/50%/75%/100% effect.
  • Mesa: Shooting Gallery: Muzzle Flash: Shooting Gallery does a blinding burst within 5/6/7/8 meters for 4/5/6/7 seconds before switching players.
  • Nekros: Desecrate: Despoil: Desecrate no longer consumes energy, but consumes 80/70/60/50 health instead.
  • Nova: Antimatter Drop: Antimatter Absorb: Antimatter Drop absorbs enemy bullets, increasing its damage when it explodes. 2/3/4/5 meter absorb bubble radius.
  • Nyx: Mind Control: Mind Freak: Mind controlled target does 60%/120%/200%/300% increased damage.
  • Oberon: Hallowed Ground: Hallowed Eruption: Casting a second blessed ground will consume the first one dealing all the damage remaining in a burst. 30%/40%/50%/60% proc chance on burst.
  • Rhino: Iron Skin: Iron Shrapnel: Detonate Iron Skin dealing 40%/60%/80%/100% of its remaining health as puncture damage. 30%/40%/50%/60% proc chance.
  • Saryn: Molt: Regenerative Molt: After casting Molt, Saryn regenerates a percentage of health over time. Lasts 8 seconds, with healing occurring every 2 seconds.
  • Trinity: Link: Abating Link: Reduces armor by 15%/20%/25%/30% on enemies targeted by Link.
  • Valkyr: Rip Line: Swing Line: After using Rip Line, the next 1/2/3/4 rip lines while remaining airborne will have no energy cost.
  • Vauban: Bastille: Repelling Bastille: When at max capacity, has a 50%/65%/80%/100% chance to repel new enemies that enter the radius.
  • Volt: Speed: Shocking Speed: Enemies touched while sprinting under the effects of speed will take 75/100/125/175 electrical damage with a guaranteed proc.
  • Zephyr: Turbulence: Jet Stream: Turbulence increases movement by 15%/20%/25%/30% and projectile speed by 50%/65%/80%/100% for Zephyr and her allies.

New Game Mode:
Corpus Hijack is now live on Sorath-Europa!
The Corpus have begun salvaging their crashed ships on Europa for valuable goods, loading up heavy all-terrain vehicles with cargo for shipment off planet. Their most treasured shipment of recovered goods has just been readied for extraction, and it’s your job to make sure those secrets go to Tenno hands.

  • Locate the Corpus shipment, then guide it safely to extraction through the frozen remains of a Corpus ship’s crash site.
  • The Corpus shipment’s vehicle has been re-routed to draw power from Warframe Shields. Defending the shipment (and one another) from weapon’s fire is the key to victory.


  • Polychrome (Dojo Painting) is here! How to get started? Read on!
  • Research colours in the Tenno Research Room. Each colour requires Pigments to complete. Pigments are dropped by a listed enemy only during the time that Research is selected.
  • Once your colour is researched and contributions complete, use the “Paint” option for a given room and contribute resources to begin the painting process!
  • Orokin Void and Derelicts dynamic music is now live! Make sure to have your music enabled when listening for our latest update to Orokin Void and Derelict tilesets, or if you’d like to hear the WIP preview check out our post in the Developer Workshop subforum: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/340678-new-music-preview-derelict-void/
  • Market Batch Purchasing is here! Now you can buy in quantities from the Market instead of 1 at a time!
  • The Dojo Obstacle Course now has leaderboards!


  • Updated Mesa’s Longhorn helmet icon in Marketplace.
  • Players can now upgrade Rifle, Arrow, Shotgun and Sniper Ammo Mutation Mods from max Rank 3 to max Rank 5 with increased effectiveness.
  • ‘Dangle’ cosmetics will now use the same collision detection as Syandanas.
  • Mesa’s Regulator pistols will now need to be holstered before her Peacemaker Ability is considered to be finished / deactivated.
  • Mutalist Navigation Coordinate now has an updated icon.
  • Lowered the damage of Tar-Mutalist MOA’s tar damage over time effect.
  • Defense objectives are now be immune to Tar-Mutalist MOA’s tar damage.
  • Changed Tar-Mutalist MOA’s damage type from Radiation to Corrosive.
  • Reduced the number of shots required to shrink the Nullifier Crewman’s protective shield.
  • The Natural Talent Mod has had its Conclave Rating adjusted to 10 at max range.
  • Large Team Ammo Restore items now give 33% more ammo than Medium Restore items.
  • Addition additional terrain elements to Orokin Void Defense.
  • Rare Loot Crate scan requirement has been reduced to 5, and Ultra Rare has been reduced to 3.

Archwing Changes:
Dual Decurion Buff

  • The latest Archwing Reinforcement will be receiving boosts on stats for damage and clip size.
  • Firing rate has been changed from semi-automatic to automatic.

Velocitus Buff

  • Increased Magnetic Damage from 500 to 1200
  • Increased Critical Multiplier from 2 to 3

Innate Vacuum for Loot pickup

  • All players in Archwing game modes will now have a default radial ‘vacuum’ effect for loot, making pick-ups easier to grab. This should also improve the general flow of movement in Archwing Missions.

Archwing Interception Rewards

  • Interception Rewards are now exclusively Archwing Mods. No other mods will be presented in the Reward Table.

Stunlock Reduced

  • Overall stunlock intensity from enemy attacks reduced in combat.

Buffed Mods

  • Critical Chance Mods for Archwing melee and rifles have been buffed.
  • Health/Shield/Armor Mods for Archwing have been buffed.

Overall Archwing Changes:

  • Warframe Stats and Mods no longer carry over onto Archwing performance. All Warframes will now perform equally well while piloting an Archwing, eliminating the need to use a specific Warframe for optimum Space Ninja performance.
  • All Archwings now have different base Health/Shield/Armor stats that can be modded (with the newly buffed Mods).

Warframe Changes:

  • Saryn’s Molt now removes Brood Mother Maggots, Nanite Swarms, Seeker Latchers and Leeches.


  • Fixed visual overlap on some objects within the Dojo.
  • Fixed players being able to see into the Void when in the Dojo’s Tenno Research Lab.
  • Fixed the Marketplace not properly updated item quantity when player enters a new amount they wish to purchase.
  • Fixed several locked doors in the Orokin Derelicts showing up in green.
  • Fixed player Liset decorations floating in midair in the docking station of the Relay Station.
  • Fixed players waiting longer than necessary to enter a Relay when in a party.
  • Fixed players not being able to see any visual effects when picking up an oxygen tank in Survival.
  • Fixed players being unable to enter a Dojo through the Clan menu when in a Relay.
  • Fixed enemies only appearing in small groups of 2-3 when playing on Ice Planet Defense.
  • Fixed enemies targeted by Trinity’s Energy Vampire becoming stuck in an animation loop.
  • Fixed issue that would occur from leaving a squad at the exact moment the host disbanded the squad.
  • Fixed certain Syndicate Mods not functioning correctly, or not displaying new buffed modifiers as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/361795-broken-syndicate-mods-thread/
  • Fixed load time delays during Archwing Mission deployment cinematics.
  • Fixed all visual issues related to Warframe Reddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/2oxq2n/im_sorry_once_again_ude_killerkarpfen_i_have/
  • Fixed Mesa’s Shooting Gallery buffing enemy players in Dark Sector PvP.
  • Fixed players becoming stuck in Mesa’s Peacemaker after repeated use of the Ability.
  • Fixed Ash’s Bladestorm targeting enemies immune to Abilities after the initial target is killed.
  • Fixed some Archwing weapons dealing no damage to Sabotage Mission objective.
  • Fixed Liset Foundry flashing an update for players staying on the Liset during a content Update.
  • Fixed the Tenno Lab not appearing on the minimap of the Clan Dojo.

更新 15.5.9

December 8th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Mesa’s Peacemaker will now automatically target enemies that enter her range when holding down the trigger button. Ramp up time will not reset when all nearby enemies are killed.
  • The Drahk Master will now only steal your weapon if you have a pistol or rifle equipped.
  • Sent Nullifier Crewmen into Cerberus to help reinforce the Corpus forces there.
  • Adjusted spawn rates for the new Infested enemies in some of the earlier Missions.
  • Reduced stun rate of various NPC weapons used in Archwing Missions.


  • Fixed some cases where the last reward shown in a defense or interception mission was not given to some players.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when Mirage used Hall of Mirrors with a Torrid equipped as a client.
  • Fixed players not seeing Dojo decorations when entering a Dojo.
  • Fixed Invasion Missions not counting toward Battle Pay when quota for Invasion is completed when mid-Mission.
  • Fixed chat connection problems from machines with various operating system services disabled.
  • Fixed issues with gray square appearing in place of obtained item details (at the bottom of the screen).
  • Fixed Mesa’s Regulator pistols not being removed upon deactivation if the player has no other weapons (e.g. stolen by Beastmaster).
  • Fixed Mesa becoming stuck in Peacemaker while being mind controlled by Mutalist Alad V.
  • Fixed various crash-related issues.
  • Fixed various localization issues related to Mods and Mastery Sigils.

更新 15.5.8

December 5th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Emotes are now able to be interrupted by other emotes.
  • Infested Alad V’s mind control ability should no longer attack the players in a bleed-out state and should instead return to Alad V.
  • Enemies that spawn from enemies already inside of Limbo’s Rift will now also be considered within Limbo’s Rift (eg: Boilers).
  • Made various animation tweaks to the Kubrow Charge Ability.
  • Mission nodes will now always display the specific mission type during an Alert / Event when players highlight a node affected by an Alert / Event.
  • Made various audio tweaks to Mesa’s Regulator pistols, in addition to some visual tweaks to Peacemaker’s effects.
  • Optimized the performance of beam weapons when fired at groups of enemies.
  • Improved Glaive ricochet targeting.
  • Trinity:
    • Changes to Energy Vampire are being made as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/357844-trinity-energy-vampire
    • Damage dealt is now direct-to-health damage instead of Slash (ignoring armor).
    • Damage is now only scaled off of HP instead of HP + Shields.
    • Damage will scale off of their current HP or ¼ of their max, whichever is greater.
    • Damage will always be at least 5 HP per pulse.
    • You will no longer be able to cast on targets that won’t take damage from it; this specifically applies during the invulnerability phases of certain bosses.
    • Multiple Trinities can no longer drain energy from a single target simultaneously.
    • Players can no longer gain energy while in Nyx’s Absorb or Mesa’s Peacemaker.


  • Fixed a number of issues with NVIDIA® Optimus™ and DirectX 11.
  • Fixed the non-Syndicate Gammacor being a tradeable weapon.
  • Fixed various issues that Mutalist Alad V’s mind control power would cause on player Warframe Abilities.
  • Fixed various issues with Mutalist Alad V’s mind control power affecting players that are mid-air when hit.
  • Fixed an issue when a player uses Alt-F4 when affected by Alad V’s mind control power, preventing Alad V from using the collar for the rest of the fight
  • Fixed Dojo decorations not appearing immediately when you first load into a Dojo.
  • Fixed Gammacor’s laser not appearing when fired.
  • Fixed newly spawned enemies being able to attack Limbo when he is in inside the Rift, but not Cataclysm.
  • Fixed players not being able to trade Arcane Helmets.
  • Fixed various issues with opening / sorting through Gear inventory.
  • Fixed various issues on Ice Planet, including zoning and elevator related problems.
  • Fixed various improper localization on Mastery Rank 15 / 16 test completion.
  • Fixed UI displaying friends in an incorrect mission, if their mission was on a node with a simultaneous event occurring.
  • Fixed issue with Gammacor caused by using the Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent and Seeker Mods all at once.
  • Fixed various crash-related issues making space a safer place for us all.
  • Fixed issue where using a Thrown weapon when on a ledge would cause Tenno to step off the ledge.
  • Fixed players being unable to scroll beyond 54 Warframe slots.
  • Fixed Mutalist Alad V’s mind control message not appearing in appropriate language for host.
  • Fixed Rhino Prime Codex entry showing as not properly localized to German.
  • Fixed Daedelus Shoulder Plates not attaching to Mesa properly.
  • Fixed both Attackers and Defenders seeing a ‘Mission Complete’ at the end of a Solar Rail Conflict match regardless of outcome.


December 3rd, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Fixed Warframe launching/minimizing in full-screen by reverting prior DirectX 11 fixes.
  • Fixed Conclaves being unplayable.

更新 15.5.7

December 3rd, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Emotes are now live for use in missions! With the Stress Testing of ‘Tenno Hubs’ progressing well, we have now added functioning emotes (host/client) to the game which can be activated via your ‘Gear’ menu.
  • Added emote for ‘Follow’!
  • Syndicate Weapons can now be traded! Players may now trade ONLY unranked and unused Syndicate weapons with one another.


  • Made various Localization updates.
  • Infested Tar Mutalist MOA, Swarm Mutalist MOA, Boiler and Brood Mother have all been added to regular Infested missions throughout the star chart!
  • Removed Nightmare Mode from final quest mission in Patient Zero.
  • Accessing the Gear / Emote wheels has now been changed! Using a keyboard players can access their inventory and emotes by holding down the appropriate key (defaulted to Q), while anyone using a controller / gamepad will be able to toggle the menu.

Weapon Changes:

Braton Prime:
  • Increased Physical Damage from 25 to 35
  • Increased Status Chance from 10.0% to 20.0%
  • Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2.0
  • Increased Fire Rate
  • Increased Magazine Size from 50 to 75
  • Decreased Ammo Capacity to 375


  • Fixed emotes allowing players to move freely when used during an Ability. Emotes will no longer play when a Warframe is in an already existing animation.
  • Fixed Archwing Interception missions force extracting players still within mission bounds.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker displaying ‘Invalid Target’ where there are no enemies nearby to fire at.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse removing her festive holiday skin.
  • Fixed issue caused by falling off the edge during the Mastery Rank 15 test, causing players to be caught in a teleport loop.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker not applying camera shake effect when firing.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker shooting toward player crosshair instead of directly at enemies.
  • Fixed performance issues that would occur in long sessions where Vauban's Vortex was often used, resulting in FPS issues.

更新 15.5.6

December 2nd, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Swarm Mutalist MOA’s nanite cloud visual effects will now only become thicker when attaching to players, not enemies as well.
  • Made ambient Archwing music a little quieter.
  • Added controller / gamepad support for Liset customization screen.
  • Made various visual improvements to ‘Tenno Hub’ concourse skybox.
  • Consumables and Gear will no longer be usable when in the ‘Tenno Hub’. Coming later.
  • Various adjustments have been made to AI footstep audio.
  • Missions that have been aborted or failed no longer reward players with Syndicate Standing.


  • Fixed Infested Brood Mother not being able to get up after being knocked down.
  • Fixed Infested Boiler infinitely spawning enemies.
  • Fixed Excalibur’s Radial Javelin not stunning enemies who survive the attack.
  • Fixed Gammacor’s beam visual effect persisting when using melee during a slide.
  • Fixed Infested Maggots latching on to invisible targets, or targets that are too far away from their leap.
  • Fixed incorrect calculation on Fire Rate for charged weapons when equipping Mods that affect Fire Rate.
  • Fixed various broken objective markers on Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed enemies shooting through crates surrounding Mobile Defense console on Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed error caused by aborting a Survival mission mid-mission when not hosting.
  • Fixed Gammacor’s continuous fire sometimes using default energy color when players stop running while shooting.
  • Fixed holes in Archwing Corpus tileset as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/355930-archwing-corpus-tilesets-hole/?p=3966508#entry3966508
  • Fixed Velocitus weapon fire sound ending prematurely, also corrected various weapon fire animations.
  • Fixed navigation bars in the Codex overlapping when backing out of a selection under Enemies.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the air when recovering from Mutalist Alad V’s control.
  • Fixed issue with sprinting being activated after entering the New Loka Syndicate pond in the Hubs. The fountain of sprint is no more!

更新 15.5.5

December 1st, 2014 官方论坛更新帖

“Tenno Hubs” Stress Test:
Vesper Relay stress testing continues! “Tenno Hubs” are now available to any player that has supported development through Prime Access, as well as any player that is Mastery Rank 10 and up! Remember:

  • Eligible Tenno can access the Vesper Relay on Venus.
  • There may be some hitches, please be patient as we continue to fine-tune hubs!

新增内容 Holiday decorations have been added to the Dojo and Liset! Check out some of our festive additions to the Marketplace here.

Weapon Changes:
The Paracyst, Gammacor, Synoid Gammacor, and Redeemer have all received stat increases as indicated below:


  • Base Slash damage increased from 40 to 60.
  • “Gunshot” damage increased in range and deadliness, from 15 to 30.

Gammacor/Synoid Gammacor:

  • Increased damage dealt in beam per second.
  • Increased fire rate of beam.
  • Reduced ammo consumption.
  • Synoid Damage: Now 210 Magnetic.
  • Gammacor Damage: Now 50 Magnetic
  • Synoid Status/Second: 20%
  • Gammacor Status/Second: 5%
  • Synoid Magazine: 75
  • Gammacor Magazine: 50
  • Synoid Crit Multiplier/Chance: 2x/10%
  • Gammacor Crit Multiplier/Chance: 1.5x/5%.


  • Increased burst fire rate from 200 to 500 as well as reduced the delay between delay between burst rounds.
  • Increased Critical Chance to 5.0%
  • Increased Critical Damage Multiplier from 1.5 to 2.0
  • Reduced required ammunition for secondary fire.
  • Increased rate of fire for secondary fire.
  • Significantly decreased the charge time required on secondary fire.


  • Tightened controller / gamepad timing for using the crouch / dodge maneuver.
  • Decreased the amount of explosive damage dealt by Tar-Mutalist Moa’s projectiles.
  • Increased the radius of Infested Hive ambient sounds.
  • Updated animations on the Redeemer finishing attacks.
  • Updated animations on new Thrown weapon combos.
  • Updated map navigation to upper areas of Ice Planet, Mobile Defense that was previously unavailable.
  • Added extra security terminals to Ice Planet tileset to help prevent players becoming trapped in any rooms.
  • Exiting the Tenno hubs should no longer trigger an End of Match screen.
  • Removed ally markers from various NPCs located in the Tenno hub.
  • Adjusted the timing on Tenno emotes.
  • Weapons that have secondary fire abilities can no longer use their primary fire while the secondary is active. This fix affects weapons that require the secondary fire button to be held down.
  • Nyx’s Mind Control is now a toggable ability.
  • Updated artwork and backdrop in Tenno Hub Hangar.
  • When opening the Gear or Emote menus the previously used item / emote will automatically be highlighted.


  • Fixed Mesa’s Ballistic Battery effects showing as being used when activating the ability.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Shooting Gallery buff animation pathing incorrectly when standing near a wall.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when ranking up a Syndicate playing in Russian.
  • Fixed an error on Dark Sector battlepay that inadvertently caused Defender information to be erased once there was no reserve pay available.
  • Fixed Infested Swarm Armor buff overriding player’s Corrosive Projection Aura.
  • Fixed uncommon issues with players falling out of Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed hole in Archwing Corpus Trench Run tileset as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/355930-archwing-corpus-tilesets-hole/
  • Fixed the main menu occasionally becoming blocked by other text elements on screen (ie - objectives, player names, markers)
  • Fixed Tar-Mutalist Moa’s goo damaging Limbo when he is in the rift.
  • Fixed pathing on enemies walking through Ice Planet tileset ship tunnels.
  • Fixed Paracyst not using burst fire animation when fired.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker, Nyx’s Psychic Bolts, and Limbo’s Cataclysm affecting enemies that are immune to Tenno abilities.
  • Fixed weapons with fire rate below 1 not accurately displaying stat changes when Mods are applied.
  • Fixed an issue where several weapon types did not have a proper slide-attack event hooked up, resulting in a ‘broken’ feel when attempting to use advanced maneuvers.
  • Fixed an issue where Mesa’s Alt Helmet was given, for free, to anyone who crafted the frame or purchased her independently. Helmets acquired this way are no longer in inventories.

更新 15.5.4

November 29th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Made Hub use FOV attenuation instead of override so user setting still works
  • Optimized Hub servers to allow more concurrent players
  • Removed unfinished Nullifier Spaceman from spawn tables
  • Added sound effect for weapons being jammed


  • Fixed a several client-side crashes when hanging out in Hubs
  • Removed some hitches and optimized memory usage for connecting to Hubs
  • Fixed cloth physics
  • Fixed some sound problems with Mesa’s Ballistic Battery and Shooting Gallery

更新 15.5.3

November 28th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Tenno Hubs: Players that are Founders, Mastery Rank 15 or higher can now can access our Player Hub stress test the Vesper Relay available on Venus. Please keep in mind this test does not represent the final version of the hubs, and we appreciate the help participating in the testing process! A few reminders:
    • Make sure your Matchmaking is set to ‘Solo’
    • There may be some hitches, please be patient!
    • Be mindful of falling off of ledges!


  • Tar-Mutalist Moa’s slow goo will no longer affect Defense objectives
  • Infested minions will no longer make sounds after dying.
  • Reduced frequency of Lotus transmission notifications. Lotus will now remind players about unstarted quests once every three days.
  • Multiple NPCs can now use the zipline at once.
  • Renamed Infested Alad V Nav Coordinate to Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinate.


  • Fixed leveling up and Power Strength Mods making Mesa’s Shatter Shield damage reduction less effective.
  • Fixed issue in Archwing Interception that would cause enemy team to gain points when owning no territories.
  • Fixed Infested Brood Mother Maggots not detaching from Limbo once he enters the Rift.
  • Fixed Mutalist Alad V’s powers affecting players in Limbo’s Rift, when Alad V is not in the Rift.
  • Fixed Infested jumping off level to their death after a host migration as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/350502-infested-mass-suicide-glitch/
  • Fixed an error causing a false entry in the Codex
  • Fixed an issue in Hive Infestation that caused Excalibur’s Radial Javelin to cease functioning.
  • Fixed Clients not counting achievements that track deaths due to damage dealt.
  • Fixed a rare instance of item keys falling through the floor.
  • Fixed enemy drones getting stuck on objects / running in circles. This should fix the common cases in Void Defense where Orokin Drones get stuck at spawn.
  • Fixed enemies aiming at your actual position if they cannot see the player.
  • Fixed some terrain geography that was causing Mutalist Alad V to get stuck.
  • Fixed crash in the new launcher when when pushing play button.
  • Fixed error caused by Grineer Scorpions.
  • Fixed placement of Dendra Armor on Mesa.
  • Fixed numerous unusual AI navigation issues.

更新 15.5.2

November 27th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Cache Optimization thresholds reduced to not occur as frequently. The launcher will now only Optimize Cache if approximately 1/3rd of the data is in need of optimization.
  • Made additional tweaks to Gammacor firing sounds.
  • Added in stealth takedown sounds for the Redeemer when used on enemies frozen via the Glaxion.
  • Removed unreleased/unfinished mods from the Codex (Vermillion Storm/Astral Twilight).


  • Fixed Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead ability when spawning Kubrows. Kubrows spawned now have the correct visual effects and will die once Shadows of the Dead has expired.
  • Fixed an issue where Brood Mother Maggots stayed on players that enter Limbo’s Rift.
  • Fixed an issue with missing back buttons for Dioramas/messages which would require players to reload game.
  • Fixed players seeing two ‘C’ points during Archwing Interception after a host migration.
  • Fixed energy efficiency Mods not applying to Nekros’ Desecrate and Valkyr’s Rip Line.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning as frequently on Ice Planet Mobile Defense missions.
  • Fixed Infested Ancients not melee attacking players.
  • Fixed transmutations not working when using more than one type of Mod.
  • Fixed error that would occur when attempting to select Patient Zero quest through World State Window if player had not yet unlocked Eris.
  • Fixed Warframe Ability timers ceasing to update after players have been captured / released by Alad V’s collar.
  • Fixed an issue with players getting hurt by Mutalist Alad V attacks while in Limbo’s Rift.
  • Fixed rewards from aborted Alert missions appearing in future Mission Results screens. This used to occur after a player would abort an Alert and then proceeded to start a new mission.

更新 15.5.1

November 27th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Increased the range on Tar-Mutalist Moa’s ‘slow goo’ deactivation once destroyed.
  • The Bright Purity Augment Mod can now be used on Skana Prime.
  • Made various sound tweaks to Gammacor shots.
  • Event name will now display on star chart node for Event Alerts.
  • Mutalist Alad V can no longer be stun locked with electric damage procs.
  • Vauban’s Ability grenades have received their own unique texture!
  • Hiding Beep Boop Paint Bot, wasn't meant to be live yet! Those of you with a fresh coat of sneak-peek paint, enjoy!
  • Added new hip fire poses to the Gammacor.


  • Fixed a hole on Ice Planet that players could fall into.
  • Fixed UI Codex dioramas displaying unintended elements of the UI.
  • Fixed Patient Zero quest not completing for some players.
  • Fixed a positioning error on Warframe Launcher
  • Fixed floating NPC spawn points on Ice Planet Mobile Defense missions
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker costing zero energy to use, in addition to power allowing players to still move during bleedout.
  • Fixed enemy pathing that would cause enemies to sometimes to leap into pits to their death.
  • Fixed Infested Ancients getting stuck at spawn points on Grineer Asteroid Defense tileset.
  • Fixed Dual Decurion blueprint appearing in Clan Tech, removed blueprint from Clan Tech Research. This is a Market blueprint for you to craft once you obtain the parts!
  • Fixed an issue with the Gammacor appearing in the codex as a duplicate ‘Lato’ entry.
  • Fixed issue with Helios not scanning properly.

更新 15.5.0

November 27th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖 - Mesa Update

Mesa Update.jpg

Operation: Mutalist Incursions

Stop the Infestation!

A message from Alad V:

“Inhabitants of the Origin System! It is my singular pleasure to announce that today is the first day of a new empire. An empire populated not by Corpus, not by Grineer and certainly not by the Tenno. No, the Mutalist Empire will be populated by you. A glorious new you, baptised by Mutalist flesh. You’ve called this a disease, an infestation? I call it Unity. One army under me. Welcome you to your new species.”

– Alad V


Mutalist Incursions:

  • The Infested are taking over areas of the Solar System. You must try to stop them, Tenno!
  • You will receive an Inbox message from the Lotus with instructions on how to earn the Bounty for four different Infested enemies – Tar Mutalist MOAs, Swarm Mutalist MOAs, Brood Mothers and Boilers.
  • Infested Alerts will begin appearing in the Solar System. Visit the areas of the Solar System that are under attack to take down the Infested and earn the required amount of enemy kills for each of the four Bounties.


  • Each Infested you take down will contribute a point to your Bounty totals.

Required totals:

Tar Mutalist MOA: 100
Swarm Mutalist MOA: 100
Brood Mother: 50
Boiler: 50
  • Upon completing each Bounty, you will receive a Reward.
  • This event is on now and ends on Wednesday, December 3 at 12 PM EST.

Complete all four Bounties to unlock access a special Survival Mission! How long can you Survive? Make it past 30 minutes and you’ll be rewarded with a New Puncture Mod Set!

Clans can compete on this Survival mission for the leaderboards! The top 3 clans in each tier will receive a Trophy. The Tethra’s Doom Mods are also available as drops in this event within the Survival Mission.

Tenno…the more familiar you become with these enemies, the better you’ll fare against Alad V. Get out and take down the Infested, Tenno!

Mesa: The Gunslinger
Ballistic Battery: When activated, this power stores damage caused by guns. When triggered again, that damage is channeled through the next gunshot.

Shooting Gallery - Gives an ally extra damage while jamming the guns of nearby enemies. This power shifts between team members.

Shatter Shield - Envelops Mesa in a barrier of energy, reflecting back incoming bullet damage.

Peacemaker - With intense focus, Mesa draws her Regulator pistols, shooting down her foes in rapid succession.

  • Obtain Mesa through defeating Mutalist Alad V!
  • Longhorn Mesa Alt Helmet can be found in the Market today!

Mutalist Alad V!

New Quest: Patient Zero

New Boss: Mutalist Alad V
Consumed entirely by Infestation, Alad V has thrown the Solar System into turmoil using his new Infested experiments. Be warned, Tenno – Alad V is the likely cause of this new outbreak and must be stopped at all costs. Use the deadliest tools at your disposal to bring down the renegade Corpus madman!

You can encounter Alad V by beginning the PATIENT ZERO Quest. This Quest will take you through the steps to locate and fight what Alad V has become! Find Mutalist Beacons through Infestation Outbreak rewards. The Lotus needs 3 Beacons to triangulate Alad V’s position.

New Weapons

  • New Melee Weapon: Redeemer. Striking with massive twin blades, the Redeemer fires the killing blow with its built-it shotgun.
  • New Weapon: Gammacor. Designed to quickly vaporize minerals for content analysis, users discovered its powerful beam was equally efficient at dispatching hostiles.
  • New Weapon: Paracyst. Completely overwhelmed by Infested biology, this former Quanta now fires organic ordinance and a harpoon like appendage.
  • New Archwing Weapon: Dual Decurion. Delivering twin streams of highly accurate, rapid-fire ordinance, the Decurion are specifically designed for combat in the vacuum of space.
New Syndicate Weapons: Each weapon has an adjusted stat and built-in Justice / Truth / Entropy / Sequence / Purity / Blight to better reflect its Syndicate’s nature.
  • Steel Meridian: Vaykor Marelok
  • Arbiters of Hexis: Telos Akbolto
  • Cephalon Suda: Synoid Gammacor
  • Perrin Sequence: Secura Dual Cestra
  • New Loka: Sancti Castanas
  • Red Veil: Rakta Ballistica

Offer standing to your Syndicate of choice to obtain these new Syndicate-specific weapons!

New Melee Stances:
Redeemer: High Noon. Bullets spray between wicked slash attacks.

New Infested Enemies:

New Enemy - Tar-Mutalist Moa: Discharges tar-like mucus slowing its prey.
New Enemy - Swarm-Mutalist Moa: Discharges swarms of infested spores.
New Enemy - Brood Mother: Spawns maggots that attack its target.
New Enemy - Maggot: Overwhelms prey with sheer numbers.
New Enemy - Boiler: Riddled with boils that erupt into spawn pods when hit

New Customization - Liset Exterior
Players can now customize the exterior of their Liset using New Skins and color palettes! Customize your Liset by selecting Equipment, Decorate Liset, then Customize Hull.

Hima Liset Skin
Kuza Liset Skin
Zikha Liset Skin

Enemy Accuracy Changes:
Enemy accuracy will now be affected dynamically depending on what movements players are doing. Sprinting, sliding, jumping, and wall-running will all decrease enemies accuracy, and the faster you move the better that penalty becomes.

Level Expansion - Corpus Ice Planet
New Mission Types - Ice Planet Mobile Defense!

  • Added Rejoin Last Session as a new matchmaking option.
  • Added outline icons in Survival for incoming and activating Life Support Capsules.
  • New loading screen! Now you can see your new Liset customization!
  • Added resource drops to enemies in Archwing Missions!


  • Improved texture streaming settings.
  • Altered the icons seen on the Syndicates screen to better support foreign language translations.
  • Improved tintmask visuals.
  • Improved the performance of in game spawn points.
  • Warframes will now play a standard animation when Sigils are being previewed.
  • Updated Augment Mod cards to specify what type of augment they are.
  • Players can now rebind Move Up and Move Down on a gamepad or controller to any button they choose.
  • Certain hallways and catwalks have been given a facelift!
  • Performed multiple optimizations toward memory usage reduction.
  • Increased the sound gain on numerous Syndicate Powers.
  • Increased the volume on numerous Moa attack sound effects.
  • Improved the look and performance of many head tracking animations seen during the tutorial levels.
  • Removed a number of low performance sprites effects to improve shader memory.
  • Made various other improvements to memory efficiency.
  • Made several improvements to the consumable item wheel including making item selection easier to see.
  • Added ability timer for Saryn’s Molt.
  • Updated Inventory page to reflect changes made to the UI post Update 14.
  • Removed unnecessary descriptive wording from Ordis transmission in Limbo Theorem Quest.
  • Updated visual on Velocitus hit effect, increased visual distance of shot.
  • Removed the word ‘charge’ from the Scoliac’s Codex description as it’s no longer relevant.
  • Made various tweaks to lighting, bloom and particle effects.
  • Defense and Survival now have a finite length during Invasions / Outbreaks to match Alerts.
  • Survival start mission console Ciphers will now be easy, regardless of enemy levels.
  • Updated trading in Dojo to no longer incorrectly display Mod stacks. Will now properly display how many Mods are being offered in a trade.
  • Added Ability Augment category to Mods and Upgrade screen.
  • Changed boss scaling to consider Mastery Rank 0 players. Should prevent boss encounters from becoming too difficult at lower ranks when higher rank players join missions.
  • Frost’s Freeze ability now has an AoE on impact similar to Ember’s Fireball.
  • Increased Outbreak rewards on ‘Hard’ Planets: Doubled the offered rewards (i.e 2x Fieldron, etc).
  • Players can no longer use or benefit from energy restore items while using an Ability that drains energy.
  • Those under the effect of Limbo's Banish can now un-banish themselves via acrobatics: Front roll or backflip will reverse the Banish.
  • Made various optimizations to help reduce load times and video memory consumption as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/352478-big-update-download-yes-optimizations-incoming/
  • Updated in-store icon for the Dendra Armor better represent the purchasable item.
  • Improved loading and hitching issues when DirectX11 & Multi-threading were used

Augment Changes:

  • Updated Valkyr’s Prolonged Paralysis Mod to leave enemies stunned on the ground, open to execution attacks.
  • Enemies affected by Banshee’s Savage Silence Mod are now open to finishes while under the effects of crowd control.
  • Reduced pull distance and increased pull force on Zephyr’s Dive Bomb Augment Mod.
  • Slightly increased the range and damage of Nova’s Neutron Star Mod.
  • Healing speed from Hydroid’s Curative Undertow Mod slowed. Also increased energy consumption from 2 to 5
  • Buffed effects from Rhino’s Ironclad Charge Mod.
  • Limited the number of links that Tesla can make when under the Tesla Link Augment. Now connects with up to 4 other Tesla orbs.
  • Removed the health and shield penalties from Nekros’ Soul Punch Augment Mod


  • Fixed an issue where players completing the final mission of an Invasion set would not receive battle pay if the Invasion completes while they are in the mission. There is now a one hour grace period for missions in progress.
  • Fixed an issue with the World State bar overlapping the notifications window.
  • Fixed issue where players could not rebind buttons on a gamepad or controller if the control scheme was set to Inverted play.
  • Fixed Ember’s Fire Blast only damaging targets once, rather than causing damage over time.
  • Fixed issue where Nova’s Null Star could cause game to freeze.
  • Fixed various Augment Mod bugs.
  • Fixed pricing and scroll bar display issues on Prime Access and Prime Accessories Marketplace tab.
  • Fixed an issue with mis-aligned objects in Ice Planet tunnel.
  • Fixed issue in French, Italian and Russian UI that would cause text overlap on the Mission Result screen.
  • Fixed issue where Matchmaking dropdown would get stuck on player’s screen after entering Navigation.
  • Fixed gamepad / controller navigation error when viewing Training in Codex.
  • Fixed UI incorrectly selecting equipment from the top left tile when navigating equipment.
  • Fixed a number of text strings running off the screen when viewing certain Codex pages in specific languages.
  • Fixed an issue with Extract button that appears in Extraction and Interception missions exceeding the size of the associated button when playing in certain languages.
  • Fixed players not being able to use the left thumb stick on a controller to accept an invite when looking at their player card or Matchmaking dropdown.
  • Fixed squad invites sometimes auto-accepting.
  • Fixed various issues with the elevator on the Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed planet, node and matchmaking buttons not notifying players when selectable.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Molt not dying properly when the ability expires. Also removed Molt image properly when Molt dies.
  • Fixed login rewards potentially causing a game freeze.
  • Fixed textures on Corpus door frames that allowed players to see outside the level.
  • Fixed markers created by a player in Rescue saying ‘Enemy’ if attached to hostage NPC.
  • Fixed bug that caused Mind Controlled enemies to only die when killed by clients, and not the host.
  • Fixed loot crates and NPCs spawning inside of walls / the ground.
  • Fixed spawn trigger that would cause players to respawn outside of a level.
  • Fixed respawn trigger on Ice Planet tileset that would cause players to become stuck in a teleport loop between two objects.
  • Fixed occasional instances of overlay map not functioning when joining a mission in progress.
  • Fixed weapons inaccurately showing increased accuracy % when equipped with a Mod that gives negative accuracy.
  • Fixed players being able to activate Archwing early during the third Archwing quest by jumping out of a window on the Corpus ship. Kinda made sense, but still not ok.
  • Fixed tileset art overlapping on some levels.
  • Fixed Infested tileset features appearing in non-Infestation missions.
  • Fixed Marketplace not counting Noggle decorations that have been placed as Noggle decorations owned.
  • Fixed improper indentation on Nova’s Abilities panel.
  • Fixed lockers appearing both red and green for clients.
  • Fixed Auto-install Mod option equipping two of the same type of Mod with different levels. Will now only equip one Mod per type, favoring higher ranked Mod.
  • Fixed Ciphers not solving Corpus minigames.
  • Fixed resources not appearing in player’s inventory.
  • Fixed error that would occur when scrolling through inventory while highlighting sorting tabs.
  • Fixed reconnection errors that would occur when attempting to rejoin a session that you’ve been dropped from.
  • Fixed enemies not taking damage from Rhino’s Charge when under the effect of Ironclad Charge. Also correct strength Mods double applying to explosion damage.
  • Fixed Mastery Sigil rank not displaying properly in profile diorama.
  • Fixed Stalker music blending in with level music in some instances.
  • Fixed ‘global’ chat channels not appearing when in the Liset.
  • Fixed an issue where opening a player profile when your profile was already open would show your stats instead of selected player’s stats.
  • Fixed clients in Excavation being unable to see the scanner (but can still see waypoints and effects).
  • Fixed issue where signing in with one profile, logging out, and then signing in with a second profile will give the second profile the wrong keybindings.
  • Fixed player not being able to leave the Market after entering the Market
  • Fixed floating chunks of ice as seen in: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/348236-floating-ice-incorrect-stratos-clipping-console-respawn-outside/
  • Fixed various localization issues for text descriptions.
  • Fixed typo on Oberon’s Smite Infusion Mod.
  • Fixed error when selecting Show Profile immediately after loading into game.
  • Fixed enemy bodies becoming invisible after dying inside of Hydroid’s Undertow.
  • Fixed Ash’s Bladestorm disabling all stealth finishers after use.
  • Fixed Extractor Drones picking up the wrong planets resources. (For real this time!)
  • Fixed issues with Interception missions showing rewards as Waves in increments of 5 (like Defense) instead of Rounds in increments of 1.

更新 15.3.3

November 25th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Raptor boss will now play a proper 3D transmission when taunting players, instead of its previous 2D image.
  • Improved load times for clients.


  • Fixed Extractor Drones getting wrong system’s resources. Not fixed yet!
  • Fixed the Corvas charge shot not having any additional effect or damage.
  • Fixed error that would leave players running instead of flying in space during final Archwing quest.
  • Fixed Archwing missions allowing players without an Archwing to start mission.
  • Fixed an issue in Archwing Interception missions that could affect enemy spawning.
  • Fixed Archwing Interception objective point generation that was causing map generation issues.

更新 15.3.2

November 21st, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Removed unnecessary audio cues from Syndicate Death Squad sounds.


  • Fixed Warframe Launcher attempting to optimize cache requests when there isn’t enough disc space.
  • Fixed other various Launcher operational issues, including high DPI monitors not being able to select any options “Play/agree”.

更新 15.3.1

November 20th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Made slight lighting changes to Dojo so that objects feel more connected within the Dojo’s environment.
  • Added localization for Gifting inbox message.
  • Enabled automatic optimization of the download cache as needed (this optimizes load-times and was previously only run manually through the launcher settings).
  • Made several adjustments to Syndicate XP sounds.
  • Added sound and particle FX to sending a Gift, same as when buying an item.


  • Fixed several typos within Gifting system localization.
  • Fixed possible incorrect report of update size on launcher in Windows XP.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Absorb not playing the end explosion animation.
  • Fixed Limbo’s Banish ability playing the incorrect sound.
  • Fixed issues with Grineer Skiff and Drone sounds in Archwing missions.
  • Fixed the Gifting present rattling even after it’s been unwrapped.

更新 15.3.0

November 20th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Launcher and Website 2.0 are here! Read all about it here in our News post.
  • Trinity’s Immortal Skin has arrived and is now available in the Market!
  • Tenno to Tenno Gifting is here! You may now send gifts through the Marketplace! Read on to learn how:
  1. Choose an item you want to gift.
  2. Select the new ‘Gift’ beside the Purchase button.
  3. Choose a recipient from Friends/Clan/Recents lists (or enter an Alias in the box).
  4. You can enter a short message to accompany the gift or leave it blank.
  5. After confirmation and successful delivery the appropriate Platinum will be deducted.

If delivery fails you will not be charged! Keep in mind you can’t send a Gift to a recipient if it’s restricted for them to purchase themselves (XP Locked, Already Owned, Quest locked).
Happy Gifting, Tenno!
- The Lotus

Warframe Changes

  • Loki’s Decoy now has an ability timer.


  • Fixed Phage sound firing indefinitely when player is killed / revived.
  • Fixed Mastery Sigils being unable to identify players Mastery Rank correctly.
  • Fixed the name of a Clan now properly updating within an Alliance.
  • Fixed Stalker’s music not looping.
  • Fixed Infested behavior to sprint to target rather than briskly walking.
  • Fixed Mastery rank of Sigils resetting on login.
  • Fixed issue where game client was not updating properly.
  • Fixed Eximus enemies that required too many scans in Codex (mostly Orokin). Reduced scan requirement to 3. Please note, should also fix Affinity Issues with Corrupted Eximus units. An attempt was made to fix this in 15.2.0, but we’ve got it for real this time!
  • Fixed Elytron Warhead damage and radius not increasing when ranked up.
  • Fixed Spectres being unable to use the Opticor correctly.
  • Fixed players being able to fly through Grineer ships in Archwing with no collision.
  • Fixed Archwing not equipping to players during third mission of the Archwing quest.
  • Fixed issue where rare Loot Crates would cause mission to not save any items obtained once mission was completed.
  • Fixed the Grustrag Three and Zanuka not spawning properly under particular circumstances.
  • Fixed Challenge tab locking up if player inspects tab but hasn’t completed any challenges.

更新 15.2.2

November 14th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Base standing gain now ten times faster than before (for real this time!)


  • Fixed instance when Molt’s decoy would not properly die at the end of the ability.
  • Fixed unintentional cap on Syndicate bonus standing gain. (This fix will manifest after login resets at 7PM EST).

更新 15.2.1

November 14th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖

Syndicate Changes

  • Added standing multiplier to Sigils - the higher the tier of Sigil, the higher the multiplier.
  • Added sigil multiplier to Syndicate mission bonus if sigil matches the Syndicate hosting the mission.
  • Syndicate Standing gain per day now capped at 2000 + (2000 x Mastery Rank Number).
    • For example, I am a Mastery Rank 15 player.
    • My personal Syndicate Reputation Cap is 2000 + (2000 x 15)
    • Using BEDMAS: 2000 + 30000
    • 32000 is my Daily Syndicate Standing cap as a Mastery Rank 15 player.
  • (Coming in next build, missed build cutoff!) Base Syndicate standing gain is now ten times faster than before.

Warframe Changes

  • Removed LOS checks for Radial Javelin, Energy Vampire, and Shield Polarize (reverted the 15.2.0 change).

Archwing Changes

  • Reduced AI ‘sprint’ acceleration and max ‘sprint’ speed to make enemies easier to target.
  • Updated Velocitus firing sounds.
  • Reduced lens flare effect on Velocitus.
  • Bigger hit effect on the Velocitus’ projectile.
  • Small buff to Velocitus’ damage, included ability to sweep a sphere giving some ‘slack’ on the shot.
  • Enemy spawns will be staggered so enemies are not as bunched together.
  • Small optimization made to AI pathing in Archwing.


  • Adjusted holster position for staff weapons on Hydroid.
  • Relocated capture and spawn points on Viver, Interception missions.
  • Improved the weapon trail on the Fragor/Brokk attack animations.
  • Viver, Eris is now a Infested Hive mission to return Eris to a purely Infested region.


  • Fixed Flappy Zephyr missing from leaderboards.
  • Fixed Rathbone requiring two handles to craft, now reduced to one handle.
  • Fixed Sigils not showing their proper selected color.
  • Fixed Rathbone having 9 Mod slots, reduced to 8.
  • Made improvements to Archwing enemy navigation, should no longer get stuck in asteroids when being fired at.
  • Fixed Gilded Truth Mod giving higher fire rate than intended, now gives up to 80% when fully maxed.
  • Fixed issue that caused Zephyr suddenly stopping mid air due to physics bug.
  • Fixed VIP not spawning in quest defense missions.
  • Fixed World State Window not accessing a Syndicate Mission on a planet you haven’t unlocked.
  • Fixed script error that would stop progress on Capture missions.
  • Fixed portions of Ice Planet tileset near crashed ship where players could fall out of map.
  • Various localization fixes and updates.
  • Fixed Interception point D on Corpus Ship, no longer floating off the ground.
  • Fixed issue regarding host-migration, items will no longer be lost during host-migration mid Defense or Interception missions.
  • Joining an Archwing mission that’s already in progress will no longer mute Archwing sounds.
  • Fixed inaccurate collision on crashed ship on Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed players not receiving Archwing during space extraction cinematic on Archwing quest mission.

更新 15.2.0

November 13th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖 - Tenno Reinforcements: Rathbone & Velocitus

U15.2 Promo Image.jpg


  • RATHBONE: Archwing Melee: Using Archwing’s jets for thrust, this massive hammer crushes anything in its path.
  • VELOCITUS: Archwing Primary: When fully charged, the magnetized barrel of the Velocitus accelerates a metal slug to tremendous speeds, piercing hulls and obliterating armor.
  • New Player Quest: Introduction to Infested: Once Awake
    • Intercepted Grineer communications reveal that Grineer have been experimenting with some sort of bio weapon. You must investigate.
    • This new quest will be immediately available to any player who has completed Vor’s Prize, and can be accepted directly from the Codex. It will also be made available to players who skipped Vor’s Prize when the quest system was first implemented, meaning that only players who are yet to complete Vor’s Prize and are brand new to Warframe will need to wait to play!


  • Warframe Changes:
    • Enemies targeted by Nyx’s Mind Control no longer take friendly damage until the duration of the ability ends, at which point all accumulated damage to the target is applied at once.
    • Vauban’s Tesla beam from the Tesla Link Mod has received an improved visual effect to reduce visual clutter when cast multiple times and
    • Vauban’s Tesla beam from the Tesla Link Mod should now properly deal Slash damage.
    • Excalibur’s Radial Javelin and Mag’s Shield Polarize will now check for line of sight when targeting enemies.
    • Trinity’s Energy Vampire now only benefits teammates who can see or can be seen by the targeted victim (victims remember who they have seen for a short duration).
    • Banish / Rift Walk will no longer stack energy regeneration when used on targets in a Cataclysm bubble.
  • Interception Changes:
    • Points can no longer sit neutral, they must be owned by either AI or players
    • Score now scaled directly by the number of points you have, instead of being reduced if the AI owns more.
    • Abandoned points (eg. was capturing but left point before completing the capture) now start to drain faster (5 seconds after leaving from 10 seconds) and drain back to the original state far quicker (at a rate of 25% per second)
    • Updated all point prefabs so the points will start captured by the AI and must be taken by the player, score does not start accruing until a player captures a point
  • General Changes:
    • Optimized Dojo memory use to improve performance and load times.
    • Optimized game code to improve loading times and performance.
    • HUD will now display the correct button mapping when using a controller with a remapped button layout.
    • Enemy spawn points are now spread into clusters in Dark Sector Conflicts.
    • Removed brown fog from Archwing missions.
    • Made small adjustments to flaming debris in Archwing Trench Run missions.
    • Previewing the front sigil will now display the default color for the sigil you are viewing without changing the color of your equipped back sigil.
    • Huras Kubrow Hunt Mod will now prompt Kubrow to pick an enemy near other enemies (since the charge is AoE).
      • Added knockdown to Huras Kubrow charge that should make enemies hit suffer an entertaining knockback.
    • Gilded Truth Mod will now provide a multiplier of 1.2 instead of a multiplier of 0.2.
    • Moved Vor’s transmissions during Vor’s Prize to sit on the right hand side of the screen to reduce obstruction.
    • Adjusted timers on special effects particles to prevent lingering FX (ie. smoke from destroyed crates).
    • Removed Neural Sensor Requirements from Large Restore Crafting Recipes.
    • Eximus units in the Void now require 3 scans for a Codex entry, as opposed to the original 20.
    • Changed all entries of ‘Fire’, ‘Poison’ or ‘Freeze’ damage elements to ‘Heat’, ‘Toxin’ and ‘Cold’ respectively to remove inconsistency.


  • Archwing Fixes:
    • Fixed description for Elytron’s Core Vent ability incorrectly stated that it hurts enemies.
    • Fixed an issue with Archwing melee weapons not extending when viewed in the Arsenal.
    • Fixed color changes on Archwing weapons appearing to revert when modified in Arsenal, changes now correctly saved.
    • Fixed Archwing parts loading into non-archwing missions.
    • Fixed Odonata’s Disarray not affecting Dreg Spheres.
    • Fixed Elytron’s Core Vent not affecting Dreg Spheres.
    • Fixed the activation of Odonata Archwing abilities not properly issuing 25/50/75/100 Affinity respective of ability used (1/2/3/4).
  • General Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with a checkered wall blocking progression on certain areas of the Infested Ship tileset.
    • Fixed a UI Bug that made Affinity Orbs appear to give 100 Affinity in the ‘pickup ticker’ when a Affinity Booster is active, when 200 Affinity was in fact being rewarded.
    • Fixed pause menu becoming inaccessible when viewing mission progress.
    • Fixed a crash that would occur for players with pending recipes available on login.
    • Fixed an error where Kubrow would still be heard when using Arsenal or when muted.
    • Fixed issue where using the search bar for Mods would always display Fusion Cores in the results.
    • Fixed a game freeze that could occur when selecting an event from the World State Window.
    • Fixed scrollbar inaccuracies in Events tab of World State Window.
    • Fixed inbox messages breaking after transmissions have played.
    • Fixed some profiles appearing incorrectly as Grand Master.
    • Fixed Trench Run minimap issues to correctly display objective marker and load correct room.
    • Fixed issue with Huras Kubrow Hunt Mod where charge would end after 5 frames of no movement.
    • Fixed issue with Huras Kubrow Hunt Mod where all Kubrow in mission would share the same cooldown recharge time.
    • Fixed issue that caused Sigils to never display warframe energy color.
    • Fixed issue that caused planets to not zoom in when on Solar Map, also reduced lingering on the full map once a planet/node has been selected.
    • Fixed dual wielded secondary weapons appearing in players hands in Archwing Arsenal.
    • Fixed menu tabs not displaying correctly when player switches quickly from one tab to the next.
    • Fixed login screen not displaying last used Warframe, should now be corrected after one login.
    • Fixed defense objective on Ceres alerts spawning off the lift, breaking enemy pathing.
    • Fixed loading issue with Grineer shipyard zones.
    • Fixed Europa incorrectly displaying 500-1200 conclave requirement, now properly reads 500-1000.
    • Fixed pathing error on Infested Corpus Ship tileset that would occur when entering certain hallways.
    • Fixed various gameplay freezes and crashes.
    • Fixed continued issues with Stalker not spawning properly.


  • Localized the Limbo Theorem and Archwing quest summaries for Russian and Japanese.
  • Localized final Archwing mission transmissions to French.
  • Resized Syndicate names to not be so long in Russian.
  • Various localization fixes and updates.

更新 15.1.3

November 8th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖

Highlighted Improvements:

  • Continued memory optimizations to support Windows XP systems.


  • Improved performance and stability of long missions by setting a cap on active Mods in a session. 50 mods can now exist simultaneously before new mods will replace the old.
  • Minor Improvements to Syandana physics in space.
  • Performance improvements to mod-pickup effects.


  • Fixed a Client-side hitch when Miniboss type enemies spawn.
  • Fixed issue with floating props on the Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed Resource drop chance boosters having no effect in game. We are currently generating a script to refund all purchases, stand by, this may take a while.
  • Fixed weapons being enabled in the Liset after releasing the Grustrag Bolt (for real this time).
  • Fixed missing localization for Solar Rail customizations.
  • Fixed an issue with the Kubrow and Sentinel Codex entries freezing the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ballistica where it would only burst fire on the first attempt. After that the "tap fire" would only shoot once.
  • Fixed an issue where Ballistica’s magazines floated after reloading.
  • Fixed size scaling issues on Melee Attachments.
  • Fixed minor grammar and typo errors on Training entries.
  • Fixed an issue with missing Orokin Stairs as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/337776-the-ancient-mystery-of-the-missing-orokin-stairs/
  • Fixed issues with brightness on the Corpus Outpost levels as seen here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/342680-too-bright-on-corpus-outpost-screenshots-included/
  • Fixed an issue with Dojo Transporters being broken if created without a name.
  • Fixed numerous instances of Sargas Ruk being spelled ‘Sargus’.
  • Fixed issues with Excavation Scanners sometimes not appearing in missions.
  • Fixed issues with the correct appearance of Harvester/Grustrag 3 Deathmarks on Profile Screens.
  • Fixed an issue with energy colours not working on Archwings as seen here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/343478-it-appears-that-energy-color-does-not-work-for-archwing/

更新 15.1.2

November 8th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Improved Dojo load times and Dojo stability for 32-bit systems.
  • Made improvements to long host migration times caused by recent optimizations.
  • Warframes can now be rotated in the Sigil preview diorama.
  • Tweaked the volumes of Ancient Screams.
  • Improved the Corpus Drone engine audio and increased the audible distance of related sound effects.
  • Increased the volume of Grineer hacking minigame related sound effects.
  • Removed the doppler effect from Orokin alarm sound effects.
  • Increased the volume of numerous Grineer combat barks.
  • Increased the movement speed of co-op hack doors to match the movement speed of other doors.
  • Rewrote and re-recorded one of the Archwing Quest opening transmissions.
  • Reduced the amount of reverb heard on the Pyrana sound effects.
  • Increased the volume of the Pyrana reload sound effect.
  • Capture Targets’s Shields Drone will not provide instant shield recharges.


  • Fixed potential issues with Interception and Defense reward screens not showing mods or player names past certain waves.
  • Fixed an issue with Odonata’s Energy Shell impeding Melee attack homing on enemies.
  • Fixed issues with floating rooms and items on Europa.
  • Fixed an incorrect objective marker on the minimap during the Archwing Quest.
  • Fixed Mag's Bullet Attractor killing player sentinels as per this thread https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/254993-bullet-attractor-kills-sentinels-last-tested-nov-3/
  • Fixed a floating Cryopod in Corpus Defense maps.
  • Fixed an issue with players not always receiving Cryotic after completing an Excavation mission.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality that could occur when attempting to access the Syndicates menu via the Pause Menu.
  • Fixed a number of broken visuals associated with breaking windows during Trench Run mission.
  • Corrected an outdated Basic Training Codex line.
  • Fixed a scaling issue seen with Valkyr’s ambient visual effects during Archwing missions.
  • Fixed an issue with Infested Healing Ancients spamming their charge sound effects.
  • Fixed another instance of lockdown’s not ending correctly after the Stalker leaves.
  • Fixed an instance of the Stalker getting stuck in waiting to spawn mode on Interception and Defense maps.
  • Fixed a number of AI navigation issues seen on certain Ice Planet tiles.
  • Fixed an issue with Ash’s Smoke Shadow Augment lasting forever if cast by a client who subsequently quits the mission.
  • Fixed an issue with Ash’s Smoke Shadow affecting Defense targets.
  • Fixed being able to use weapons while on the Liset, specifically after removing the Grustrag Bolt.
  • Fixed an issue with getting inside asteroids as seen here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/340650-archwing-able-to-get-inside-asteroids/
  • Fixed an issue with enemies not always spawning at the start of Capture missions.
  • Fixed an issue with the player getting stuck in missions if the End of Mission screen appeared while viewing mission progress via the pause menu.

更新 15.1.1

November 6th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖



  • Fixed Revive button resulting in an instant mission fail when playing alone.
  • Fixed Archwing Trench Run levels having invisible walls.
  • Fixed issue with AI flying into geometry in Archwing missions.
  • Fixed stealth finishers being far less effective than they should be.
  • Fixed Christmas coming early for Dojo Decorations.
  • Fixed an issue with melee channeling effects not properly matching the selected energy color.
  • Fixed several Sigil icons appearing as ammo boxes.
  • Fixed a Crash related to accessing a Clan Dojo.
  • Fixed many crashes on Windows XP systems.
  • Various Crash fixes.

更新 15.1.01

November 5th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Fixed Sugatras not being visible when equipping them.
  • Fixed Power Carrier enemies not spawning in Limbo Quest Excavation mission.
  • Fixed new "Prefer Overlay Map" setting not appearing in Options > HUD menu.
  • Fixed game becoming unresponsive when using Transmutation.
  • Fixed doors and hack panels locked by the Stalker not always unlocking after he leaves.
  • Fixed incorrect camera position when previewing Sigils.
  • Fixed in-world tutorial messages being obscured by environmental objects.
  • Fixed gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed more Windows XP crashes.

更新 15.1.0

November 5th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Added an option to preview Syndicate Sigils on your Warframe.
  • Founders Sigils are here and will be given to eligible accounts via script, we will update this line when the script is complete. Almost done, stand by to receive! Founders Sigils are now distributed!
  • Added new Mastery Tests for Rank 15>16, 16>17 and 17>18!
  • Added many Archwing mods into the Archwing Interception Mission Reward pool.


  • Changed the way Melee Channeling colours are generated to restore brightness to those with brighter customized selections (http://goo.gl/g1FWPm)
  • Optimized code to address out of memory issues on 32 bit systems.
  • Optimized visual effects to save memory.
  • Altered the Arbiters of Hexis sacrifice to be the Bo Prime Handle.
  • Altered Nova's WormHole130xDark.png 虫洞 ability sound effects to now only be audible when in the proper proximity.
  • Improved controller compatibility with the Syndicates UI.
  • Increased the resolution of the New Loka Sigil .
  • Removed redundant textures, tuned sound and texture defaults for better performance and faster load times.
  • Removed the Update 14 Option on Login to choose between story/tutorial or instant Liset mode. If you haven’t logged in since before Update 14, you’ll be required to complete the tutorial.
  • Added the option to have the minimap expanded or collapsed upon entering a mission. This is option can be selected in the Options Menu.
  • Increased the health of Syndicate Eximus teams.
  • Changed the Sacrifice item for the fourth title in the Arbiters of Hexis Syndicate.
  • Changed status chance on Dual Stat Mods to be displayed as a base status chance for clarity.
  • Capture targets less susceptible to knockdown and stagger locking.
  • Changed the cinematic intro to the Exterminate Mastery Rank test to be cleaner.
  • Changed brightness in the Visual effect of Limbo’s Rift.
  • Regular Attack Drones and corrupted drones now play proper explosion sound, not space explosions.
  • Slightly tweaked Foundry usability: when choosing to build an item in the foundry, the foundry will try to instantly return to the item being built, instead of scrolling down the list.
  • Changed Calculation method of 2 Syndicate Augment mods:
  • MiniMapMod.png破碎正义 (Sobek Mod) changed to max +20 Additive to base Status Chance.
  • MiniMapMod.png熵数爆发 (Supra Mod) changed to max +20 Additive to base Status Chance.

Heavy Melee Weapon Changes:

  • Gram
    • Base damage increased to 100 (up from 45)
    • Status chance increased to 15% (up from 10%)
    • Critical Chance increased to 15% (up from 7.5%)
  • Galatine
    • Base damage increased to 125 (up from 45)
  • Scindo Prime
    • Base damage increased to 130 (up from 85)
    • Critical Chance increased to 20% (up from 5%)
    • Critical Multiplier increased to x2 (up from x1.5)
  • Jat Kittag
    • Base damage increased to 130 (up from 80)
    • Increased ragdoll effect on enemies.
    • Critical Chance increased to 15% (up from 5%)
    • Critical Multiplier increased to x2 (up from x1.5)
  • Magistar
    • Base damage increased to 80 (up from 50)
    • Increased ragdoll effect on enemies.
    • Critical Chance increased to 20% (up from 12%)
    • Attack speed slightly decreased.
  • Fragor
    • Based damage increased to 115 (up from 55)
    • Significantly increased ragdoll effect on enemies.
  • Scindo
    • Base damage increased to 100 (up from 55)
    • Critical chance increased to 15% (up from 10%)
    • Increased ragdoll effect on enemies.

Archwing Mod changes:

  • MiniMapMod.png能量转化.
    • Changed from Max +20% Shield Capacity to Max +80% Shield Capacity.
  • MiniMapMod.png能量扩散.
    • Changed from Max +6% Power Range to Max +60% Power Range.

Stalker/Miniboss Changes:

  • Stalker will now activate lockdown when he Spawns.
  • All minibosses will now be targeted less frequently by other enemies in a given mission.
  • Better spawning logic and placement for all miniboss type enemies.
  • Perhaps certain minibosses now have a chance to drop a Sigil….


  • Fixed Windows XP systems not being able to play Warframe.
  • Fixed Captain Vor not firing his Void Key Laser Beam in the Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with Syndicate messages not appearing properly in different languages.
  • Fixed Syndicate Assassins joining as allies if you're supporting their faction on an Invasion node.
  • Fixed an issue with Archwing components not appearing in the Archwing tab of the Foundry.
  • Fixed Ragdoll death effects causing performance drops.
  • Fixed the Liset being semi-invisible during the first Archwing Mission end cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect stats being displayed on the Profile page.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality that could be encountered while opening the View Mission Progress window during the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with performing a directional air melee attack right before landing, would cause the player's weapon to remain holstered while firing.
  • Fixed an issue with the End of Mission results screen title becoming incorrectly swapped if the player clicks on the Syndicate Title.
  • Fixed an issue with Sentinel Stats not appearing correctly in the end of mission stats if the Sentinel is dead.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Power in Use’ occurring on Limbo’s Banish when used on certain enemies (Grineer Rollers).
  • Fixed various map holes across multiple tilesets.
  • Fixed a random black barrier blocking the objective room in Archwing Sabotage missions.
  • Fixed only seeing Fusion Cores when prompting the Mod Inventory screen.
  • Fixed PBR error that caused black textures to appear on Liset and star map.
  • Fixed Grineer Archwing enemies not playing movement sounds for clients.
  • Fixed an issue with expanded minimaps being reverted to a small state after hacking minigames.
  • Fixed an issue with Aura Polarity slots being swappable with Mod slots.
  • Fixed Event Nodes not automatically being chosen after selecting it in the World State Panel.
  • Fixed Burst weapons fire rate being frame-rate dependent (Semi-automatic weapon fix to come!).
  • Fixed in-game Market packages not being purchasable.
  • Fixed Grineer Archwing enemies not playing movements sounds for clients.
  • Fixed Codex Quest info appearing in a wrong location after attempting to scroll within the text box.
  • Fixed the in-game Market not showing the price of items if you've already purchased them.
  • Fixed receiving an error when attempting to navigate through the Syndicate banners with a controller.
  • Fixed being able to navigate away from a selected Syndicate banner when you're viewing their detailed info panel.
  • Fixed an ice chunk texture colliding with the crashed Corpus ship.
  • Fixed being able to select an already selected Syndicate banner.
  • Fixed the Dark Sector Status Menu displaying 12 Mod slots.
  • Fixed the Dark Sector Status Menu only displaying progress towards Mods placed in the Aura/Stance/bottom right slot.
  • Fixed absent End of Mission results screen for Dark Sector missions.
  • Fixed overlapping text in the mission info panel.
  • Fixed activating a hack panel while sliding, causing you to keep sliding past the screen.
  • Fixed absent Archwing movement/flight sounds upon joining a mission.
  • Fixed the Archwing button in Arsenal overlapping Chat Box when displayed in Spanish.
  • Fixed issues with minimap waypoint generation in trench runs.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not animating if you are using a different frames Animation Stance.
  • Fixed the 'Search' text in the search box not being removed when attempting to type.
  • Fixed issues with Crewman in Bastille not being affected by headshots with the Opticor (http://goo.gl/TmgqVL)
  • Fixed an issue with Syndicat Sigils appearing as tradeable in the Dojo.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing things in the Arsenal and loading into a mission will not save any of the changes made after the purchase.
  • Fixed an issue with Arcane Helmet descriptions not showing in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a UI issue on the reward screen in Defense missions which would not show any rewards to players if a Host Migration occurred.
  • Fixed an issue where Rank-Up test messages would continuously appear even after declining.
  • Fixed broken UI and overlapping text when pausing during the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the Opticor not having a listed Trigger type.
  • Fixed multiple crashes and gameplay freezes.

更新 15.0.9

October 30th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Added new death effects for Corpus Crewman and Moas.
  • Added a transparency slider for Sigils!


  • Tweaked snow and ice textures to be less reflective
  • Archwing nodes are now excluded from Invasions. There was (and right now still is) an Invasion on Pandora, Saturn which is preventing Archwing play.
  • Optimized code to better handle Syndicate Standing tracking.
  • Players can no longer taxi squad members to Syndicate missions above their current rank. Also corrected issue where Syndicate Mission XP was given for the incorrect node in a region.


  • Fixed an issue with Bonus Syndicate mission reward standing not being displayed on the mission results screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Corrupted Mod Transient Fortitude not being equippable simultaneously with Blind Rage.
  • Fixed scale issues on Orokin Explosive Barrels and Orokin Caches.
  • Fixed issues with some PBR materials having incorrect opacity/alpha write values which resulted in character transmissions not looking correct.
  • Fixed enemies not appearing for Clients in Archwing missions.
  • Fixed an issue where closing a private conversation would result in a loss of functionality.
  • Fixed Grineer Skiff enemies firing at different rates for host and client.
  • Fixed Quests being re-startable (which is not fully supported right now) by simply pressing enter on the Quest Diorama screen, even though the "Begin" button is not showing.
  • Fixed missions not starting when being selected via the Worldstate panel.
  • Fixed issue with the Exterminate kill counter continuing to display in Archwing quest after being told to abort mission.
  • Fixed Syndicate Standing bar calculations to correctly display current Standing. Also, Standing bar will now display a message when a new title is required to progress.
  • Fixed various ‘out of bounds’ bugs in tilesets that could cause players to get stuck or fall out of level.
  • Fixed an issue with unnecessary explosions in Trench Run extraction area.
  • Fixed issue where Corpus hack puzzle would display blank hexes.
  • Fixed issues with extraction messages staying after reaching extraction.
  • Fixed issue with too many News items disturbing layout of News Panel.
  • Fixed waypoint marker issues in certain Archwing Trenchrun Maps.
  • Fixed Ciphers not being usable for Grineer hack panels.
  • Fixed a game freeze that would occur in defense missions when one player leaves and the other continues playing.
  • Fixed several crashes and game hangs.

更新 15.0.8

October 29th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • On-going texture streaming improvements.
  • On-going Syndicate Offering page visual tweaks and improvements.
  • Altered numerous Perrin Sequence Sacrifice Credit costs to be in line with the rest of the Syndicates:
    • Level 1 was 300,000 but should have been 30,000
    • Level 2 was 100,000 but should have been 50,000
    • Level 4 was 100,000 but should have been 250,000
    • Please note: if you paid a sacrifice fee before this change went live and would like to receive a refund in your overpaid sacrifice, support.warframe.com will be happy to help you!
  • Removed a number of explosion sound effects from decorative explosions in Archwing missions.
  • Removed a number of redundant trade message popups.
  • Increased the intensity of the Opticor explosion visual effects.
  • Tweaked a number of Drahk Master animations.
  • Increased the number of Excavators found on a number of Ice Planet tilesets.
  • Tweaked the partially charged Opticor shot sound effects.
  • Adjusted the content within hidden loot crates to no longer include Platinum only cosmetics.
  • Corrupted Vaults now appear in Derelict Sabotage missions.


  • PSA:
    • Crashing on Windows XP? Please delete your Warframe EE.cfg file found here:
      %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Warframe
    • Let us know if this helps. Please note deleting this file will delete keybindings, but it may help prevent crashes. We are currently working on a fix if you do not wish to delete your EE.cfg.
  • Fixed an issue with elevator on Ice Planet tilesets being too fast which would cause players to clip into nearby geometry.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to properly shoot Ancient Infested enemies trapped in Bastille containment fields.
  • Fixed a texture flickering issue seen on Limbo's Cataclysm ability.
  • Fixed an issue with mind-controlling a Drahk Master causing Exterminate and Defense game modes to break.
  • Fixed an instance of Bladestorm not working correctly and becoming stuck in use.
  • Fixed the Stalker and other minibosses appearing on quest missions which could break the mission.
  • Fixed an issue with G3 not spawning correctly due to missing spawn points.
  • Corrected a couple of incorrect references in numerous Lotus transmissions.
  • Fixed an issue with certain Limbo crafting components missing proper descriptors.
  • Fixed an issue with Halikar jump strike sound effects getting stuck on a continuous loop.
  • Fixed an issue with elevator panels appearing as pure black when at the bottom of the elevator shaft.
  • Fixed an issue with Archwing mods becoming unequipped after being fused.
  • Fixed a number of art related issues seen on Ice Planet tilesets.
  • Fixed a number of map holes seen on Ice Planet tilesets.
  • Fixed a number of invisible walls/blocking volumes on Archwing tilesets.
  • Fixed an AFK related Interception exploit.
  • Fixed an issue with particles not properly disappearing after auto-installing Archwing mods in the Arsenal screen.
  • Fixed a potential progression stopper related to getting stuck inside certain art assets in Infested Rescue tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue with mods being displayed at the end of match screen despite the mission having been failed.
  • Fixed an issue with objective markers not properly pointing towards the objective in certain Archwing tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue with random floating bodies being seen in certain Ice Planet tilesets.
  • Fixed a crash related to attempting to equip Archwing mods.
  • Fixed an issue with only mods being assigned to polarity slots being saved after using the auto-installation feature.
  • Fixed an issue with players potentially getting stuck under stairs on certain Orokin tilesets.
  • Fixed a missing drop icon for the Bronco Prime.
  • Fixed an issue with the player Camera becoming incorrectly clamped at a bad angle after being revived in Archwing missions.
  • Fixed an issue with the Drahk Master enemy type occasionally breaking and not properly attacking the player.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting saved loadouts would cause a loss of functionality.
  • Fixed "You must have an Archwing" message appearing when trying to launch the final mission of the Archwing Quest immediately after claiming the Archwing from the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Syndicate Transmissions cutting out mid-way through.

更新 15.0.7

October 28th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Added a final summary line to the Codex when viewing the completed Archwing Quest.
  • Added a visual effect to Furious Javelin which will grow in intensity the more times it is cast.
  • Added in a new Power Menu input for binding when using a gamepad. The old power cycling/activating old remains for players wishing to use this configuration but the Power Menu option is now on by default.


  • General Changes:
    • Tweaked the Banish cast animation and increased casting speeds.
    • On going Syndicate Offering UI improvements.
    • Glass windows in Archwing missions can now be flown through without taking damage.
    • Toned down the Archwing hit reaction animations.
    • Tweaked a number of Stalker sound effects.
  • Game Optimization Changes:
  • Note: The following game/memory performance changes should help alleviate a number of win32 related crashes while also improve the overall load times on all systems.
    • Improved the Vectis Scope visuals.
    • Improved the performance of multiple transmissions.
    • Improved loading screen performance.
    • Improved the performance of multiple UI elements seen on the Liset.
    • Improved the performance of the Stalker's initial loading into a level.
    • Improved the collision of the Hecate Syandana on the Rhino warframe.
    • Improved the performance of numerous in game sound effects.Adjusted the position of the Sun in the Ice Planet tileset skybox.


  • Fixed an issue with the game pad bindings for Crouch was appearing incorrectly.
  • Fixed a number of display issues seen on the End of Match results screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Archwing abilities using incorrect stats.
  • Fixed an issue with Void laser traps still harming Limbo while in Rift Walk mode.
  • Fixed an issue with gravity building up during repeated casts of Zephyr's Tail Wind.
  • Fixed an issue with Nav Segments not properly dropping from the Phobos Boss.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect Master Ranks being displayed on the Profile
  • Fixed an issue with Coolant Leak removing Snow Globe slow on enemies.
  • Fixed some geometry clipping issues seen on certain Ice Planet tilesets.
  • Fixed the charge damage multiplier not working correctly for the Opticor.
  • Fixed a number of broken art and lighting assets seen in numerous Ice Planet tiles.
  • Fixed an issue with Clients not hearing Grineer Skiff sound effects correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Phorid bolts damaging Limbo whilst Rift Walking.
  • Fixed an issue with erroneous Elytron Wing descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue with certain Ice Planet tilesets missing proper minimaps and thus breaking waypoints.
  • Fixed an instance of Bladestorm attacks getting stuck as continually in use.
  • Fixed an issue with broken Beastmaster item pickups.
  • Fixed an issue certain art assets clipping into certain Archwing tilesets causing potential progression stoppers.
  • Fixed Bloomer explosion visual effects not appearing correctly for clients.
  • Fixed the HUD marker for Demolitions Archwing abilities registering and appearing incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with clicking on the top menu while inside Clan Stats causing the menu system to break.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a color picker would cause the currently equipped color to be switched to an incorrect color selection.
  • Fixed an issue with erroneous Infested art assets appearing in certain Ice Planet tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue with the Beastmaster boomerang switching hands when equipping and throwing.

更新 15.0.6

October 27th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Added a message to be displaced on the end-of-mission “Syndicate” screen if a user is not wearing a Sigil.


  • Further optimized memory footprint and load-times.
  • Adjusted the maximum brightness of the Archwing jet flares.
  • Players affected by the Fireball/Freeze/Venom/Smite Augments will now see a visual effect.
  • Changed font choices throughout various UI elements.
  • Lowered the frequency at which the Drahk Master steals weapons.
  • Optimized both Grineer and Corpus Cipher minigames.
  • Changed the Worldstate panel demanding you to do Alerts in regions you didn’t have unlocked via ‘red notification’.
  • Tweaked enemy explosion sounds.


  • General Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with the UI Rewards screen displaying levelled up mods as rewards.
    • Fixed an issue with Nikana weapons using the wrong animation for jump slams.
    • Fixed an issue with Nightmare Rescue Alerts giving out additional mods.
    • Fixed an issue with Syndicate Standing/Reputation varying if you had fewer weapons in your loadout at end of mission.
    • Fixed an issue with all ability icons not being the same size.
    • Fixed issues with things spawning in the environment in Archwing missions.
    • Fixed issues with the skybox in on the Europa Ice Planet tileset.
    • Fixed AI not spawning when idling at Interception points.
    • Fixed issues with unsightly leg animations while using directional air attacks.
    • Fixed Quest blueprints being purchasable multiple times.
    • Fixed Grineer Drahk Masters stolen weapon having an incorrect drop type if he is killed with the Glaive with the stolen weapon is in the air.
    • Fixed an issue with names in Clan profile dioramas not being in the same order as the Warframes.
    • Fixed issues with Mirage’s Eclipse ability not correctly working with the Edo Chest armor.
    • Fixed issues with missing Archwing sound effects when joining a mission in progress.
    • Fixed several game freezes and crashes.
  • LimboIcon272.png Limbo Changes/Fixes:
    • Sped up casting animation for Rift Surge.
    • Fixed issues with the Limbo Theorem quest inbox not automatically appearing.
    • Stalker ability cancel ability can close rifts. Prevents people from just using Banish or Tear in Space to avoid being hurt by the Stalker.
    • Fixed issues with Void laser and Ice traps affecting Limbo while Rift Walk is active.
    • Fixed issues with Limbo dropping items like the datamass while activating Rift Walk potentially losing them forever.
  • Controller & Binding Changes/Fixes:
    • Fixed a controller issue where certain face buttons weren't working as expected in conjunction with the Power Menu modifier, particularly when those face buttons were bound to Sprint or Sprint/Run or Place Marker.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not rebind the controls for Move Up / Down (mostly used in Archwing missions). This is in response to a lot of players not liking the default (Space/Ctrl) or getting confused by not being able to use CROUCH consistently (some were saying that toggle crouch worked, while hold crouch didn't - in actual fact neither were true, but the default for toggle crouch is the same as the default for Down (Ctrl)).
    • Removing the ‘Power Menu’ binding for Keyboard and Mouse, as this context action is redundant for a Keyboard and Mouse layout.

更新 15.0.5

October 27th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Explorers rejoice! Hidden Caches are back on Sabotage: Earth missions! There will be 3 caches in each level, with rewards from the Sabotage tables. In case you missed the Cicero Crisis Event, you can still scan and make antitoxins to receive rewards from this mission type!
  • Added an Archwing category to the Foundry.


  • Optimized code to handle further server load.
  • Tweaked the landing sound effects heard during the Ice Planet spawn intro cinematic.
  • Tweaked the ambient sound effects heard during the exit cinematic on Ice Planet tilesets.
  • Reduced the intensity of random space explosions visuals seen during Archwing mission.
  • Tweaked the arrow position for Mirage's Agile stance.
  • Improved AI navigation for certain Archwing tilesets.
  • Limited the number of augment damage stacks that can be applied to Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones to 10.
  • Adjusted a number of Syndicate related strings so as to prevent them from getting cut off at certain resolutions.
  • All active and uncompleted Alerts will now appear in the World State window. Locked alerts will be indicated as such.
  • Force fields have been added to certain Archwing Trenchrun tilesets to prevent players from unintentionally exiting the game space.
  • Removed a number of erroneous tiles from the Archwing Trenchrun tileset.
  • Tweaked the direction melee attack animations for Axe weapons.

Limbo Changes and Fixes

  • Increased the intensity of the Rift Surge buff visual effects.
  • Rift Walk can now be disabled by the Stalker.
  • Banish can now be recast on targets to bring them back and forth from the Rift.
  • Fixed Void laser traps still harming Limbo in Rift Walk mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the visual effects for Limbo's channeling not appearing correctly.
  • Fixed Corpus Mine Osprey mines (as well as other replicated projectiles) affecting across Limbo’s Rift on Clients.
  • Please note that more tweaks to Limbo will come in the next Hotfix.


  • Fixed Archwing missions being unplayable on 32-bit machines.
  • Fixed ability casting not working in Archwing mode if you are using a controller.
  • Fixed ability screen not showing stats for Ember Fireball, Frost Freeze, or Vauban's abilities.
  • Fixed Zephyr's gravity reduction being removed after using Dive Bomb or melee attacks.
  • Fixed issues with colour customization not working on the Halikar.
  • Fixed an issue with some of Smite's visual effects not properly being culled after a certain amount of time.
  • Fixed an issue with Kubrow's spawned by Drahk Masters not properly counting towards Extermination goals.
  • Fixed some clipping issues seen on certain Grineer Settlement art assets.
  • Fixed a number of map holes seen on Ice Planet tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect ground hit animation being played for Dual Dagger and Dual Sword ground hit attacks.
  • Fixed a crash related to purchases Syndicate favours.
  • Fixed an issue with art assets seen during the Archwing quest unintentionally knocking players out of the level.
  • Fixed an issue with Targis Prime visual effects appearing oversized during Archwing missions.
  • Fixed an issue with usernames comprised of all number appearing incorrect in the Chat window.
  • Fixed a number of map holes in Outpost tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue with players being able to get stuck inside certain art assets during Archwing missions.

更新 15.0.4

October 25th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Fixed Controller bindings to allow ability cast binds/pre U15 behaviour. Still defaults to U15 'power menu' however.
  • Fixed an issue where players using a Controller and who have chosen to make Sprint toggleable found that after performing any action that forced their Warframe to walk (such as aiming), they had to toggle Sprint twice to see any change.
  • Fixed Opticor's Color customization corrupting memory and causing crashes (and other similar cases).
  • Fixed issues on new Profile UI: equipment tab was not showing up some times, weapon usage was often incorrect
  • Fixed motion blur in several elevators (particularly obvious on Europa).
  • Fixed equipment tab not showing up sometimes.
  • Fixed most used weapon always showing a 0% usage.
  • Fixed the completion of Archwing missions not 'unlocking' the node. This was preventing Extractors from being deployed.

更新 15.0.3

October 24th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Fixed an issue where no Clients would receive mission rewards for any missions, and games in Solo mode would not count toward Invasions.
  • Fixed Free Space Archwing modes (Grineer Exterminate and Interception) having forced extractions in the middle of gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue with Hek Shotgun Syndicate mod being 500% multishot instead of 50%.
  • Fixed several gameplay crashes, particularly for 32-bit Windows.

更新 15.0.2

October 24th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Tuned texture detail settings for 32-bit systems to improve stability.
  • Tweaked Archwing Interception missions:
    • AI capture time for a given point increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
    • Reduced the number of AI squads that can capture a point simultaneously for all player counts.
    • Increased enemy spawn delay time.


  • Fixed several crashes and gameplay hangs.
  • Fixed a common join-in-progress crash.
  • Fixed an issue where you could use Warframe abilities with Archwing.

更新 15.0.1

October 24th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖


  • Optimized server queries to deal with popularity.
  • Camera zoom will now only occur when player is viewing sigils for optimal viewing pleasure.
  • Changed the description of the Limbo Theorem quest to better indicate that Archwings are required to complete.


  • Fixed several common and rampant gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in Orokin Sabotage missions due to a missing Miniboss
  • Fixed an issue with Limbo Profile Avatar pack’s not pointing to the correct icons.
  • Fixed an issue with Limbo’s animation sets both being labelled “AGILE”.
  • Fixed issue with the Atterax whip not extending.
  • Fixed an issue with Corpus Archwing enemies not attacking when you’re in point blank range.
  • Fixed infested decorations appearing for no reason on Corpus Ice Planet room.
  • Fixed several broken Archwing quest states that would prevent players from advancing.
  • Fixed an issue where player would respawn outside the level after revive in trench-run if you died close to the ceiling.
  • Fixed rounding errors causing some weapons to show at rank 29 in the codex.
  • Fixed an issue with Mastery Rank showing as ‘0’ in player Profiles.
  • Fixed materials on Grineer caches
  • Fixed an issue with the Codex showing unreleased weapons.
  • Fixed Limbo’s Banish becoming stuck as ‘Power in use”: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/328908-power-in-use-stuck-while-using-limbo-limbo-hat-animation/
  • Fixed an issue with the Opticor’s sound being heard by entire squad as if they were using it.
  • Fixed the wrong mission reward being given for the main objective for Orokin Void Sabotage missions.
  • Fixed issued with the scale and position of Syandanas on Limbo.
  • Fixed an issue with early extractions from Archwing missions not showing proper mission result loadout information.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing other player’s profile would hang game.
  • Fixed the World State panel becoming unresponsive after selecting an invasion for a locked planet
  • Fixed an issue with level doors not being properly replicated to Client/Host in Archwing Trench Run missions.
  • Fixed subtitle on Ordis inbox message for Limbo Quest.
  • Fixed an issue with players who don’t have Archwings being able to join the last part of the Archwing quest.
  • Fixed Cipher minigames not working with a controller.
  • Fixed an issue with Volt's Overload not showing up on the Abilities screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Syndicate Sacrifice being deducted more than one time in the same Rank.
  • Fixed for Grineer bobblehead having missing head during placement mode.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in Orokin Sabotage missions due to a missing Miniboss.
  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly scaling Syandanas down on Banshee, Nova and Valkyr by 20%. This should address some physics issues with Syandanas on these Warframes too.
  • Fixed an issue with casting Warframe abilities on a controller not working properly.
  • Fixed issue with 'Corvette' Corpus Enemy damage output being significantly larger than the rest of the enemies.
  • Fixed a case where the player last targeted by a beam would get an initial hit when the beam fires at the next target (if they don't move).
  • Fixed issues with Limbo's ability sounds.
  • Fixed Zephyr’s passive low-gravity not working. Not yet fixed.
  • Fixed issue with the Damage Output of Zephyr’s Divebomb
  • Fixed Radial Javelin not attributing kills to the caster as well as resulting in friendly fire.
  • Fixed an issue with Corpus Trench Run Sabotage maps having missing connectors.
  • Fixed an issue where accessing and leaving the ‘mods’ terminal from the Archwing Subsection causes functionality loss.

更新 15.0

October 24th, 2014 官方论坛更新帖 - Archwing

Archwing Header.jpg


  • Your journey with Archwing includes many options that all begin with the Archwing Quest.
  • All players Mastery Rank 2 or greater are eligible to begin the Archwing quest.
  • New Quest: Archwing! Complete the quest to begin your Archwing journey!
    • New Archwing - Odonata. An Archwing that includes 4 unique abilities that equally protect and devastate your enemies!
    • New Archwing - Elytron. An Archwing that includes 4 unique abilities that offer incredible firepower to destroy your enemies!
    • New Archwing Weapon - Veritux! Weightless space turns this impossibly massive sword into an agile instrument of destruction.
    • New Archwing Weapon - Imperator! A long range rifle capable of firing in space, the Imperator's versatility makes it an ideal weapon for space combat.
    • New Archwing Weapon - Onorix! This laser bladed battle-axe easily hacks through a ship's defenses and the forces protecting it.
    • New Archwing Weapon - Corvas! This rocket launcher fires modified torpedoes, meant for eliminating entire ships in the deep of space.
  • New Archwing Mods!
  • Four new Archwing Gamemodes!
  • Freespace Modes (Exterminate, Interception) Grineer
  • Trench Run Modes (Exterminate, Sabotage) Corpus
    • note: When modding for an Archwing mission, the only mods that transfer over from your Warframe Mod loadout are mods that are: Health, Shield, Armour, and Energy related.

New Grineer Archwing Enemies:

  • OGMA (Grineer Combat Pod): Armed with a Demolition Cannon and Mining Drill.
  • TEMPORAL DREG (Grineer Stasis Drone): Emits a tractor beam, slowing its target down.
  • LANCER DREG (Grineer Laser Drone): Fires highly accurate laser beams.
  • SHIELD DARGYN (Grineer Shield Skiff): A Dargyn equipped with Shield defences.
  • HELLION DARGYN (Grineer Missile Skiff): Missiles seek out targets and inflict high damage.
  • SHIELD-HELLION DARGYN (Grineer Missile & Shield Skiff): A Hellion Dargyn equipped with Shield defences.
  • CANNON BATTERY (Grineer Space Turret): Inflicts moderate damage at a fast rate.
  • MISSILE BATTERY (Grineer Space Missile Turret): Launches homing missiles.

New Corpus Archwing Enemies:

  • CORVETTE (Corpus Flak Ship): Voltage grenades detonate to create an electric field.
  • FRIGATE (Corpus Laser Ship): Armed with a highly accurate laser cannon.
  • CARRIER (Corpus Swarm Ship): Launches several locust drones.
  • LOCUST DRONE (Corpus Swarm Drone): Follows a target while attacking them with lasers.
  • RANGER (Corpus Jet Pack Spaceman): Crewman equipped with a jetpack.
  • PENTA RANGER (Corpus Jet Pack Spaceman with Penta): Crewman equipped with a jetpack.
  • QUANTA RANGER (Corpus Jet Pack Spaceman with Quanta): Crewman equipped with a jetpack.
  • GOX (Corpus Pod): Armed with a Mining Laser and Explosive Launcher.
  • New Customization - Archwing & Weapon Colour Customization
  • Limbo: The Void Sorcerer!
    • BANISH: Displaces a target into the rift plane, inflicting additional damage if the target is hostile.
    • RIFT WALK: Pass over into the rift plane.
    • RIFT SURGE: Surge the void energy through the rift plane, increasing the damage inflicted on enemies that have been banished there.
    • CATACLYSM: A violent blast of void energy tears open a pocket of rift plane which can sustain itself for a short period before collapsing in another lethal blast.
  • New Quest added to obtain Limbo!
  • ARISTEAS Limbo Alt Helmet can be found in the Market today!

Syndicates have emerged!

  • Begin your affiliation with a Syndicate at Mastery Rank 3.
    • Learn all about the emerging Syndicates by accessing the “Syndicates” panel in your Liset. This panel is to the left of Navigation!
    • Each Syndicate is headed by a new character with unique models, dialog, and they want YOU!
  • There are 6 Syndicates for you to explore and align with
    • Increase your rank with a Syndicate by earning positive Standing! Standing is earned by wearing a Sigil while completing missions (found in the new “Regalia” section of the Arsenal).
  • Each Syndicate comes with its own unique rewards as your Standing increases.
    • Note: The Weapon-Specific Mods earned through Syndicate Standing have experimental bonus effects that we will be developing further based on feedback. The experimental bonus effect is: While having a Syndicate Weapon Mod equipped, its XP gained will fill up a Syndicate specific meter. When this meter is full it discharges granting some AOE and temporary bonuses!
    • Note: while working for one syndicate your standing with other syndicates may be reduced
  • Syndicate Info/FAQ:
    • You can only earn Standing toward One Syndicate at a time by wearing a Syndicate Sigil while completing missions.
    • Your Sigil does not affect your team mates Standing, it’s per-player only

Europa Freezes Over!

  • The Corpus Ice planets have been added permanently to missions in Europa!

Orokin Sabotage Returns!

  • New Game Mode - Orokin Sabotage! The portal missions have returned and can be accessed through 4 tiers of Void Key.
  • The 4 tiers of Orokin Sabotage Void Key include 4 hybrid maps:
    • Tier 1 = Forest x Orokin Void
    • Tier 2 = Ice Planet x Orokin Void
    • Tier 3 = Desert x Orokin Void
    • Tier 4 = Corpus Outpost x Orokin Void
    • With the Orokin Void x Corpus Outpost & Ice Planet set, face off against a new Corpus Miniboss: The LYNX! This mini-Jackal spawns the defensive Shield Osprey and new Turrets!
  • Void Rewards have been added to these missions at mission complete. The reward pool includes items from the existing Void that were only represented once in the reward table. See the full drop table here: http://goo.gl/60QKzP
  • Feel like exploring?
    • The 3 Hidden Loot Caches within Orokin Sabotage missions are back, and finding them will be rewarding! If you find 2 caches, the second cache gives you a shot at Rare Resources. If you find all 3, the last (third) cache gives you an additional shot at the end-of-mission rewards!

New Weapons: Opticor & Halikar!

  • HALIKAR – This jet powered Grineer throwing mace always comes back to its master.
  • OPTICOR – Once charged, this Corpus laser cannon dispatches a devastating blast of light energy.

New Worldstate Panel Preview!

  • A more relevant and dynamic Worldstate panel is coming! Find out what Events, Quests, Alerts, Invasions and Syndicate missions are occurring at a glance!
    • Note: Dark Sectors in conflict will be added to the panel soon

The Enemy Expands!

  • New Enemy - Grineer Drahk and Drahk Master! The Grineer Drahk Master summons Drahk, Armored Kubrows, to fight!
  • Sprag and Ven’kra have returned!
  • Corpus Lynx! A new Corpus Miniboss, this mini-Jackal spawns the defensive Shield Osprey and new Turrets! Find him in the Orokin Void x Corpus Outpost & Ice Planet keys!

New Customizations: Sigils, Idles, and more!

  • New Customization - Sigils!
  • Found in the “Regalia” section of the Arsenal, equip and customize Sigils to show your loyalties and accomplishments!
  • Please note: All Founders will be receiving Sigils corresponding to their rank at a later Update.

New Customization - Warframe Idles Feature!

  • You can now equip the 40+ Agile and Noble stances across all Warframes! Each Stance is unlocked with Platinum and will work across all Warframes once purchased.

New Player Ship Customization - Liset Decorations (x10)!

  • Bobbleheads are here! You can buy these and place them in your ship through the pause menu -> Equipment -> Decorate Liset. Placement and removal works similar to Dojo decoration placement.
  • New Customization - Soma Skin

Directional Air Melee!

  • Allows you to jump, pick an angle and then hit the melee, which will then send you with momentum in the given direction
    • This will enable you to hit enemies in the air
    • Note: this feature is planned on being revised depending on feedback

New Mods - Archwing Mods (x25)

  • Found by killing all the new Archwing enemies!

New Mods - Weapon/Warframe mods (x16)

  • Standard Mods:
    • Sinister Reach: Rifle: Extend range on beam weapons.
    • Ruinous Extension: Pistol: Extend range on beam weapons.
    • Terminal Velocity: Rifle: Weapon Projectile Speed.
    • Fatal Acceleration: Shotgun: Weapon Projectile Speed.
    • Lethal Momentum: Pistol: Weapon Projectile Speed.
    • Continuous Misery: Rifle: Weapon Proc Time.
    • Lingering Torment: Shotgun: Weapon Proc Time.
    • Perpetual Agony: Pistol: Weapon Proc Time.
    • Lasting Sting: Melee: Weapon Proc Time.
    • Rapid Resilience: Warframe: Reduces Proc Time applied to player.
  • Corrupted Mods:
    • Anemic Agility: Pistol: Increased fire rate, but decreased damage.
    • Vile Acceleration: Rifle: Increased fire rate, but decreased damage.
    • Frail Momentum: Shotgun: Increased fire rate, but decreased damage.
    • Critical Deceleration: Shotgun: Increased crit chance, but decreased fire rate.
    • Creeping Bullseye: Pistol: Increased crit chance, but decreased fire rate.
    • Transient Fortitude: Warframe: Increased power strength, but decreased duration.

New Mods - Ability Augment Mods (x20)!

  • Ability Augment Mods tweak and enhance Warframe Abilities in interesting ways. They are equipped in Mod Slots via the Warframe Upgrade Screen.
  • These mods can be found within the Reward tiers of Syndicates. Higher Standing will allow Tenno to access the corresponding Augments per Syndicate.
    • Ash: Smoke Screen: Smoke Shadow: Smoke Screen now affects all allies for x seconds.
    • Banshee: Silence: Savage Silence: While active, finisher damage is increased by %.
    • Ember: Fireball: Fireball Frenzy: Casting Fireball on allies will add fire damage to their attacks for x seconds.
    • Excalibur: Radial Javelin: Furious Javelin: Each enemy hit will increase Excalibur’s melee damage by x for y seconds.
    • Frost: Freeze: Freeze Force: Casting Freeze on allies will add cold damage to their attacks for x seconds.
    • Hydroid: Undertow: Curative Undertow: Allies with missing health can enter Undertow and receive a heal for % of health, each ally in the pool will increase energy drain. **Once an ally reaches max health he will be expelled from the puddle.
    • Limbo: Banish: Haven: Allies banished to the rift will have a % of their max health restored.
    • Loki: Switch Teleport: Safeguard Switch: After teleporting with an ally Loki will be invulnerable for x seconds.
    • Mag: Pull: Greedy Pull: Pulls pickups towards Mag.
    • Mirage: Hall of Mirrors: Hall of Malevolence: The damage of your doppelgängers is increased by %, every time you kill an enemy.
    • Nekros: Soul Punch: Soul Survivor: Using Soul Punch on a downed ally will instantly revive the ally with % of health. Nekros's health will drop to % and all his shields and energy will be consumed.
    • Nova: Null Star: Neutron Star: Recasting Null Star will make all remaining Null Star Particles explode for x damage with a guaranteed blast proc.
    • Nyx: Psychic Bolts: Pacifying Bolts: Affected enemies will become disarmed in confusion for x seconds.
    • Oberon: Smite: Smite Infusion: Casting Smite on allies will add x Radiation damage to their attacks for y seconds.
    • Rhino: Charge: Ironclad Charge: Increases Rhino's armor by % for each enemy hit for x seconds.
    • Saryn: Venom: Venom Dose: Casting Venom on allies will add Toxin damage to their attacks for x seconds.
    • Trinity: Well of Life: Pool of Life: On death, marked enemies will drop health orbs with a chance of dropping an energy orb as well.
    • Valkyr: Paralysis: Prolonged Paralysis: Affected enemies are pulled towards Valkyr and the stun will be % longer.
    • Volt: Shock: Shock Trooper: Casting Shock on allies will add x Electricity damage to their attacks for y seconds.
    • Zephyr: Dive Bomb: Divebomb Vortex: Enemies within x meters of the point of impact are dragged into it.
    • Vauban: Tesla: Tesla Link: Every pair of Teslas will connect via a beam that will cause x slash damage when touched.

New Mods - Syndicate Weapon Mods (x18)

  • Acrid: Toxic Sequence: adds 50% status duration.
  • Bolto: Entropy Spike: adds 0.1% projectile explosion chance
  • Burston Prime: Gilded Truth: adds 20% fire rate
  • Dark Dagger: Gleaming Blight: adds 25% status chance
  • Dual Cleavers: Justice Blades: adds 25% melee damage
  • Embolist: adds 50% magazine capacity
  • Furis: Winds of Purity: adds 0.1 life steal
  • Grinlok: Deadly Sequence: adds 50% crit chance
  • Hek: Scattered Justice: adds 50% multishot
  • Jaw Sword: adds 25% melee damage.
  • Kestrel: Entropy Flight: adds 35% flight speed
  • Mire: Toxic Blight: adds 25% extra poison damage
  • Skana: Bright Purity: adds 25% damage
  • Sobek: Shattering Justice: adds 5% status chance
  • Spectra: Sequence Burn: adds 5m range
  • Supra: Entropy Burst: Adds 5% status chance
  • Viper: Stinging Truth: Adds 10 magazine capacity
  • Vulkar: Lasting Purity: adds 15% dead aim

Additions to Mod inventory:

  • Added a Search Bar to the Mod Screen/Inventory! You can now type in what you are looking for to find it instantly!
  • Added in a new Grineer hacking minigame! All Grineer tilesets will now feature this new reflex-based game when a ship enters lockdown or an ‘alerted’ state!
  • Added a reskinned Corpus hacking minigame!
  • Added new icons to correspond with pickups! You will now see icons representing all pick-ups at the bottom of the screen!
  • Added the ability to rush Kubrow stasis recovery from the Arsenal.
  • Added new Profile screens! As well as displaying player information, this new screen shows a 360° view of your equipped frame and personalized equipment information! P.S *this includes Deathmark visibility!
  • Added Kubrow information to Profile stats!
  • Added more information to the End-of-mission screen! Learn about your Syndicate Standing and more!
  • Added Mission Progress shortcut option to the keybindings menu.
  • Added bullet ‘whizz-by’ sound support, meaning that we now are able to support sounds for projectiles/bullets passing by the player.
  • Added Clan Profiles and Dioramas! Clans with many players will have a diorama populated by 4 random members!
  • Added better UI support for Quests including ‘end of Quest’ screens and more!
  • Added new grip and brand new movement set for Axe/Hammer/Mace weapons.

变动 Enemy Level/Nav Segment Changes:

  • Starting enemy level ranges on planets have been adjusted accordingly:
    • [1-5] Mercury & Earth
    • [5-10] Venus & Mars
    • [10-15] Jupiter & Saturn
    • [15-20] Sedna & Phobos
    • [20-25] Uranus & Europa
    • [25-30] Eris & Neptune
    • [30-35] Pluto & Ceres
  • Nav Segment locations have been altered. Killing the bosses of the following planets will issue you the listed Nav Segment:
    • Mercury Boss – Mars and Venus
    • Venus Boss – Jupiter
    • Mars Boss – Saturn
    • Jupiter Boss – Sedna
    • Saturn Boss – Phobos
    • Phobos Boss – Europa
    • Sedna Boss – Uranus
    • Europa Boss - Neptune
    • Uranus Boss – Eris
    • Neptune Boss – Ceres & Pluto

Alert System Changes:

  • Tilesets used for alerts now align with those appearing in the underlying planet region (i.e. no more Corpus Outpost alerts in Phobos). Shipyards and Infested Corpus tilesets now available, Grineer Galleon & Corpus ships are free to appear in any area (because space ships).
  • Enemy factions for alerts now align with their associated planet, infestation however can still appear anywhere.
  • Update enemy levels for Alerts to align with current star chart topology.
  • Added some new items to the mix: Oxium, Argon, R5 Fusion Core Pack, Kubrow Egg.
  • Slightly increased frequency of Resource Alerts.
  • Alerts no longer occur on Boss Nodes.
  • Added the new U14 Mercury nodes to node list of eligible Alert Locations.
  • Cleared out some nonsensical alert descriptions.
  • 40% chance of Hive missions on Eris, home of the Infested!

Colour Blind Locker changes:

  • All in-game lockers have a new representation of being locked or unlocked. This new representation focuses on symbols and shapes to be accessible to our colour blind players.

Ability Mod Changes: http://goo.gl/xKLx9R

  • The former 4 Ability Slots have undergone the following changes:
    • All Warframes have had 2 Ability Slots removed. Any Forma spent on these slots will be refunded.
    • All Warframes have had 2 previous Ability Slots converted to be blank polarities (unless otherwise Polarized).
    • All Warframes purchased or crafted moving forward will have their abilities automatically viewable in the Arsenal.
    • Abilities are all unlocked as a Warframe is levelled up.
    • Abilities are all ranked up as a Warframe is levelled up.
  • On Login, the following will occur for all accounts:
    • All highest Rank Ability Mods will be preserved and duplicated to fit the new Ability system. This means you won’t need to rank up any abilities if you already had a Maxed (or partially fused) Ability Mod.
    • Two slots will be removed (prefers ability polarity) and Forma used on Ability slots will be refunded.
    • All Ability Mods converted to Fusion Cores of the appropriate level.

Excalibur Changes:

  • Super Jump: Super Jump will now add invisibility to Excalibur while in air. Additionally, Super Jump will cause a small radial stun to all enemies around Excalibur when performed, similar to the way Ash’s Smoke Screen works.
  • Radial Blind: No longer able to affect enemies in rooms separated by walls. To encourage and facilitate different gameplay styles (like stealth), enemies aware of Excalibur within a few seconds, or enemies that Excalibur can see, will also be affected.
  • Radial Javelin: All enemies within radius of this ability will now be hit with a javelin. Instead of having this ability radiate out from Excalibur, javelins will now spawn directly around opponents. Javelins will optimize to find a point on each enemy that is safe to be hit, bypassing enemies that may be holding shields or otherwise in cover. There is also no longer a target maximum for this ultimate, meaning anyone in the radius will be an eligible target. Additionally, if the javelin does not kill the enemy, each target that survives will be put into stun for a brief period of time.

Dark Sector UI Update:

  • Players starting a Dark Sector Conflict will now have to wait 20 seconds before the match officially begins. New players can join both sides of the conflict during this time.
  • A menu displaying the level of your Warframe and weapons will be viewable, showing at what ranks you’ll unlock each new Mod and the name of the next unlockable Mod. This menu can be brought up at any time during the battle, and is assigned to the Q key by default.
  • Players will now have access to all of their chosen Warframe’s Abilities during a Dark Sector Conflict.
  • All Warframes begin Dark Sector Conflicts with their first Ability available, and additional Powers will unlock at Rank 2, 4 and 8.
  • Warframe Powers unlock in order (1, 2, 3, 4) and can be used as soon as players reach the appropriate Rank.
  • Defense and Interception Mission rewards now stack! This removes the "inventory checkpoints" every 5 waves in Defense -- it's all or nothing now. The Reward Rotation for *Defense and Interception has also been changed (to be like Survival) as Stacking Rewards is now in place. The Rewards now rotate through the reward tiers.
  • Significant improvements to enemy spawning in non-Void Survival missions. Removed a bunch of rules that made spawns too spread out and frustrating.
  • Reskinned the toggle buttons in the Options Menu!
  • Changed the MOA Laser rifle sound!
  • The Codex has been redesigned! See the new look today!
  • Added a new algorithm that can improve enemy weapon accuracy. (So, bad guys won't shoot like Storm Troopers).
  • Ciphers now scale in difficulty with enemy level.
  • Dynamic music mixing adjustments for smoother transitions.
  • Improved physics on Zephyr's helmet in an attempt to lower extreme object movement.
  • Many weapons updated to use zone maps which results in better metals.
  • Dojo Teleporter decorations now have a 40 character name limit.
  • Changed the ‘under the hood’ way Dojo Dueling works to fix several issues with this feature.
  • Reduced the explosion effects of Quanta's cubes in an attempt to improve performance.
  • Changed Ancient Disruptors from having a forced magnetic proc on hit to only be a 10% chance.
  • Swapped the Rescue level difficulties on Veles, Sedna and Uranus, Caliban to better match enemy levels.
  • Polished and tweaked Spectator view for Conclaves/PVP.
  • Significantly polished the Tutorial and New Player experience.
  • Improved the downward sweep attacks of staff weapons; they should now be easier to hit with.
  • Rearranged order of different settings in the Options tab.
  • Changed Dark Sector Conflict battle pay logic to solve the problem of Attackers leaving and causing Defenders to not earn battle play.

General Arc Trap changes:

  • Reduced Arc Trap radius from 11 meters to 8 meters.
  • Created new Arc Trap waypoint type. Better Wording: Arc Traps now spawn at strategically placed points as per a new 'under the hood' waypoint spawn system.
  • Spawn between 2-8 Arc Traps at the designated level areas, number of which is scaled by difficulty.
  • Arc Traps now explode after 3 seconds of zapping.
  • Minimum enemy level required for Arc Trap to spawn is 10.
  • Arc Traps will no longer spawn when Ice Layer is active.
  • Tweaked the difficulty of Sabotage missions on Earth. Included in this tweak is added Arc Traps and injector health adjustments.
  • Added Arc Traps to Grineer Rescue room on some cell doors.
  • Altered the spawning logic of Excavation to better match Survival scaling.

Tweaked Orokin Derelict Defense:

  • Added more areas for the AI to navigate the terrain via jumping and flight.
  • Did a pass on what is considered ‘out of bounds’, should prevent some degree of spawn-camping at the top of the map.


  • Fixed a hole near the side stair route in Orokin Derelict Defense.
  • Fixed players getting a 'Failed to join session' message after a mission ends.
  • Fixed players not being able to progress past finding a squad when selecting a node on the Star Map.
  • Fixed several broken Achievements: Dark Sectors, Mercenary, Shield Saver, and Martial Prowess challenges and any other challenge configured to not show incremental progress never could be unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue with Vauban's Bounce resulting in spamming "0" Magnetic Damage to enemies. Bounce will now properly deal damage to enemies.
  • Fixed in-game challenge pop-ups not appearing when the ESC menu was open.
  • Fixed various gameplay crashes and freezes.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when leaving a Conclave mission while the timer for next match is counting down.
  • Fixed an issue where sending 1 character messages in chat could freeze UI.
  • Fixed Aura names in the squad panel displaying as asterisks when viewed in a language other than English.
  • Fixed an issue where Kubrows could spawn into a mission dead.
  • Fixed Ember's Accelerant not applying extra fire damage for clients when they kill an affected enemy with fire. (http://goo.gl/PbVorv) This fix also improves poor connections not showing accurate results on Accelerant affected enemies for clients.
  • Fixed an issue with Buzlok Rifle shots not adding damage to an ally using Nyx's Absorb.
  • Fixed an issue where Mastery Rank tests would occasionally fail to load for some users.
  • Fixed an issue with an Oil texture on the Grineer Shipyards tileset.
  • Fixed issue with looping Liset ship seen here: http://goo.gl/niKeSN
  • Fixed Frost’s Snow Globe inner snowstorm effects not scaling properly with Range mods, resulting in it not matching the outer globe scale.
  • Fixed the Buzlok's homing projectiles having strange bounce angles when using punch-through mods.
  • Fixed Smite's targeting on shorter enemies (drones, etc).
  • Fixed an issue where whip type weapons would not extend on slide spin attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where not equipping a melee weapon while using Valkyr would break Hysteria.
  • Fixed Absorb (and other bullet attractors) attracting fire in cases they definitely should not be, e.g. when you are outside them, aiming away.
  • Fixed the Dojo Trophy Room banners not showing the Clan Emblem if a given Clan has a custom emblem.
  • Fixed an issue where Hijack missions in Nightmare Mode with the ‘no shield’ permutation would be unbeatable.
  • Fixed an issue with the Slipstream Nova profile icon pack stating that the purchase will receive Locust Ash profile icons.
  • Fixed weird ragdoll animation on enemies being killed by Zephyr's Tornado that could cause missions dependent on killing enemies to not complete or move on.
  • Fixed issues with the way the Foundry displays certain builds-in-progress, as seen with Mirage’s Harlequin helmet here: http://goo.gl/khMSpz
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not throwing Glaives if you're the Client.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones turning and throwing the Glaive in the wrong direction when you have it equipped as the host.
  • Fixed an instance where clicking and dragging off an ability icon would cause the icon to be stuck on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Glaives/boomerangs staying scaled down/weapon trails off if you attack during the previous attack scaling down.
  • Fixed UI unresponsiveness when attempting to use directional keys to navigate back to the main menu from the Squad or Invite panel.
  • Fixed weapon and Warframe upgrade screens only displaying up-to 13 polarization stars.
  • Fixed player’s UI breaking after attempting to join a match in progress in Conclaves.
  • Fixed several issues with Ash’s Bladestorm losing functionality after activating the ability while holding a datamass, powercell, or other secondary items.
  • Fixed Companions being completely invisible when under the effect of Ash's Smokescreen.
  • Fixed issues where players can get stuck in certain areas of the Liset if slide jumping aggressively.
  • Fixed active Foundry animations playing after crafting items are completed.
  • Fixed an issue where claiming or crafting an item in Foundry results in the list being reset back to top, scrolling is now preserved.
  • Fixed an issue where players may not receive the first Inbox message for the Mirage Quest.
  • Fixed an issue with the Aegis sword not showing weapon trails during certain events.
  • Fixed issues with Player List showing enemy players in PVP even though health and shields aren’t updated.
  • Fixed an issue with trying to set a Clan/Alliance MOTD as empty resulting in an error message.
  • Fixed instance where a grey box would appear when selecting a Dragon Key to be crafted in the Foundry.
  • Fixed Warframe position overlapping Foundry screen when trying to view and craft items.
  • Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Ground removing proc immunity when exiting one strip, but still on another (overlapping strips) as seen here: http://goo.gl/xZ0ymP
  • Fixed an issue where previous Mission Complete UI from last completed mission will always appear when aborting other missions.
  • Fixed an issue where pet Kubrows would remain on damage-dealing surfaces like electric water. Kubrows now jump off these surfaces!
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping UI elements when selecting ‘Abort’ in spectator mode.
  • Fixed an issue where players joining a Conclave session just as others were leaving would result in a broken Player selection screen.
  • Fixed an issue with a texture hole as seen here: http://goo.gl/RflL1J
  • Fixed issues with physics and effects of Excalibur’s Pendragon Helmet.
  • Fixed an issue where players would have no indication of XP progress on failed or aborted missions.
  • Fixed an issue where mods that improve reload time were showing as red numbers in UI where they should have been green - lower reload time is good!
  • Fixed a number of Void water volumes that were off and misaligned as prompted by this thread: http://goo.gl/6iv3QP
  • Fixed an issue with the Grineer Commander not always using his Switch Teleport ability.
  • Fixed an issue where there would sometimes be no ‘Exit’ button in the mission results screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Excavators not appearing when a player enters the objective area.
  • Fixed an issue with only the most recent Excavator showing on the UI, preventing players from knowing the status of multiple Excavators.
  • Fixed a number of problems with the Codex Scanner (including Helios’s user of the Scanner):
    • Fixed handling of certain compound objects like Death Orbs (you could not scan them and neither could Helios).
    • Fixed over-scanning from within a mission (it used to only realize you were done an entry at the end of the mission).
    • Fixed Helios refusing to scan decorations while there were scannable objects out of sight.
  • These fixes have also brought about the following optimizations:
    • Changed Helios to reduce time between scans (often over 3 seconds was wasted).
    • Simplified Helios' scan logic to avoid a bunch of heavy-lifting that is already done by native code.
  • Further code optimizations.